NCIS sends a clear message if you are listening

I’ve been without tv for the last year living in my shed so I haven’t seen NCIS at all this year.

Lost my shed (Thank You Obama for shining Corporate America’s shoes at the expense of American Citizens) recently so I had to move home with my mother at 57 years of age.

Yep, I’m truly humbled and like many, many others in my shoes, I can’t buy an interview simply because we have only created 400,000 jobs since 1999 and we’ve brought in close to ten million temporary workers on visas like the H-1B among others.

So I’ve lost everything.

My crime?

Never went to college.

Joined the navy as a kid and via on the job training I worked my way up into the top, best paying jobs in America which were the computer jobs.

Now I can’t buy an interview, which is why this NCIS issue touched a nerve.

Seems the young lady was a navy corpsman which in my book is as good as they come (go NAVY), and she saved a couple of kids lives when they had a car wreck.

What did she receive in exchange for that?

Jail Time.

Yep, it ain’t right.

Do your time.

Get the skills to be damned good at your job.

And because you don’t have a piece of paper, your skills are worthless?

Bull Shit!

By the way CBS, thank you for that watch now service that allows me to catch up on these shows.

I hope you force them cable companies out of business.


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An open letter to a fellow human being…

My response to him…

It’s hell, isn’t it?

For what it is worth, I get it, and I don’t blame you.

I realize why you folks come here.
It is because there is no opportunity in your country.

Which puts us between the rock and the hard space as we call it here in America.

If we allow you to pursue the opportunity that we were able to pursue all of our lives, you get a chance to build a better future for yourself.
Problem is, if we do that, we lose everything as I already have.

And when we write the self important people that you see on tv and in our political offices and in our media and in our academia institutions, they turn a deaf ear to our cries for help simply because they are important and the cries of the little people are not their problems.

Just like in India, your cries are ignored, as are ours here.

And those people who have jobs, they turn their nose up and say “get a job”, or in your case, they hack to death a blogger that was trying to build a better world.

I sometimes believe that they would rather we commit suicide so that they do not have to listen to our cries for help.

Do they do this out of ignorance?

I don’t know.

They simply consider themselves to be important.

Me, I consider them impotent people that watch their back and nobody else’s. (you would need to be a texas redneck to understand the impotent part)

I write thousands of letters and articles and I do everything I can to bring daylight to your situation and my situation, and you know what happens?

They go to their meetings and on their tv shows where they get paid for talk that does nothing to help you or me.

Meanwhile, I will lose the only thing I care about on Monday which is my land simply because I cannot buy an interview, let alone a job.

And they will continue to go on tv and other avenues interested only in preserving the status quo and their part of the food chain, or wages, should we say.

At the expense of you and me.

So yes, I understand your pain.

And I no longer believe they will do anything that will upset their livelihood, even if it costs you and I everything.

You and I are but two casualties of a war between capital and labor in a race to the bottom on wages and there is nothing we can do about it.

And I am beginning to despise the people that are supposed to be trying to fix the situation that has created this nightmare for you and I.

His letter follows.

Why No one return to India?

A good friend told this when I was leaving in 2010 frustrated about life here.
Secondly because of layers, loans on cars no idea if no project where to go except throw stuff at garbage /trash and take a flight to India. I did already in 2009 when I had disk slip and no project/project ended and healthy highly serious due to Indian Lady Doctor wrong diagnose for almost more than 4 months. She did treatment for left hand carpel tunnel when I had savior C5-C6 Disk slip. Then I bought air tickets to a friend to come to PA and drove me with family to Detroit, MI to meet Dr. Shively who is expert in spine. He advised me to rush to India for surgery and rushed there, it’s another tragedy story with Indian Doctors and corporate hospitals. Finally 10 days complete bed rest fixed the issue and returned to USA by opt wheel chair as cannot carry any weights and took rest and got project in NC, through WIPRO at Clayton in HOSPIRA client and drove there.
(Employer’s role is nothing in this. )

Some they send kids, wife to India and stay in friend’s room and search for projects
Some who’s wife also have H1B, send kids to India and search for project and survive with wife salary.
In my case above two not possible except just leave to India.
Once leave USA, the below is the story.
It does not matter what salary you get in India, unless have power and money, stand in line for milk, water and anything.
Because of high population.

