Day 35 and I am gaining on the American Programmers that are sitting on their butt playing video games in denial

Like I used to be, they are arrogant and they know that nobody can take their job as they are the best.

But they do not understand that some executive in some corporation will send their job offshore or import non immigrant workers to take their jobs here at home, and if that executive does not do it, the hedge fund that recently acquired a major interest in their business will force the executive to do so.

This is why I have made the following challenge to American Programmers.

But they apparently believe it will not happen to them, or maybe they are scared they will be blackballed, so the issuance of Hunting Licenses to take their jobs grows, and grows, and grows.

So last night I started on this challenge myself.

I really wish American Programmers would show me that they are better at this than I am.

But I fear they no longer have “The Stuff” to carry this flag.

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If Autodesk is sending any of these jobs offshore, I want to know about it

Titan has promoted them in his efforts to Keep America At Work

I’ve promoted them in my efforts to Keep America At Work.


Hundreds of employees will be departing Autodesk at sites across the world as the San Rafael high-tech giant streamlines operations in a shift to the cloud, but Marin workers won’t be affected “disproportionately.”

Exactly how many of Autodesk’s 800 local workers will be laid off isn’t a matter the company is willing to discuss, said Noah Cole, an Autodesk spokesman.

Cole did say the company intends to lay off about 10 percent of its workforce, or roughly 925 employees worldwide.

“We’re not providing local specifics,” Cole said about layoffs at Autodesk sites including company headquarters at 111 McInnis Parkway in San Rafael or other area sites, including San Francisco.

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Americans are fighting back – You go Dave Simcox

She ignores the sizable flow of foreign graduates entering to work in STEM under other visa arrangements: M-1 intercompany transferee visas for multinationals; J-1 Exchange Visitor Visas; or the O-1 visa that admits persons of distinguished science abilities. She fails to note that the already generous 85,000 yearly limit on H-1b visas exempts from that ceiling tens of thousands of STEM workers coming to work for educational institutions or in research centers.

Also ignored is the “Optional Practical Training (OPT)” program that allows foreign students acquiring STEM degrees to work in the U.S. for nearly three years after graduation. Moreover, our regular immigration and refugee intake brings sizable numbers of STEM-qualified persons. Additionally, spouses of H-1B holders – many themselves with STEM training – will now be allowed to work here,

Most troubling is the impression this article leaves that the U.S. itself suffers a crippling deficit of STEM workers. The slow growth of STEM salaries and the sizable number of STEM-trained Americans now in non-STEM jobs suggests the opposite is true. A 2014 study shows that in the U.S. in 2012 that there were 12.1 million STEM-qualified workers, but only 5.3 million of them were actually in STEM-related jobs.

For hopeful young U.S. women, Hispanics and African-Americans long overlooked for STEM careers, for liberal arts graduates increasingly undergoing retraining in coding, and for older U.S. STEM workers, further expansion of STEM visas now would not be a matter for rejoicing.

Dave Simcox
Louisville 40223

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Senator Cornyn, these girls will have no STEM future with people like you sending jobs offshore and importing NON IMMIGRANT workers on H-1B ‘s to take their jobs here at home

AUSTIN (KXAN) — One hundred-and-sixty girls, along with Texas Senator John Cornyn, had the chance to enter the world of high tech, Monday.

The sixth graders at Ann Richards School in Austin spent the morning learning basic coding skills, thanks to Google’s “Made with Code” program.

“We need to encourage more young women to study in those STEM fields. I’m a father of two daughters, and of course I’ve been married 36 years, and my wife and daughters tell me that girls are actually smarter than men anyway,” Cornyn joked.

The “Made with Code” program launched in 2014.

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We also have a recruiting center in India talking to U.S.-based candidates.

Shame, shame, shame is what Gomer Pyle would say.

Hopefully Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders will shut down your business model that is Displacing Americans in America.

Trib: Why is there a recruiting center in India if the IT job candidates are in the U.S.?

Horner: We’ve established our business model using a combination of on-shore recruiting in regions and off-shore recruiting in India to better optimize our cost structure. I can get significantly more recruiting capacity for less cash outlay. … Twenty years ago, it cost a lot of money to call someone across the world; today, it doesn’t.

Trib: How is your recruiting different?

Horner: Our competitors might have 25 to 30 recruiters. I have 100 recruiters because I can do it in the U.S. and offshore. We have many more feet on the street looking for talent, and we pay people what they are worth. The average salary for a field employee is $100,000. They are professional people and they work hard. … We had about 800 placements last year.

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You Republican and Democrat Scumbags have sent our jobs to other countries and imported non immigrant workers to take our jobs here at home to displace us and you wonder why we are doing the same to you?

For those questioning whether the populist anger that was showing up in polls was being hyped by the news media, the results of the New Hampshire primary demonstrated otherwise. Donald J. Trump and Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, candidates from very different places — one a plutocrat, the other the son of a Polish immigrant who went to a Brooklyn public school — captured primary victories in the state.

You reap what you sow

What is good for the gander is good for the goose.

I’m not ready to say who I am voting for yet, but it is not the one from Texas who does not represent you unless he can get his photo done, and it is not the one from Florida who wants to displace more Americans at Disney and its not the one from California that made her living sending jobs to other countries and its not the kid whose mommy speaks for him.


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Something was wrong with this picture.

“This company had all sorts of fingers in all sorts of immigration pies.  Their bread and butter was not H-1Bs, although they did a brisk business in cases of similar quality to the one I was looking at. What they seemed to specialize in was J1 visas for Summer Work Travel (a visa category popular among college students).  There were three major categories for Summer Work Travel applicants on their rosters: young Asian women (Thailand, China) between the ages of 18 and 25, young Eastern European women (Croatia, Ukraine, Albania), and older Jamaican women between 25 and 40 years of age.*

“I combed through as many immigration records as I could find for the hundreds of applicants I saw.  I sent requests to the other consulates that did the processing (these records are not shared by default).  I asked USCIS to send me everything it had.  I did name searches.  I looked for arrest records.”

“I found a smattering of “voluntary” departures.**  A few arrests.  Some eventually went home on their own steam.  A lot of these women just disappeared.” I assume they’re still in America. a what happened to that case.  I cobbled together the best revocation memo I could for the “IT” guy.”

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