Free Trade Agreements are destroying our future from within and it is way past time to end them yesterday…



American Manufacturing Video Introduction

Some Americans might look at the price tag on products made overseas and purchase them because they appear to be cheaper, but the truth is that in every aspect from our health to our national economy to the environment, those products are more costly in the long run.

Manufacturing in the United States doesn’t just provide jobs at the manufacturing level itself but in other industries as well such as warehousing and truck driving. Buying foreign-made products hurts those workers and creates a trade deficit. Furthermore, many foreign products are made in dangerous conditions by underpaid workers who are poorly treated.

Health and safety is not just an issue at the overseas manufacturing plants. The products imported from overseas factories may not be as safe for consumers as American-made products. Safety standards in other countries may be much lower than what is allowed in the United States. Having products shipped from overseas contributes to environmental degradation as well.

American-made products might cost a little more at the cash register than foreign-made products, but in the long run, they are better for our health, our economy and for workers overseas.

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Is anybody making a living wage at Disney?

‘Is anybody making  a living wage at Disney?’ Sanders said, surveying his crowd, to which he received a chorus of noes. 

The Vermont senator, who is fighting for his political life in California before the state’s June 7 primary, noted that employees of the popular amusement park ‘are forced to live in motels, because they can’t afford a place to live.’  

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I have 3 years of experience now and my employer wants to put 6 years experience

Swetha Chowdary   4 hours ago
Dear sir,
                  Firstly i need to thank you for putting forth the truth.  Initially i disliked your videos when i was a student.  Now  after looking for a job i realize that you are completely RIGHT .  I have 3 years of experience now and my employer wants to put 6 years experience . He says i would not get a call with 3 years experience.
THEY FAKE THE RESUMES.  I HAVE RECORDED THE CALLS  so that i have a proof. These guys are like insects.  I  DONOT want to fake my resume. At the same time i do not want to go back to india.  I have spent 50,000 on my education. My degree does not have a job , so switched to IT.
This is very bad . I tell my juniors who comes to usa to think again.  I do not understand what the USA Government is doing .
Hard working and Genuine candidates should get a chance to be in USA. not idiots and law breakers.  I am writing this because people say not all indians do this but i came know for a fact that MANY OF THEM DO IT.
I graduated from college recently . How can they put 6 years experience. It itself is a crime. I am providing false information.
H1B should be based on MERIT.  Conduct an exam to see if i can pass or fail. Not on my luck.
I cannot kill my character and at the same time i need a job atleast to get the money i spent these years. This is unfair. Life is not fair .
Many gives bad comments on you because most of them do things wrong. Now i understand.
Sir you have my support and I salute you for daring facts.
An Indian honest girl posted this on this Telugu Video:
LiA-Telugu-Episode 47 Indian Incs and fake Resumes
The same thing can be found in English version.
H1B-Episode 88 Indian Incs and fake Resumes
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Boeing can be more profitable by laying off senior people and replacing them with junior people and paying them substantially less…

One employee said he was among about 200 people who received layoff notices in his network infrastructure group, one of several units within IT.

McFarland said the layoffs are part of a companywide “effort to increase our competiveness.”

“We are making strategic changes to some of the work we do across IT, resulting in the need for fewer IT employees, which reduces overall IT costs,” McFarland wrote in an email response to questions.

She said other cost-saving measures within Boeing IT include travel reductions, increased virtual meetings and “constant evaluation of the services we provide.”

The local IT division was drastically cut after Boeing in 2013 began shifting out of state some 1,500 jobs, about one third of the total, and hiring mostly younger people at new IT centers established in Charleston, S.C. and St. Louis, Mo.

Folks, the society that our ancestors built will only work when we find a way to balance the demands of capital and the rights of labor.

Click to zoom in
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This means that we need a government that realizes that it is up to them to develop and maintain this balance.

Even then, this will not work unless the media realizes that it is up to them to ensure that this balance is maintained.

Without that, we have capitalism (a) sending jobs to other countries and (b) importing non immigrant guest workers to take the remaining jobs.

All in an effort to maximize profits with little thought to the rights of the people who they have destroyed via these two moves.

But what is even worse is America is the land of opportunity.

life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement” regardless of social class or circumstances of birth.

So tell me, if we send these jobs to other countries and import non immigrant guest workers to take the remaining jobs, how are we as a society providing the opportunity that we believe in.

And if we destroy this opportunity, where will we find it when communism and islam do not believe in opportunity?