A good friend told this when I was leaving in 2010 frustrated about life here. When I got offers for CIO role and pre-sales roles but nothing was materialized as offer letters when I had savior disk issues at L5 to L6 due to carry SANs in this project in 2012.

Nobody knows more than you do, that, work culture is much better in America. Back home, recognition and growth are not guaranteed even if you slog for 100 hours a week. Then in cities and towns alike, there is a paucity of everything, including water and electricity. And what about children’s education and related expenses? I’d suggest you prepare a spreadsheet comparing everything here and there, which should include, salary, expenses, work hours, commute, availability of basic amenities, education, shopping and driving experiences, proximity to parents, quality time available to spend with your family (wife and children) , wishes of your wife and children, your job, work hours, and everything else you missed.

Hope this will give a clear idea why Indians get struck in USA right?
Please let me know if any questions.
Ignorance is bliss and if we do not know USA and did not visa USA in life time, life is cool there what ever it might be. But Visas refused and rejected couple of times, getting VISA become a dream than visit America especially in my case and may be knows well in advanced that they come for only DOLLARS in all means.

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Looking for a business partner

With no job and no potential job, I’m resigned to the fact that I’m going to lose my land in the next couple of days.

Which means I need to figure out how to provide a living for myself.

The only inexpensive business to get into that will make a person a decent non minimum wage income is fixing things for people, so I’ve decided the following is the best way to get market share as quickly as possible.

Fixed Price Repairs To Help You Save

Times are tough for everybody, so we try and do what we can to help people out with their repair jobs by offering a fixed price for repairs on lawn mowers and computers and a discount for Veterans.

  • $50.00 for computer repair
  • $35.00 for push mower repair
  • $75.00 for riding mower repair

We also offer:

  • $20.00 for pickup and delivery to the Kerrville, Fredericksburg and Harper area.
  • Parts and taxes are extra
  • $10.00 discount for Veterans

Call or email us today: (830) 998-3486 or

Need help repairing additional items? Ask Me

You can view the website i set up for it by clicking here.

To do this means I need a shop to work out of and with all shops in the area going for a minimum of $1,000.00 per month, the odds would be against me from the start.

Which is why I need a short term or long term business partner.

I believe I can get this for $75,000.00 using your money.

Which means your payments would be around $350 per month which is much more affordable for a new business.

Some pictures will follow, but first a question.

Would you be interested, and if so, what kind of terms would you want?

As for my long term goals, it is, and always will be to find a way to Keep America At Work.

Short term, I need a way to pay bills.

Long term, I might be able to expand this and grow it into something that would create jobs if done right, and I think I have the skills necessary to grow it.

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Your Mass of Huddles

People are warm-blooded.  What do people need?

  • Food including Water — to generate warmth.
  • Shelter — to manage their warmth.

This biological warmth is typically measured in calories.

What else do people need for warmth?

  1. To have been understood.
  2. To have been taken seriously.
  3. To have been loved unconditionally.

(These, in later life, can also find their expression in calories.)


Think about the most destructive human relationships and the most complicated personalities you’ve ever known.

Are they not perfectly explained by No. 1, No. 2, and No. 3 (above)?

Far too many brilliant Americans, for 1 of 3 possible reasons, don’t seem to think that we all need one another.
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Sadly I will lose my land and my reason for living on monday without a miracle…

I have tried everything.

Over 10,000 applications to private industry in 2007 when I quit counting and no telling how many since then.

Hundreds of applications to civil service job since 2007

Thousands of letters to our leaders in government, media, academia and business asking for help from those that say “We hire vets”, but are not held accountable for not doing so.

And many, many letters to organizations like the Texas Veterans Land Board seeking a way that I can hold on to my land with affordable payments of $460.79 per month if one could get hired somewhere.

