I hope you will understand should I pursue this path

I’m trying to figure out how to say this so bear with me

For fifteen years I have fought a battle that most will never understand until it happens to them

It is a war against free trade agreements that send jobs to other countries which decreases the jobs available in America

It is a war against the massive tidal wave of non-immigrant guest workers which also decreases the jobs available in America

A few people have helped me to survive this war with their donations and I will always be grateful for that support

I have a chance to get a steady job which will allow me to buy some land and put a tiny house on

But it means I must shut down all of my keep America at work type websites

I have a hard time agreeing to that but I also realize that the support of our attorneys and the support of all of our stem workers will not be there in the time I have left to fight

I hope that you do not consider me to be a quitter

But without a massive financial support to truly make a difference I simply have no more to give and it is time that I build a life for myself

I hope you will understand should I pursue this path

Lets go to America as a student and take a job from an American

If we had an abundance of jobs, I might encourage what is happening here.

But we don’t.

If you come from India as a student to pursue your MS degree here, I am ok with that.

However, when to become an OPT and take a job, an American loses a job simply because we don’t have enough jobs for our population.

And then when you become an H-1B, there again, an American loses a job for however long you are here on a H-1B.

The Seattle Weekly will tell the story of H-4 Guest Workers denied work, but not American Citizens. Why is that?

For starters, Nancy arrived in Washington from Hyderabad, India, in March 2011, a month after getting an arranged marriage to her husband, who worked in the U.S. on the H-1B program—a three-year visa for highly skilled workers in specialty jobs. Adjusting to life in America was difficult for Nancy as an H-4 visa holder whose immigration status depended on her husband’s employment. What’s more, the program’s regulations prohibited her from working at the time. Upon boarding the plane to America, she left behind her successful careers as a staff nurse at a cardiology hospital and a clinical instructor in psychology and psychiatry—work that she believed fulfilled her life’s purpose.

The Deferred Dreams of Working Women on H-4 Visas

To determine the true unemployed number

First we need to know what the civilian labor force is.

As of 1 July 2018, it is 161,539,000


Then we need to know the unemployment numbers.


As of today, the may numbers are:

U-1 – 1.4

U-2 – 1.5

U-3 – 3.6

U-4 – 3.8

U-5 – 4.4

U-6 – 7.3

Shadowstats – 21.5

Which means we have:

U-1 – 2,261,546 unemployed

U-2 – 2,423,085 unemployed

U-3 – 5,815,404 unemployed

U-4 – 6,138,482 unemployed

U-5 – 7,107,716 unemployed

U-6 – 11,792,347 unemployed

Shadowstats – 34,730,885 unemployed

As of today, the JOLT number (jobs available) is 6.7 million

Which means we have:

U-3 6,700,000 – 5,815,404 or 884,596 jobs available

U-6 6,700,000 – 11,792,347 or 5,092,347 unemployable

Shadowstats – 6,700,000 – 34,730,885 or 28,030,885 unemployable


If you want to know what’s going on in regard to H-1B, you have to read the Indian press.

While the American media whines about the Trump administration applying any scrutiny at all to H-1B visa petitions, the Indian press covers the massive fraud that takes place in India.

Of course, if the American media were to cover H-1B fraud, it would undermine their narrative that President Trump is driven by an anti-immigrant animus.