Why are these tech industry leaders not in jail for treason for destroying the sovereign state of America?

They have done so much damage to the economy of America by sending their jobs to other countries and importing NON immigrant guest workers to take the remaining jobs here in America.

Real leaders would take the raw material that exists in our children and Mentor them and work with them to build the next generation of leaders.

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The rest of their propaganda can be read by clicking on the link above this line.

Now let me show you an interesting letter I received the other day describing these “leaders”

“Raising public awareness” via public service announcements won’t go anywhere.  It’s like those little monuments people put up where someone has been killed, or holding candlelight vigils, or having “Marches” for this or that.  All it does is allow people to “do something” that makes them feel better.  It changes nothing.


What happened to you and me and others was planned, organized, negotiated, and slowly implemented probably as far back as when I was working with Sandeep from India in 1993.  It was planned that there would be no “effective” legal recourse for displaced American working people.  The government did nothing about it, the media said nothing about it – and none of the recent “candidates” said or did anything about it either.  It’s same old screwing of the American working man. The high tech professional working man thought (wrongly) that strong unions were only needed by blue collar types (ignoring all those for teachers, government employees, doctors, lawyers, etc).  So those who do not learn from history…


What if out here in sunny CA there was a “seismic solution” someday?  There’s been a lot of destructive earthquake activity reported in many parts of the world recently.  What if a series of increasingly destructive earthquakes started occurring in CA?  You know, the kind that scare the living crap out of people from Mother India.  What if they all started leaving in droves – reasoning that it’s better to be a live farmer in Calcutta than a dead software engineer in Santa Clara?  What would all the super clever high tech companies do then?  Ah well, a man can dream can’t he?


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The Economic Times and R. Chandrashekhar are Desperate to prove that there are no capable software folks born in America…

Sorry Bastards.

I cut my teeth on technology:

  • 6 years navy communications experience onboard a FF-1059 knox class frigate with all kinds of high tech toys for me.
  • 6 years electronics tech experience fixing all kinds of electronic weighing and batching systems and burn-in ovens using dataloggers, etc.
  • 25 + years software experience where I have worn all hats in the software industry from developer to project manager.

Yet I can’t buy an interview because our media passes along this propaganda rather than telling the story of all of us AMERICAN DISPLACED SOFTWARE DEVELOPERS.

In early April, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services announced that the agency received more than 236,000 petitions for H-1B visas during the annual filing period. This means, that once again the demand for high-skilled temporary foreign workers in the US is nearly three times higher than the 85,000 cap on H-1B visas mandated by the US Congress.

The fact, that demand for visas continues to be so high – despite the reinstated and increased visa fees unfairly imposed by Congress in December 2015 – certainly proves that a shortage of information technology specialists in the US persists.

In fact, the shortage is getting worse as businesses and other organisations across all sectors of the American economy seek digital strategies to gain efficiencies, improve customer service and open new markets. According to US government data, there could be 2.4-million unfilled STEM (science, technology, engineering, maths-related) jobs in the US by 2018, with more than half of these vacancies in computer and IT-related skills.


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Why is it that the New York Times will tell the story of NON Immigrant Students, but not the Displaced Americans stories?

For foreign-born students desperate to stay in the United States, the University of Northern New Jersey seemed like the perfect solution: They did not have to go to class, but they could get coveted student visas and still work at their dream jobs.

They just needed to pay a broker anywhere from $3,000 to $12,000. Over the last three and a half years, more than a thousand agreed.

That was their mistake.

On April 5, the government revealed that the university was a fake — part of an elaborate sting operation that resulted in the arrest of 22 brokers who arranged for students to enroll. These brokers belonged to an underground network of recruiters operating throughout the country who acted as middlemen between students and fraudulent schools known as visa mills, the government said.


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Americans Hire Illegals to Exploit Them

Illegal immigration isn’t the only problem hurting American jobs, so is legal immigration, former INS agent Michael Cutler tells Newsmax TV.

The H-1B visa program and H-2A farm worker program are examples, Cutler said Wednesday on “Dennis Michael Lynch: Unfiltered.”

Breaking News at Newsmax.com http://www.newsmax.com/Newsmax-Tv/michael-cutler-Americans-hire-illegals/2016/05/04/id/727281/#ixzz47kDCC8n0

Finally, somebody that tells it like it is…

Cutler was also not sympathetic to businesses that say they have to hire illegal immigrants because they can’t find Americans to do the jobs.

Such businesses hire illegal immigrants not because they can’t find Americans to do the job, but to exploit the illegals who have to recourse, he said.

“They know they will work for substandard wages under substandard conditions,” Cutler said. “Think of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire. The way that people are mistreated in these situations is horrific.”