So today I gave up and decided that I have to do this because I can’t wait for the calvary since the calvary is not coming.

Times are tough for everybody, so we try and do what we can to help people out with their repair jobs by offering a fixed price for repairs on lawn mowers and computers and a discount for Veterans.

  • $50.00 for computer repair
  • $35.00 for push mower repair
  • $75.00 for riding mower repair

We also offer:

  • $20.00 for pickup and delivery to the Kerrville, Fredericksburg and Harper area.
  • Parts and taxes are extra
  • $10.00 discount for Veterans

Call or email us today: (830) 998-3486 or

Need help repairing additional items? Ask Me

At this point in my life, all I want to do is keep my land and even though I only need $1,400 to catch it up and keep it, nobody will help me with work and I can’t blame them for not lending it to me when I don’t have a job.


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More Than 4.27 Times Our Size — and Getting Ready To Grow

Submarines.  They’re inscrutable.

“China submarines outnumber U.S. fleet: U.S. admiral”

  • He said the U.S military did not believe China carried nuclear missiles on its submarines, but that it had been producing missiles and testing them.

“From ‘Made in China’ to ‘Built by China’, Chinese railway industry booming overseas”

[Global Times link — February 26, 2015]

  • Once completed, these railways will be the backbone of the local public transport system and a key component of growth.
  • Building railways abroad and exporting railway equipment and technologies is a win-win situation for both China and foreign partners, as such cooperation will facilitate China’s endeavor to upgrade its national economy and, meanwhile, allow partner countries to enjoy all the benefits of these projects with lower costs.
  • There will be 709 China-made trains running in Buenos Aires, transporting millions of people in the city and nearby towns, once the project is completed.

“Analysis: China looks to break into Latin American market via Argentina”

  • For China this facility provides a vital deep southern hemisphere node for global ground-based tracking and control, which is needed to manage its growing satellite networks, manned space stations, and lunar programme.  Argentine sources note that a crucial quid-pro-quo is that Buenos Aires will gain access to strategic information from China’s formidable surveillance satellite constellation.
  • While uncertainties abound regarding the reality of Sino-Argentine military relations, especially given Argentina’s questionable ability to pay for new equipment programmes outside of Chinese concessional loans funded by payments in commodities, ambitions point toward a deepening relationship.

“China’s population tops 1.36 billion”

[China Daily link — February 26, 2015]

  • The Chinese population reached 1.3678 billion at the end of 2014.
  • China is expecting at least one million more births in 2015 than last year, as a result of policy changes.  A total of 16.9 million new citizens came into the world in 2014, 470,000 more than in 2013.

Submarines.  They’re not like aircraft carriers.

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Is this what we must do to the employers in America?

As I read this, this morning I am starting to think that perhaps it is time for the employees to stand up to the employers who are destroying their future.

What do you think?

A federal jury has awarded $14 million to five Indian nationals working for a U.S. company under the temporary-worker visa program. The jury found the employer, along with a labor recruiter and an immigration attorney, liable for luring foreign workers to the U.S. with false promises of permanent residency in violation of labor trafficking, fraud, racketeering and discrimination laws.

The verdict is part of a recent government focus on anti-trafficking. Last month, Congress introduced several bills aimed at preventing labor abuses of foreign workers.

According to the lawsuit, Signal International, a marine construction and repair company, began recruiting hundreds of workers from India in 2006 to work in welding, pipefitting and the repairing of oil rigs damaged by Hurricane Katrina the previous year. Each of the five plaintiffs paid the recruiter and lawyer $10,000 to $20,000 in exchange for promises of green cards for themselves and their families. The workers were actually brought to the U.S. on the H-2B visa program for temporary or seasonal workers whose maximum stay is three years. In addition, Signal charged each worker $1,050 per month to stay in tightly packed, guarded labor camps where they were required to live.

