How come our corporate executives and political representatives can’t understand this?

When I joined the navy in 1976, I could barely spell electronics, let alone understand what it was.

But the navy hired me, and they threw me in the middle of a room like this.

A view of the communications center aboard the guided missile frigate REUBEN JAMES (FFG-57).  Construction on the ship is complete.

A view of the communications center aboard the guided missile frigate REUBEN JAMES (FFG-57). Construction on the ship is complete.

And it wasn’t too long before I was the watch supervisor in charge of all communications coming too and going from this radioshack.

We never once heard them say that Americans aren’t qualified simply because the only reason somebody is not qualified is because you are not qualified to train them, and trust me, at all levels, we were qualified.

So why is it that our corporate executives complain that they can’t find qualified people?

Is it because they themselves are not qualified to train their people?

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Bitch & Buy Foreign

Bitch and buy foreign. . . .

Last Tuesday, I wrote:

  • In the future, if there is a future, Americans will be less hypocritical; and we’ll have learned that workers and consumers are the same people.  If there is no future, it’ll be because all we ever did was bitch and buy foreign.

Yesterday, I bumped into an award-winning journalist of my acquaintance.  Always the activist and reformer, he’s still on top of the issues and their language.  He complained about inequality, of course, and Washington and Wall Street, and our apathy vs. empathy, and our racism, don’t forget, but mostly he told me about the foreign equipment and supplies he’d recently purchased for a local retail business venture.  When I asked whether he’d explored any American-made options, and I offered a few suggestions, he said he knew them well, they were fine products, but he got a “better price” on the foreign stuff.

“Bitch & Buy Foreign”

Now there’s a phrase that needs to make it into our vocabulary — and the American Dictionary of Deindustrialization.


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Are we bringing this “Inequality and poverty in India” to the shores of America?

Think about this before you say no.

Many of our management positions in the software industry are now owned by people that have been brought here as temporary workers on temporary visas as I attempt to show via this map that shows the LCA Applications (H-1B, H-1B1, E-3) for 2015 for occupational code 11-3021 Computer and Information Systems Managers (we had 132,570 of them for the 1st quarter 2015).

Click to zoom in

Click to zoom in

If they are making the decision who to interview, and they were raised in an environment as described in this video, would they comply with our EEOC laws?

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Making Global Trade Work While Protecting The People Of Each Country Is Possible…

It took a lot of research to realize that our Free Trade Agreements are responsible for this race to the bottom that the people of every country are facing.

It is happening because each country is:

  • Sending the jobs of their country to countries that are willing to work for much less money with zero if any regulations to prevent the sweatshops that are springing up world wide.
  • Importing temporary workers on temporary visas to take the jobs away from the citizens so that wages can be drastically lowered.

This is an unsustainable business model and after nearly 40 years of practice in America, more and more Americans are waking up and demanding that it be stopped.

That does not mean that we can’t have global trade simply because  I believe that if each country were to adopt these three simple rules, the people of each country could be protected from this race to the bottom that this game of musical countries has put us on.

  1. It is OK to grow, raise or manufacture your products here in America and sell them to other countries and the same applies to those countries.
  2. It is OK to open retail or manufacturing branches in other countries to offset the shipping problems as long as you hire the locals to work in those countries.
  3. It is NOT OK to put the people in your country out of work, send the growing, raising or manufacturing to another country and then import those products back into your country.

As an example, here is a company in Cambridgeshire, UK.

I have no problem with them selling their products here because they use the people of their country to develop and support these products, and when they are sold through retailers here in America, these retailers hire the people of America to work in their stores.

It is a win for the UK and a win for America as well.

That said, the business model that companies like Apple and HP, etc. use where they do their R & D here in America and then the manufacturing in Communist China and then sell it to the people of America who no longer have good paying jobs because of their actions, well I think they should be locked away permanently so that they can do no more destruction to the people of our World.

Some of you may be wondering how they are harming the people of Communist China, and to that I say Google Foxconn suicide and then ask yourself why we are allowing Foxconn to open shop in America.

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From the mouth of children

From my perspective, it is time for Americans of all races to come together and realize that we are in a fight for our jobs, and the jobs that our children will hope to have.

Our jobs are:

  • Being sent to other countries which lowers the jobs available to the people of America
  • Having temporary workers on temporary visas like the H-1B brought in to take our jobs which lowers the jobs available to the people of America.

Sure, it is happening to the highest paying jobs we have available right now and maybe the majority of you think big deal, I will never make it that high anyway in life.

But, it is a big deal, because after we lose the war on our best paying jobs, we will once again be fighting the same war for our average paying jobs, and eventually our lowest paying jobs simply because the people of our world need jobs, and none are being created in countries like India except for those whose business model is to take jobs from Americans in America.

Wake up America.

United We Stand.

Divided We fall.

It really is that simple…!

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The Market Forces of Hypocrisy & Self-Destruction

If everyone has his price —

— how much would it take to get you to shoot yourself in the foot?

If you could betray your country, and your fellow citizens, and your own family and friends while at the same time supporting your enemies, and competitors, and foreign dictatorships and slave holders, and anything else that might offend your principles —

— how much would it take to get you to look the other way?

“churches and slavery — 5/22/15″

  • Before and during the American Civil War, church denominations split over the issue of slavery.  The Methodist Church, the largest American denomination at the time, split in 1844 due to divisions over slavery.  Southern Baptists split from northern Baptists in 1845 over the issue of forbidding Southern slave-owners from becoming ordained missionaries.  In 1861, Presbyterians in the Southern United States split from the denomination because of disputes over slavery, politics, and theology precipitated by the war.

This is why American businesses leave home to join the Chinese Communist Party:

Their customers ask them to.
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It is time for all employers to put up or shut up…

One man has been working to make the H-1B a better system than any American in America, and it is Kumar.

If we truly want to bring the best and brightest to America, this is one.

If I had a company and money to do so, I would sponsor him myself, but that is not an option which is why it is time for you to get off of your sorry butt and do something good for America because the only way we’re going to eliminate corruption from the H-1B program is to do more to Keep America At Work by hiring folks like Kumar.

You can contact me at and I will put you in touch with him if you need a damned good systems guy.

And yes, I have a feeling that the folks he is speaking out about have a lot to do with this which is why I want to see him remain here and continue doing his part to eliminate the corruption in the H-1B program.

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The Department of Defense and its major contractors are now dependent on foreign manufacturers for many of the military’s most advanced weapons systems.

The defense industry is a shadow of its former self, representing less than 3.5 percent of the U.S. economy, a position that continues to decline as defense budgets reach new lows with no chance of them growing faster than the economy.

“Facebook is worth more than Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman and General Dynamics, combined,” notes Lynn. Apple “could buy half the industry with the cash it has on hand.”

When their R&D budgets are combined to total a scant $3 billion (or only 1.6 percent of revenue), the five biggest defense contractors — Boeing, Lockheed, Raytheon, L3 and Northrop — would not even make the list of the top 20 global companies that invest in R&D, notes Lynn.

The defense sector and the U.S. military have “moved from being a net exporter of technology to a net importer,” he notes. The defense industry has had little impact on the latest technology developments such as 3D printing, autonomous vehicles and information technology in general.

About those jobs that the best and brightest brought here as temporary students/workers on temporary visas have been creating…

Where are they?


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