Current Employment Statistics – Total of Nonfarm and Government – Not seasonally adjusted


Somebody suggested that the reason the data showed a job loss was because I didn’t add in the government totals.

As you can see, I have now added them in and we still show a job loss and virtually no jobs gained since the high in 2007.

Click to zoom in

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As you can see, when we add in a trend line, we should have close to 200 million Americans employed and we are far from that at a little over 160 million employed which includes nearly 25 million non citizens working.

Bottom line is this folks, our so called businesses have sent a tremendous amount of jobs offshore and we can be sure of that simply because of the trend line as that trend would not have been broken if the jobs hadn’t been sent offshore.

This is why our older folks with the more experience, knowledge, and wisdom are getting forced out of the job market.

If we truly want to create jobs for the World, we first must create them here at home so that our citizens are fully employed and then we can consider bringing in the best and brightest from other countries that will contribute to the success of America, not actively work to destroy it via casteism, etc.

As always, my spreadsheet can be found via the following link for those number crunchers out there.




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We’re So Divided, We Reject Ourselves

Workers and Consumers are the same people.

Why would American consumers spend their wages to degrade American wages?

All Americans’ long-term interests are the same.

If you have a problem with this — you’re a big part of the problem.

The operative words here are:

  • All
  • Americans’
  • long-term
  • interests
  • are
  • same

All Americans’ long-term interests are the same.

No American’s long-term interests include the Chinese Communist Party.


You’d never know it by the way we spend our money.

Take a look at what we’ve built — try to get your head around the sheer, overwhelming enormity of 1.37 billion biological competitors — and pay close attention to how it’s all being “explained” to us.

The future will thank you.  The future will curse you.

Your choice.

It’s always been your choice.

If you don’t think you make a difference, you’re a big part of the problem.

“How China used more cement in 3 years than the U.S. did in the entire 20th Century”

  • All of America’s cement consumption during the century adds up to around 4.4 gigatons (1 gigaton is roughly 1 billion metric tons).  In comparison, China used around 6.4 gigatons of cement in the three years of 2011, 2012, and 2013. . . .

“Is the long-term goal of the Communist Party of China still world Communism?”

“Yes, of course, that is the reason we exist.”

— from a conversation between Mo Xiusong, Vice Chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, and Dr. Clark Bowers, member of a U.S. delegation to China, quoted in Beating the Unbeatable Foe, by Frederick Schwarz, M.D.

Yes, that is the reason they exist.
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For as little as $360 per month, you too can own a slave thanks to the temporary worker visa program.

The lawsuit further asserts the employees weren’t skilled employees but did manual labor, domestic work and nanny care for Almeida. They were also promised as much as $2,000 a month, but were paid as little as $360 a month, despite working long hours, without breaks, without overtime, and without days off.

Hell of a deal, isn’t it?

And just think, this is but the tip of the iceberg, yet we smile and turn our heads and pretend not to see how corrupt the whole damned temporary worker program is, and when we hear of an American that has been displaced by all of this slave labor, we turn our noses up at them and say “Get a Job” and if we hear that they are homeless, we say “If only they would get a job”.

Yet we never bother to investigate why they can’t get a job.

And we can’t comprehend why they can’t get a job.

After all, just because we’ve sent 23 million jobs offshore and imported 25 million temporary workers on slave visas well, everybody knows that there are plenty of jobs out there.

Here, I think you need this mirror:

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Pebbles Are Happy


“Gross Domestic Product: Fourth Quarter and Annual 2014 (Third Estimate) — Corporate Profits: Fourth Quarter and Annual 2014″

  • Real gross national product — the goods and services produced by the labor and property supplied by U.S. residents — increased 1.4 percent in the fourth quarter, compared with an increase of 5.3 percent in the third.  GNP includes, and GDP excludes, net receipts of income from the rest of the world, which decreased $30.7 billion in the fourth quarter, in contrast to an increase of $13.3 billion in the third; in the fourth quarter, receipts decreased $28.3 billion, and payments increased $2.3 billion.