“This historic verdict puts American companies on notice that if they exploit the flaws in our temporary worker program, they will be held accountable and punished,” said Chandra Bhatnagar, one of the lawyers who represented the workers, in a statement. Bhatnager is a senior staff attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union Human Rights Program. The four-week trial concludes the first case in a series of cases that constitute one of the largest anti-labor-trafficking efforts in U.S. history, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, another legal organization that represented the plaintiffs.

Anti-trafficking has become a high-profile issue in recent years. Last month, the new Congress introduced more than a dozen bills targeting human trafficking. In 2012, President Barack Obama issued an executive order to tighten regulations to prevent human trafficking by employers engaged in federal government contracts. And Obama’s recent immigration executive actions include a proposal for federal agencies, including the Labor Department, Department of Homeland Security and the Justice Department, to form a working group to strengthen enforcement of labor and immigration laws and encourage workers to cooperate with investigations. A fact sheet posted on the Labor Department website says that the working group will create clearer rules and protections for workers regardless of immigration status, including strengthening processes to stay removal and provide work authorization to undocumented workers who complain about workplace conditions.

The jury verdict and flurry of legislative proposals on this issue is a compliance reminder to employers, especially those who rely on recruiters abroad. While the H-2B guest-worker program has been the focus of the litigation and policy initiatives, employers recruiting foreign workers in other programs, including high-skilled workers, should be cognizant of the increased activity in this area.


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The empty dreams of capitalism

By 2011, Arce was making $300,000 to $400,000—she won’t give the exact amount—and had been promoted to vice president. She replaced her fake green card with a real one from the U.S. government after the wedding. She was legal, elite, and rich. She was also unhappy. The only thing stranger than going from selling funnel cakes in Texas to equity derivatives in New York was how vacant she felt.

Three-and-a-half years after quietly chanting her anxiety prayer in a locked bathroom stall, she took a piece of paper that listed her bonus into the ladies’ room. “I made it to this place that I always thought would get me everything I wanted,” she says. “But I remember leaving and going to the bathroom with my little letter that said how much money I was being paid and just feeling so empty.”

Interesting isn’t it?

She made it even higher than I did and still found the same thing that I have come to realize since 2007 and I ask myself all of the time, was it worth it?

She made it into the top ten percent of salaries in America and if the figures I have read are correct, so did I even though I only made $113,000 as compared to her $400,000 or so.

Arce is moving to California this March as the development director of Define American, a nonprofit founded by Vargas. The group pushes for rights for undocumented immigrants with projects including a campaign to have newspapers drop the term “illegal immigrant” in favor of “undocumented.”

The group faces a backlash against rights for immigrants. Former Texas Governor Rick Perry, who signed the bill that allowed Arce to attend college, told a Republican forum in Iowa this year that “if Washington refuses to secure the border, Texas will.” Texas Senator Ted Cruz asked his fellow Republicans to “show me where you stood up and fought” an executive action on immigration President Obama announced late last year. (In an awkward coincidence, Heidi Nelson Cruz, the senator’s wife, worked in the same Goldman Sachs unit, private wealth management, as Arce.)

Making hundreds of thousands of dollars on Wall Street didn’t protect Arce from fear. “There is still the stigma that what we did is shameful,” she says. “I’m tired of being ashamed for pursuing my dream, for climbing up the ladder, and for having success.”

When asked for comment on Arce’s story, Goldman Sachs sent a statement from Chief Executive Officer Lloyd Blankfein: “Wouldn’t it be great if we could give a home to more of the talented young people who come to this country for an education and want to apply their energy and skills to supporting our economy?” Goldman now verifies information from job applicants against government records, according to two people at the firm who asked not to be identified discussing its vetting process.

I can’t say I blame her for wanting to do this because maybe by helping others she will find the dream that she always wanted.

That said though, I haven’t been able to find work since Aug 2010 which leaves me in a corner where I will lose my little piece of land this week if I can’t raise a measly $1,500.00 and trust me, I have tried all avenues, and exhausted all of them.

So my back is up against a wall, and I’m in a corner simply because we are sending our jobs offshore, and importing temporary visa holders to displace us here in America making America the land of poverty rather than opportunity.

