So you admit you are willing to break our H-1B Laws?

My visa status is H1B and I want to start a small business. Me and My friends ( some of them are US citizens) registered a business. I know I can only invest money into a business in my visa status but not work for it. But my primary contribution to this business are my ideas and coding programs to build applications in my free times. I know this is not allowed because of my status. What can I do or how can I still be part of this business ?–2425827.html

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Biting the hand that fed the H-1B

H1B shitters returning to India by the tens of thousands as American racism and a dying economy takes their toll

  • There are plenty of reasons. Some Indian immigrants never feel quite comfortable in their adopted country. Some feel ostracized by communities loathe to accept outsiders who look and sound different. Many always planned to return after securing their fortune to introduce children to the Indian culture.

    For decades, a diaspora of budding Indian technologists and entrepreneurs like Gupta left their homeland for opportunities in the United States and elsewhere. Some, like Microsoft Chief Executive Satya Nadella and Google CEO Sundar Pichai, have climbed to the highest echelons of the tech industry.

    But these days, some of the most alluring billion-dollar opportunities are in India, where the mushrooming middle class is spending newfound discretionary income.

    Those Indian cities might not look much like Redmond, Palo Alto or Austin. The air is thick with pollution. Poverty remains severe. But the startup vibe that once infused those American tech hotbeds has come to India.

    And as that business soars, many Indians are returning as well, to help nurture, and profit from, that technology gold rush. Call it the Indian re-aspora.

What can I say.

Never heard of this site, but I found the comments interesting.


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He is willing to quit his job for 3 months because he knows the Indian community will have another one when he is ready

Sadly, Americans can’t do this simply because they can’t get hired again, let alone get hired.

I am currently on H1B visa which is valid to early 2018. I want to quit my job to join a 2-3 months full-time data science bootcamp. The bootcamp doesn’t sponsor any visa. How can I join the bootcamp while remain lawful status? What options do I have?–2425731.html

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Banging my head against the wall today

I have had hope for a long time now that the Veterans Affairs would step up to the plate and hire this unemployed veteran, but lately I’m not feeling that this will happen which has stressed me out big time.

And I signed up for College to finish my associates degree so that when they hire me, I will have the tools, or paper, to work my way back up the ladder.

So I signed up because the price was right.

I can move mountains when I’m in the right frame of mind and I have the necessary operating capital.

However, I have 3 homework assignments that are due today and I just can’t force myself to do them because every time I look at them I say what is the point.

It will not get me hired because there are college graduates out there that can’t get hired.

And here I am…



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100 Programmers putting up $3,556.80 each could help take kaaw to the next level

I have been working on average 100 hours per week since 2007, so I do have some skin in the game.

If you as an American Programmer wanted to see KAAW taken to the next level, it can be done if 100 programmers would put up $3,556.80 each to pay these back wages as this would allow me to put a roof over my head and buy the hardware and software to kick it up a notch.

Too much?

1,000 people putting up $355.68 each could do the same thing.

Think about it is all I’m asking.

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The Slave Traders of Washington, D.C.

In our White House in the legislative, judicial and executive branch, and on K street we will find the modern day slave traders.

They work in a country where slavery has been outlawed by importing temporary non immigrant visa holders who do not know their rights, and by sending work to countries where the workers also do not know their rights, or have anybody willing to stand up for them.

What follows is the tale of 4 individuals:

  1. An American citizen and college graduate
  2. An Indian American citizen that has become a naturalized citizen
  3. An Indian working on a H-1b while hoping to receive his green card.
  4. An American citizen and Navy Veteran.

Their stories are not unique as there are millions of people going through what we call the H-1B scam which was made possible by the individuals mentioned on the first line.

Take for instance the story of the American citizen and college graduate and her finance who is an Indian American citizen.


Your map is a nice idea. It made me want to reach out to you. My story and that of my fiance would make you cringe. But, we are not over 50.

I am from Columbus, Ohio. I graduated from Ohio State University with my bachelors in Engineering in 2013. I spent roughly $50,000 in tuition and books (20k per year) and another $50,000 in room & board, food, and other living expenses in my 5 years there.  It took me almost 1 year to find my first job out of school. Thanks to sequestration, I was laid off after 363 days of service.

I have been out of work since January 2015.

I do almost one onsite interview per week.

I have been regularly told I would not be hired because I am a US Citizen and would want to much money.

I have also been told I am not qualified because I do not know 1 job requirement, typically software that I could take a 3 day, $300 training class in. Unfortunately, it is never the same software.

My fiance is nationalized US citizen. He is TARGETED by companies wanting to sponsor H1B workers. He gets about 200 phone calls a week from companies wanting to sponsor him. They do not care that he doesn’t know java from a hole in the ground. They are ready and willing to train & under pay him. When they find out he is a US Citizen, they hang up on him or find reasons to rule him out (even after extending an offer to him).

Our student debt total is over $100,000, which cannot be dispelled in bankruptcy.


