A part time #H1B wanting to work two jobs so that he can displace two americans in Los Angeles

When a second employer can file an H1B application for concurrent employment, only starting from April 1, 2016 or at any time?

Los Angeles, CA |

I have H1B status (part time) with my current employer. Have an offer for a full time position from a second employer.


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Just because we are in New Jersey doesn’t mean we need to hire Americans in America…

CAT Technology, Inc (CAT) is a leading fast growing E-Verified IT staffing and Solutions Company located in Hackensack, New Jersey. We leverage our years of staffing and consulting experience. A wide range of project execution models and costing models, our solutions are very client-centric, cost-effective and process driven quality solutions.

The company has established itself as a preferred partner for IT services for many Fortune customers Nationwide, spanning Telecom, Banking and Financial Services, Insurance, HealthCare and Retail and Government organizations.

We have several developer positions with our direct clients. We offer Competitive Salary Structure, Comprehensive Health Insurance Plans.

We are looking for the candidates who already have H1B visa stamped and are interested in getting it transferred to CAT Technology Inc. Please contacts us immediately and send your resumes to [HIDDEN TEXT]

CAT Technology will qualify candidates through an interview process and sponsor their visa.

Sr. Data Scientist – SQL, Statistics, Machine Learning (multiple positions)

At Least 3 Years of experience and knowledge of:

– Product Analyst experience
– Statistics
– Machine Learning
– R/Python
– Complex Quantitative Analysis
– Exp with Click stream data(raw web analytics)
– Hadoop

Other Positions we have:

IOS Mobile Application Developer

*.Net, C#, SharePoint developer

*Java, J2EE Developer

Employee Benefits:
Medical insurance
Green Card Sponsorship

If you have any questions, please email us


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Break, Break, Breaking those ole #H1B Laws and you can’t do nothing about it Senator Sessions

I have EAD (EB2I/June 09). However I am still continuing on H1B. I recently did a small assignment for a friend outside my regular work.

Can I get paid for the same? Or I cant get paid for outside the work assignment while on H1B.


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We only want PERFECT people working for us…

A Jefferson County woman is suing her former workplace and former supervisor over a claim of disability and age discrimination and retaliation. She further asserts assault and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Joe’L Julian filed the suit June 15 in Jefferson County District Court against Sally Beauty Supply, Denton and district manager Suzette Ramirez of Webster.

The plaintiff, who is older than 40 and has medical conditions–sarcoidosis and primary biliary cirrhosis–began working at Sally Beauty Supply in 2006 as a sales clerk. She was promoted to store manager four years later, receiving several commendations during the course of her work.

Her work environment changed in late 2013, the plaintiff claims, including a November altercation during which she says the defendant threatened to strike her. In December the defendant gave the plaintiff a poor evaluation and began berating her for her disability. On July 21, 2014, Ramirez terminated her employment.

With a right-to-sue letter from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission received March 16, plaintiff sued the defendants for disability discrimination, age discrimination, retaliation and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

The plaintiff seeks monetary damages of between $200,000 and $1 million, court costs, attorney’s fees and a jury trial. Her attorney is Larry Boje of Houston, Texas.

Jefferson County District Court case number B-197241


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Who is our Champion to fight the #H1B war?

In every corporation I’ve ever worked with for the last 30 years we had somebody that was the champion.

The evangelist.

FWD.us has one.

His name is Bjorn Billhardt.

Every time we have a debate about immigration, he is there with all expenses paid.

Yet we have nobody on the side of the American citizen.

Norm Matloff, Ron Hira, Patrick Thibodeau and Hal Salzman, John Miano and many others do as much as they can, but they have full time jobs.

Who out there has spent the years since 2003 studying this nightmare and knows how to debunk all of Bjorn’s poppycock?

FWD.us has deep pockets behind them.

No doubt about that.

But there are 140 million Americans out there that will have their futures destroyed if we stay on this path.

Imagine what we could do if only 10% of them put up 20 measly dollars each.

If you don’t want me to be the champion or the evangelist, that is fine.

Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way is my motto.

And I don’t see you stepping up to the plate.


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What about me? I am a white male, 61, disabled Vietnam War veteran

A few months ago, I read in the Republican Eagle about a county employee that filed charges with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission about uncomfortable experiences she endured at work. At the sound of the EEOC investigation, it appeared that the administration decided immediately to find a settlement. After all, we are talking about a minority (female).

What about me? I am a white male, 61, disabled Vietnam War veteran and was working as the Red Wing Housing & Redevelopment Authority maintenance supervisor.

A few years ago, a new director was hired and the ball started rolling. Most department heads were fired for reasons undisclosed. Before I was fired in August 2012, three others were fired or shoved out the door. All were 55 or older. One woman was 72. Check the records.

Then it was my turn. I was never given a reason for my termination, so I filed age discrimination charges with the EEOC. I then exercised my Veterans Preference rights and took the employer to court. I got my job back after a terrible battle. The HRA paid me my full salary for over seven months while I sat at home wondering about my future.

After I returned to work, my pay was reduced by 50 percent, the staff was told not to talk to me. I was not allowed to enter the office area except to go to the bathroom. After three months I was disciplined for not being honest. Not quite sure what that meant, but I was sent home for three days without pay.

Three months after the suspension, I was fired for discussing my work situation with a board member.


I’m willing to bet this guy is not included on the employed or unemployed charts of veterans at the dept of labor.

Sadly his story is all too common.

Do Americans feel that anybody over 55 no longer has a right to live anymore?

Will we be throwing them in the gestapo gas chambers next?

I thought we were better than that.


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