This is why I must fight the temporary worker visa programs and the offshoring of our jobs.

But we are not the only ones to find empty dreams, are we?


Life in a foreign land is a vicious cycle once after you enter into it. You cannot break it to leave for home or native nation just like that. No one explained this until the expiry of first H1B Visa copy i.e. I-797. No Indian Employer allows you to go back because you become a Golden Duck to your employer and his Indian middlemen and some of American unethical vendors too. Pro…bably this is the time one must definitely fall into or slip into the pit fall of cards, it might be Credit Cards or Green Cards etc. which we never seen that glory back home. Once realized it’s too late to understand it or clearly map to move ahead.

I, we do also come across many people and they are;
Some fall into depression,
Some fall into deep depression,
Some never visit home nations,
Some forget India,
Some forget parents,
Some even say Dirty INDIA in front of their parents who never condemn,
Some made their parents or in-laws as permanent shuttle commuters between India and USA,
Some made them permanently unpaid free baby sitters (Thanks to America for issue Parents H4 Visa for Ten years instead of 5 earlier) otherwise some they send their newly born babies to India for double income. Many Indians misunderstood America means only Money or more money so double income, side businesses like Amway or money circulations, illegal baby sittings etc and what not? I do not know why some get marry. Funny thing is Love marriages here are arranged marriage in India with fully loaded dowry notes. How do we call it love in college campuses or work locations? We are missing THE CHANGE here and counting only Dollars. We collect CHANGE only to give as TIPS.

We also started ALL caste, region & religion based groups without shame. One Religion offers in New Jersey $10,000 to Bridegroom if marry another Religion Bridge. What an Indian Hypocrisy in USA? All Indians work in USA know about Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) for everyone without having any racial differences at work but all Indians discriminate fellow Indians by their caste, language, slang, region, religion and color at home.

Our guys blame West for Christianity but we beg R Visa to start Temple Business here to loot H1Bs money in the name of sentiments or Poojas/Prayers. We are actually polluting USA instead of learning from USA is what I noticed in all my walks of life here.

If you do not fit into any of the above, they treat you as either innocent or foolish who do not know how to earn more money here. There may be some good hearted Indians but I have not come across here who said “Let’s collect money and donate to people in India as around 700 millions do not have toilets in India, lets eradicate poverty in India or Child labor etc”. Many gave me advises and ideas on how to earn second income on H1B though it is illegal in USA to have second income on H1B. Devyani’s case is just tip of the ice berg but my neighbors also argued for posting against her and that’s what Indians live here did not change a bit. Her case is nothing comparing to many Indians do illegal babysitting when America already cautioned it. Law is well designed here but Indians exploited this H1B program up to maximum level. I hate life here sometimes and do not know why I die for H1B visa or F1 Visa for 12 years while I was in India. May be I did not dream to come here but aimed for US Visa since every tom dick and harry was getting that time and I thought why could not I get it was the driving force made me to stand here today.

“Be clear on Dreams and American Dreams” Think beyond box and be separated from how above all these guys think. We have to get the Change from America and bring back the same change at our home otherwise people decided to die here, they apply for Green Cards, loses everything here in due course of life. Also they buy houses and they mourn silently that they are departed from India by leaving old parents there and living here to do slavery to their Indian employers/Indian middlemen who takes cuts in their salaries until they get this Green Card. Irony is they also become avatar of these middlemen to loot the blood of newcomers. After GC, life is pathetic though you may aimed to get 200K to 500K because it expires if you relocate to India if do not come back within 6 months. Also, you cannot fit into any model back home after exposed to best of best here. Life continues and I have counted only three guys on fingers who returned to India when their visas are valid as soon as their studies or work completed. (One must really need a very strong WILL POWER to return home or STRONG LOVE towards India otherwise it’s not easy task to wind up. In fact it is easy to die here than go back is the conclusion.) Probably they are providing employment back home with the knowledge gained here. Whatever the situation it may be but there is ONLY ONE Reason apart from GC restrictions why people stop boarding flights to India; the reason is Life of a common man in India is ZERO. The 0 which we invited and living by. Bottom line is anyone from any nation who comes to USA would earn a lot, above it they change a lot because Americans have better hearts. Everybody are treated equally in India, it our Indians who live in division and separation. Americans believe all races and colors are created equally by God and all humans are given same value for their lives in USA. Law is ultimate here and it is equal to all. Nobody is above Law in USA but this is point where we exactly fail because we don’t believe it. This is what we and our nation must learn from American.