Tell me this.

Do you believe that we have done right by either of them by making it so that they cannot provide for their family nor pay for the student loans that they had to incur to be the best that they could be?

How about this story of a fellow that is here on a H-1B that has been lied too, cheated, not paid, among other things

Wanted to introduce myself. I am Sridhar, from India an been on H1B visa for past 7 years. Worked for clients like Cisco (for 5 years), AT&T. Currently consulting for Google in the bay area.

Little bit of background. I am a computer science engineering graduate from India. I consider myself among the top 10% in terms of academics. Always received great appreciations at work.

Coming to my H1B life, it has always been unstable. The first company I worked for in 2008,always paid delayed salaries. In fact, the delay was over a month or two. Every month, I had to send hundreds of mails to get my salary. Since I was new to US, I didn’t know I can complain to DOL or USCIS. I would threaten the company after getting so fed up with not getting paid that I would complain USCIS but never did because few folks said USCIS would cancel my H1B if I complained.

I worked for such company for around 3 years. Total control of my life was with this company. Even if the client paid the money as per the contract, my H1B parent company wouldn’t pay me. Even worse, they gave me bounced checks. They even refused to give my H1B approved copy.

After struggling for 3 years, got my H1B transferred to a different company. Worked for them for 4 and half years. The story with this company is they would not answer my emails, wouldn’t find me a job. I had to find a job for myself through my friends and all this company does is take a pay cut. They sponsored my green card and it took around 2.5 yrs to get my I-140 petition approved. After my contract ended in Dec, 2014, they never bothered to market my resume. It came to a point where even when I found a project, they were not ready to sign a contract. I was in a helpless situation because my green card process was with them.

In 2015, I got vexed with this company and moved on to a new company. Now, I need to restart my green card from scratch. I had to take up very less salary in my current job because I had few companies to choose from which sponsor H1B and Green card. I have really lost my hope on this country.

Its sad that there are several opportunities in this country that I am eligible for but me being on Visa is hindering my eligibility. Can’t understand why I need to give a percentage of my salary to these consulting companies which does nothing but running our payroll.

Last year, I applied for permanent residence in Canada and Australia and secured permanent residence in both the countries. I haven’t even entered those countries before securing the permanent residencies.

If I don’t get an EAD and AP in 2016, I decided to leave US once and for all.

Thank you,

Now we all know that Cisco, AT&T and Google would never dream of bouncing this guys paychecks, but it happened and it happened because when they outsourced their work to the companies that employed this H-1B, they cared nothing about our EEOC laws, nor our workers protection laws, nor any of our laws.

This is why I call companies like that the Vultures of India simply because they prey on people like this H-1B and they make it so that the American Citizen and the naturalized Indian American mentioned in the first story cannot find work period, which also is what happens to the Navy Veteran mentioned in the following case.

Yep, yours truly joined the Navy on 13 October 1976 and I signed a blank check to the people of America so that they could do with me what they thought were the needs of the Navy.

In return the Veterans Affairs and the Texas Veterans Land Board made a commitment to me to help me buy a home or land when I was ready.

Sadly they now hide behind what is happening in this article by saying that your credit is no good to which I can only say that if I had (a) sent your job offshore or (b) imported temporary non immigrant workers to take your job at home, your credit would be no good anymore either.

Anyway, here is my story:

  • From 1976 till 2002 I never went a day without work
  • From 2003 till 2010 I was lucky to find one small gig each year which kept my head above water barely
  • Since 24 Aug 2010 there has been no work
  • On Apr 28th I was offered a tentative job offer with the Veterans Affairs washing dishes which I gratefully accepted, but they never brought me onboard (rumor has it that it is because I have been unemployed so much since 2003), so I wrote President Obama, Vice President Biden, Senator Cruz, Senator Cornyn and Congressman Lamar Smith begging for help as you can see by the 4 PDF’s and by the response of Senator Cornyn which makes me realize he does not represent the people of Texas.


click to zoom in
click to zoom in







Needless to say, I am still unemployed.

And the Veterans Affairs thinks nothing of letting people work on the systems maintaining our vets data from Communist China, India and elsewhere.

Click to zoom in
Click to zoom in


Click on the link above to read the full document, and tell me something.

There are a lot of unemployed veterans that can do this work.

Don’t you think the Veterans Affairs owes them this?

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If the position requires at least Bachelor Degree, yes.

I completed my graduation B.COM(bachelor of commerce) from INDIA. can i get a accountant job in h1b visa allow me to do accountant job in USA. i live and work in amercia

So much for the H-1B non immigrant temporary worker visa being ONLY for jobs that Americans can’t do.

Unless of course you are now saying that you can’t find qualified accountants, and if you are saying that, I have an unprintable name for you.

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So Eli Lilly And Company are playing the H-1B scam game?

Shame, shame, shame as Gomer Pyle Would say.

Sherman Potters description of “Horse Puckey” is more accurate I believe.


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