If you consider yourself a leader, why are you not asking these questions?


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It’s what prosecutors describe as a pay-to-stay scheme.

Between November of 2013 and March 2016 — right before federal prosecutors announced that UNNJ was a fake university set up by the government as part of an elaborate sting operation — Shen allegedly recruited approximately 150 foreign individuals to UNNJ despite knowing that they would not be attending classes. For her recruiting services Shen received a percentage of the “tuition” her clients paid: the criminal complaint estimates that Shen earned a total $164,775 in commission payments.

The tuition Shen’s recruits forked over didn’t pay for classes. UNNJ didn’t offer any. Nor did it employ any faculty. The university was nothing more than a website and storefront offices staffed with undercover agents posing as school administrators.

Federal officials allege that foreign nationals, with the help of recruiters like Shen, paid to enroll in the sham UNNJ as a way to maintain their status to live and work in the U.S. on student visas, though they weren’t genuine students at all. It’s what prosecutors describe as a pay-to-stay scheme.

The federal sting operation that ended last month in the indictment of 21 people, including Shen, on visa fraud-related charges, renewed focus on the problem of fake colleges, but its real target was the brokers, or agents, it ensnared.

Federal officials allege that the defendants — many of whom worked as recruiters or consultants serving international students — fraudulently obtained or attempted to obtain student or work visas for approximately 1,000 foreign nationals from 26 different countries. In many cases the recruiters allegedly obtained false student records for their clients, including UNNJ transcripts and diplomas.

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Kumar on – CASTE of India killing America’s EEOC

CASTE of India killing America’s EEOC: a story of an American, probably any displaced American or locals story follows similar lines.
We need to know.

From rags to riches and back to rags thanks to India bringing “caste” to the software selection process in America
This is for two weeks.
So I make around $2,000 per month sweeping floors and cleaning commodes.
In 2002 I made $2,700 per week as a systems analyst/project manager

Now if I can work 80 hours per week (not sure I can stand those hours anymore), I can work for $37,000 per year doing C# programming where I make about $1,155 after taxes every two weeks.

So in a nutshell, if I just work at the VA, I make about $25,000 per year when I made $113,000 in 2002

And if I can work both jobs, I will make about $62,000 per year working 4,160 hours per year.

And I’m doing this because:

•I need $1,600 down to buy some land to put another shed on so that I will have a place to call home like the one I had in this video:

•I owe a guy $1,800 that I want to pay
•I need about $2,400 to pour a cement slab to set the building on

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The American Immigration Council is actively working to force more Americans into extreme poverty using H-1B Hunting Licenses…

When you first start reading this, you will say great, they will help us displaced American tech workers to get back to work so that we can provide for our families.


Hidden towards the bottom we find this:

The lawsuit challenges USCIS’s failure to properly respond to the Council’s FOIA request by withholding responsive records and failing to identify and conduct an adequate search for records that describe how USCIS tracks and counts unused H-1Bs for each fiscal year and takes into account such unused numbers. Because demand far exceeds the limited pool of H-1B visa numbers available in a fiscal year, the American public—and in particular, U.S. employers, foreign nationals seeking H-1Bs and immigration lawyers—have an interest in a system that fairly selects the petitions submitted and completely allocates the H-1B numbers.

IF demand far exceeds the limited pool of H-1B visa holders, why in the hell do they not actively work to put Displaced American Tech Workers back to work?


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Dheeraj Jain, thee is no dearth of techie talent in America, only caste which is little more than nepotism and racism combined preventing Americans from getting tech jobs

The U.S. Government has my vote to end ALL non immigrant guest worker visas.

“Donald Trump says something one day and the exact opposite another day. The eventuality of his being President and then actually doing something about it will be an interesting thing to see,” says Kashyap Deorah, Founder of Hypertrack and author of The Golden Tap.

Commenting on the subject, Dheeraj Jain, Partner at Redcliffe Capital, says that Donald Trump, who has been threatening to end H-1B, has flip-flopped over the entire issue of giving access to foreigners in America. He has not been consistent with anything he has said so far.

“The fee hike or cut in the H-1B is the US lobby and has nothing to do with just Trump. However, there is a huge dearth of techie talent in America and the country alone can’t fix it. It needs people from outside to fill those vacant positions. As far as I see, irrespective of many lobbies and election rhetoric, the US can’t shut down H-1B completely,” concludes Dheeraj.

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