The real goal is hiring people, ignoring safety standards and OSHA standards and paying substandard wages, Cutler said. “It’s never been about finding Americans who won’t do the job. They won’t do the job for the wages and conditions under which the illegals work.”

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Welcome to the party Phillip Tsen…

In New York City, IT employees of EmblemHealth recently staged a protest over the decision to outsource their jobs. CEO Karen Ignagni told the employees the company needed to modernize its platforms and didn’t have the money or expertise to do this work.

Among those at this protest was Phillip Tsen, a former outsourcing project manager. It was once his job to move IT work to outsourcing firms.

By joining the demonstration, Tsen wanted to show his support for EmblemHealth workers losing their jobs. Emblem’s justifications for its wholesale layoff of its IT employees are similar to those Tsen once made as an outsourcing project manager. The difference is that he just doesn’t believe in those arguments anymore.

Tsen was a global leader of IBM offshore management for more than 15 years. He has a master’s in computer science from Columbia University, and earned a patent for his work on a knowledge transfer process. He left the industry in 2011. He now considers himself an unemployed writer.


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A good article showing how the Hunting Licenses are paid for to hunt American Jobs in America and Displace Americans…

Before hiring a foreign worker on an H-1B visa, an employer must submit a Labor Condition Application (LCA) with the U.S. Department of Labor, which details the position the company hopes to fill, the prevailing wage for the job and the pay being offered to the prospective worker. The intent is to ensure that overseas employees will be paid a fair wage if they receive a visa.

More than one employee can be attached to an LCA, and there’s no limit on how many a company can submit. As a result, the number of LCAs accepted by the Department of Labor often far exceeds the number of H-1B visas issued.

Over the years, the number of approved LCAs has increased. In 2008, the federal government certified about 370,000 applications for roughly 650,000 workers, according to a Chronicle review of federal Department of Labor data. Last year, more than 530,000 LCAs were approved for 1.14 million workers (applications certified then withdrawn by the company were not included).

About 10 percent of the LCAs approved last year, or 53,500, were for jobs in Silicon Valley and San Francisco. Companies in the region overwhelmingly sought high-paid computer programmers and other similar tech workers.


I call them hunting licenses because in a finite job market, which we have, every time a non immigrant guest worker gets hired, an American gets Displaced which destroys their career when they can no longer find similar or equal paying work.


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Letters, We Get Letters…



Here’s an SF Chronicle article a friend sent to me about the H1B visa game:  http://projects.sfchronicle.com/2016/visas/


It’s too little and too late, of course, and that sure does work for somebody, but certainly not me or you.  It does explain, though, why I couldn’t get a job down in Silicon Valley (Santa Clara county) for several years – no company would respond to my emails or phone calls more than once, let alone interview me.  And why should they?  They had another huge H1B source of supply that would slave for them for $60K per year or less and who were easily scammed or screwed over by recruiters, hiring companies, or both.


So you were right all along, but you didn’t have the resources needed to be heard.  Of course, now that it’s too late to do anything that would help you, me, or thousands of other American professionals who were screwed out of their jobs and careers by the two-faced “high tech” industry, the information you uncovered is finally coming out from news sources with much deeper pockets and better connections.


But again I still ask, where were the entrepreneurs with whole new industries to make up for the loss of jobs in high tech?  And where was the American public that’s so quick to express outrage over transgender bathrooms or low life punks shot by police etc?  Most of the public were and still are too busy masturbating their minds with their hand-held devices.  They don’t know and they don’t care about real injustice to their fellow citizens – just the kind that involves zombies or super heroes.


I hope things go well for you in your current job and that you can get back to programming eventually.  It’s very unlikely that I’ll ever go back to tech writing (unless the money’s “really” good of course).  J


Take care,

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If Microsoft feels this way, why do they hire so few American Programmers?

Microsoft found some troubling statistics that made it sit up and take notice: Less than 25 percent of U.S. high schools offer computer science classes and only 2.5 percent of college graduates earn four-year degrees in computer science—and among those, only one in five are female. With an interest in improving computer science education and guided by the notion that a single spark of opportunity can inspire a child to shine brightly, Microsoft launched the $500 million global initiative YouthSpark in 2012.

We wrote last year about a $7.3 million grant from this program that benefitted the Children’s Home Society of Florida by developing tech skills among disadvantaged youth as well as improving child welfare systems in the Sunshine State. That was just one program funded by Microsoft’srenewed commitment of an additional $75 million in 2015. Now, Microsoft Philanthropies has announced a round of YouthSpark grants to 100 nonprofit partners in 55 countries.


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