The only way I know to put an end to the Staple A Green Card movement that is displacing Americans is to change the management at IEEE-usa

Personally I would rather they look at their own video and realize that in a finite job market, which we are in, even Americans need work and they can’t find work to provide for their families when our corporations are (a) sending their jobs to other countries and (b) importing non-immigrant guest workers to take their remaining job opportunities, and now (c) working to displace even more Americans with Green Card Holders even though the American middle class is being destroyed by these 3 items.

Many of you might not be aware of what is happening, and I can understand that.

So lets start the educational process by reviewing the following video by clicking on the link.

So the question is, will you help me find a way to do that by running for office yourself so that we displaced Americans can vote for you, or do you want somebody like myself who does not stand a chance in hell to do it just so you will realize that it is possible?

President Trump brought this subject to light and said on day one he would put an end to it.

Well, he hasn’t done squat.

Which means it is up to people like you and me.

It really is that simple.

The Bruce Morrison Show.

And IEEE-USA hired Morrison, who with his former associate Paul Donnelly, who had moved to IEEE-USA, formulated the F-1s Yes, Direct Import No idea, in the form of granting green cards rather than work visas. This became what in recent years has become known as Staple a Green Card to Their [the Foreign Students in U.S. Schools’] Diplomas.

Here is the core of the issue:

  • The “Intels” are just as culpable regarding H-1B (and OPT etc.) as are the Infosyses.
  • The “Intels” have publicly admitted that their PR strategy is F-1s Yes, Direct Imports No. Demonizing the Infosyses distracts attention away from themselves.
  • Morrison was hired due to industry pressure on IEEE-USA, and he has been one of their main messengers promoting F-1s Yes, Direct Imports No.

60 Minutes knew of these things. As I mentioned before, the producer had talked to me on the phone for an hour. He and I have also had extensive e-mail exchanges. He was clearly very sharp, and the above points are verifiable. Yet they chose to make Morrison the hero of the show.

Granted, the show did briefly mention that companies like Google and Facebook (and CBS) use H-1Bs, and then juxtaposed it with a quote of Morrison, giving viewers the impression that the Intels too are abusing the system. Perhaps Morrison was alluding to the fact that some clients of the Infosyses are Intels.

But basically the show — including the thrust of Morrison’s commentary — was all about the Infosyses and the Direct Imports: The interviewed laid-off programmers were all victims of Infosyses; the entire narrative was about H-1Bs replacing Americans, as is the habit among the Infosyses, ignoring that there is just as much problem with H-1Bs being hired by the Intels instead of Americans; Morrison’s “loophole” involves the Infosyses; all the firms 60 Minutes listed as replacing Americans by H-1Bs — Disney, SCE, Northeast Utilities etc. — did so via the Infosyses.

Note that in the show, 60 Minutes knew, but did not tell viewers, that Morrison is a lobbyist who has made tons of money by delivering this message. 60 Minutes knew, but did not tell viewers, that Morrison’s description of a “loophole” was highly misleading. 60 Minutes knew, but did not explain to viewers (other than one fleeting instance of using the word young) that the core enabler of abuse of the visa is NOT the loophole, but instead is AGE, with employers hiring younger, thus cheaper H-1Bs in lieu of older, thus more expensive Americans.