Worth thinking about

Have you given any thought to the strange events of the last 15 months?

Have you wondered why so many countries adopted the same policies that had never been used before and had no scientific foundation? Have you wondered why effective ‘life-saving’ medications and therapies were actively and aggressively suppressed? Have you wondered why world-renowned scientists, virologists and epidemiologists were banned on Twitter and removed from Facebook? Have you wondered why all of the cable news channels and print-media covered daily developments with the same breathless hysteria as their competitors?

It’s very hard to look back on the events of the last 15 months and not suspect that there is more to this Covid story than meets the eye; that while the infection does, in fact, kill mostly older people with multiple underlying conditions, that, perhaps, the virus has been used to promote a political agenda of which we know very little. Even so, there are things of which we can be reasonably certain, such as, that all of the fear-mongering and hysteria has been suspiciously manipulated to promote universal vaccination. That seems fairly obvious. In fact, managers of this Covid operation have stated quite openly that their goal is to inoculate “all 7 billion people” on planet earth. Wow. There’s not alot of gray-area in that comment, is there?



2019 Job Gains vs Visas Issued

These are the jobs we gained over 2019

2020 139,099,570 143,602,000 149,613,000
2019 146,875,480 152,846,000 158,504,000 154,094,555
Gain / Loss -7,775,910 -5,970,520 -8,891,000

These are the visas we issued in 2020 for non-immigrant guest workers.
Still believe there are plenty of jobs out there?

Visa Category Issued
F1 111,387
H1B 124,983
H2A 213,394
H2B 61,865

These are not all of the guest worker visas issued.

The grand total was 4,013,210 for non-immigrant guest worker visas.

The complete list can be seen here:


The guest worker visa data was pulled from this location: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/legal/visa-law0/visa-statistics/nonimmigrant-visa-statistics.html

Understanding the data

The Department of Labor posts their own employed totals in three basic formats that I have found so far.

The are:

Problem is, they all seem to be based on samples.

And that includes this report that those unfamiliar with the data will use to say that there are plenty of jobs out there:

It too is based on samples

So, when I want to know how many jobs have been created over the previous year, I turn to the IRS databook because these numbers are based on the actual number of returns that were submitted.

If you know of a better source, I would like to hear about it.