In generally speaking, Indians are very bad people when they do IT business or any business in USA. They suck blood of fellow Indians till the last minute. I do not understand in America what Indians say every 5 minutes, “I Love India” etc. Come to USA on H1B and work for Indians or work with Indians to understand how worst are we?

If you think I am writing a lie, just type why Indians do worst things in USA? You will not only get Indians, Indian Companies, Indian Hotels, Indians Hospitals and what not? You can go to MyVisaJobs(Dot)Com and read the reviews about for Indian based employers. Majority of our company in USA have bad reviews. Do you think H1B Visa Holders, International Students of OPT/CPTs are writing badly? I do not know whether we become very bad people after receive Green Card or badness is there in Indians as in-built quality? Our guys write very unprofessionally and don’t feel ashamed to be unprofessional liars and unethical bugs in business emails. A Few days ago an Indian based Incorporation signed PO & MSA for my new contract job with my employer and promised to onboard me at client place but later I came to know it was all trash. They made me believe their lies and wasted my time with interviews and emails. Now they are still calling me offering new projects. How badly our guys scam? We are scam masters in India and USA.

I really hate myself as an Indian here and do not know why I was born in India? Indeed it is a curse to work with Indians and work for Indians in USA. That’s why I written in an earlier post earlier that Indians born in USA are double blessed.


Perhaps it is time that we find a way as a World, and as Human Beings so that we can create the opportunity that all of us seek in every country so that we can stop building someone elses dream at the expense of anothers dream?

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Home on the Range

Politics is a religion.  Economics is a religion.

Welcome to Hell —

— where seldom is heard a disprovable word.

“American Pravda: Was Rambo Right?”

  • Truth has come to mean the lies that everyone believes.

“An Overview of 60 Contracts That Contributed to the Development and Operation of the Federal Marketplace”

  • The original estimated value of these contracts totaled $1.7 billion; the contract values ranged from $69,195 to [$248,388,340 (Lockheed Martin Services Inc.)].

“U.S. raises concerns over ‘made in Indonesia’ smartphone law”

  • The United States is pressing Indonesia to relax local-content rules it believes will handicap efforts of tech firms such as Apple to expand into one of the world’s last big markets. . . .

“Globalization That Works for Workers at Home”

  • Step back and consider globalization, steered however imperfectly by trade agreements and other such deals.  By and large, it has been a force for prosperity — fostering development around the world and bringing millions of people out of poverty.  Ask pretty much any mainstream economist and you will hear that most Americans benefited, too.

“Happy Kosovo Independence Day?”

  • The Clintons, in short, own the Kosovo war — and what a sorry heritage it is.

“U.S. Economic Confidence Index Back in Negative Territory”

  • For the week ending Feb. 22, 27% of Americans said the economy was “excellent” or “good,” while 29% said it was “poor.”

“This Is Russia”

  • Someday perhaps both our countries will have poets for presidents.  I would like to see that.  Perhaps even women poets.  Poets can be pompous also of course, like Yeats, but they see the large in the small, and they have music in their heads always, and those are good things.

Tired of sucking hind tit —

— on that old sow hog of life.

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Want to see if you will be forced to train your H-1B visa replacement?

Tommy Lee Jones – What happens when your paychecks stop?


I’m not pointing fingers at you.

I understand why you do advertisements like that.

But who will stand up for the Americans whose paychecks have stopped?

Some good Americans are getting forced out of the job market by the company who is paying you.