“Competing in Globalization”

  • The cause of the President and Congress refusing to compete is that Wall Street, the big banks and Corporate America contribute to both to not enforce provisions against the closed market and predatory practices of China; [. . .] and all in Washington nag about income inequality in the United States.  Income inequality is solved by competing in globalization.

“China-U.S. Trade Engagement in Asia Could Be Win-Win”

[Caixin link — March 27, 2015]

  • Politicians in Washington should drop the China threat theory. . . .
  • [Monkey-Snake Warning: Reader Beware the Propaganda — All the Propaganda.]

“China’s Exports Surprise On The Upside In February”

[China Money Network link — March 10, 2015]

  • China’s export increased 48.3% over a year earlier to US$169.2 billion in February, much higher than market consensus, according to data released by China’s General Administration of Customs.  Imports declined by 20.5% on a year-on-year basis in February to US$108.6 billion.  This led to the record high trade surplus of US$60.6 billion for the month.

“The devil, or Mr Wang”

  • One story goes that at a meeting of the party’s Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI), convened after Mr Wang took charge of it in November 2012, senior members — themselves among the most feared officials in the party — were presented with dossiers of their own sins.  Mr Wang’s aim, it appeared, was to terrorise the enforcers themselves.  Failure to uncover high-level graft, he has warned them, would be “dereliction of duty”.

“Andrew Cockburn’s Kill Chain — A Book Review”

  • Viewing war as an engineering problem focuses on technology (which benefits contractors) and destructive physical effects, but this ideology ignores and is offset by the fundamental truth of war: Machines don’t fight wars, people do, and they use their minds.  Our technology’s physical effects can be — and often are — offset or mitigated by our opponent’s mental counters or initiatives, reflecting both his adaptability and unpredictability, and his moral strengths, like resolve and the will to resist.  Combat history has proven over and over that mental and moral effects can offset physical effects, for example, when the destruction of ball bearing factories did not have its predicted effects in WWII, when bicycles carrying 600 pounds of supplies were used to bypass destroyed bridges on the Ho Chi Minh Trail, and when the Serbs used cheap microwave ovens to fool expensive anti-radiation missiles in Kosovo.  And, as Cockburn shows, this have proven true again in the ongoing war on terror, and its mirror image, the war on drugs.

“Apple CEO Tim Cook Has Plans to Give Away All His Wealth”

  • “You want to be the pebble in the pond that creates the ripple for change.”

Pebbles don’t get the attention they deserve, but then pebbles are happy just knowing they’re pebbles.
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We commemorate the Triangle Shirtwaist Company factory by turning our back as our corporations do it again…

The fire, which happened on this day in 1911, killed 146 workers in 20 minutes, almost all of them immigrant women and girls. The fire and its aftermath are thoroughly documented in Triangle: The Fire That Changed America, one of the books highlighted in our Books That Shaped Work in America project.

While the fire was an undeniable tragedy, many positive developments arose from the ashes. The disaster galvanized the nation’s workers’ rights movement. It drew attention to workplace dangers and harsh working conditions. Worker protection laws were strengthened, not only in New York, but across the nation. And Frances Perkins went on to become one of the most important labor leaders in America’s history, as the longest serving Labor Secretary and the first woman in the U.S. Cabinet.

Today, the Labor Department honors her legacy by pursuing the changes she fought for — better working conditions and increased safety for all of America’s workers. As our current Secretary of Labor Tom Perez has said, “No one should have to sacrifice their life for their livelihood.” We shouldn’t need another workplace disaster to be reminded of that again.

I’m sorry, but I don’t see how we are commemorating anything by putting on blinders as we bury our heads in the sands of denial as our businesses, both large and small repeat the very same things overseas where there are less regulations.

We haven’t learned a damned thing.

Except how to look at our mirror and lie to ourselves.

Open your eyes folks.

This guy is doing one hell of a job to try and bring it to your attention.

We can’t blame our corporations though.

Because we haven’t demanded change of our corporations like Apple, and others.

So, the fault is ours, not theirs.

And its not just one or two corporations, or one or two industries.

I can show you many videos like this.

I’m betting the fellow above can show you thousands.

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