Company Requesting Job Title Salary How Many Jobs Job Location Job State Status Visa Class LCA Case Number Submitted Date Decision Date Begin Date End Date
AMERIPRISE FINANCIAL, INC. SOFTWARE ENGINEER 83,900 1 MINNEAPOLIS MN CERTIFIED H-1B I-200-14265-380071 2014-09-25 2014-10-01 2014-10-06 2017-10-05
AMERIPRISE FINANCIAL, INC. SOFTWARE ENGINEER 83,900 1 MINNEAPOLIS MN CERTIFIED H-1B I-200-14275-767115 2014-10-03 2014-10-09 2014-10-13 2017-10-12
AMERIPRISE FINANCIAL, INC. DESIGN ENGINEER 83,900 1 MINNEAPOLIS MN CERTIFIED H-1B I-200-14286-367105 2014-10-14 2014-10-20 2014-12-19 2017-12-18
AMERIPRISE FINANCIAL, INC. SOFTWARE ENGINEER 83,900 1 MINNEAPOLIS MN CERTIFIED H-1B I-200-14286-891396 2014-10-14 2014-10-20 2014-10-27 2017-10-26
AMERIPRISE FINANCIAL, INC. SOFTWARE ENGINEER 83,900 1 MINNEAPOLIS MN CERTIFIED H-1B I-200-14295-586444 2014-10-23 2014-10-29 2014-11-03 2017-11-02
AMERIPRISE FINANCIAL, INC. VICE PRESIDENT-PRODUCT MANAGEMENT -WMPS 134,700 1 MINNEAPOLIS MN CERTIFIED H-1B I-200-14308-846143 2014-11-12 2014-11-18 2014-11-12 2017-11-09
AMERIPRISE FINANCIAL, INC. SOFTWARE ENGINEER 97,000 1 MINNEAPOLIS MN CERTIFIED H-1B I-200-14315-508961 2014-11-14 2014-11-20 2014-12-01 2017-11-30
AMERIPRISE FINANCIAL, INC. SOFTWARE ENGINEER 97,000 1 MINNEAPOLIS MN CERTIFIED H-1B I-200-14338-699336 2014-12-05 2014-12-11 2014-12-22 2017-12-21
AMERIPRISE FINANCIAL, INC. SOFTWARE ENGINEER 83,900 1 MINNEAPOLIS MN CERTIFIED H-1B I-200-14339-988861 2014-12-08 2014-12-12 2014-12-29 2017-12-28
AMERIPRISE FINANCIAL, INC. SOFTWARE ENGINEER 83,900 1 MINNESOTA MN CERTIFIED H-1B I-200-14350-072421 2014-12-17 2014-12-23 2015-01-05 2017-04-05
AMERIPRISE FINANCIAL, INC. SOFTWARE ENGINEER 83,900 1 PHOENIX AZ CERTIFIED H-1B I-200-14300-769702 2014-10-28 2014-11-03 2014-11-10 2017-11-09


It might not be a problem for you, but it is for me.

Because trust me, I’ve already been through this nightmare and all it spells out for Americans in America is Poverty.

Perhaps Hank Williams Jr can say it better than me?

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It Takes A Worried Man To Sing A Worried Song

Just for fun, I’m going to say that in three centuries it will be impossible to find a black, white, red, or brown person anywhere in North America; and in three decades it will be nearly as difficult to find a Jewish banker anywhere on the planet.

You should read the article by the Brazilian Escobar — not because it’s the last word on the Chinese Communist Party, but because it’s scaring the daylights out of some people who’ve been pretending to explain power and money to other people.

“Tomgram: Pepe Escobar, Inside China’s ‘New Normal'”

  • Sometimes this planet changes right under your nose and you still don’t notice.

“How A Watch Works”

  • The Hamilton Watch Company of Lancaster, Pennsylvania

“Why We Suck At Spotting Liars”

  • We instinctively distrust people with low eyebrows.

Forbes notes that [the author], Ph.D. is an international keynote speaker at corporate, government, and keynote events.

I will add that it takes a worried man to sing a worried song.
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Founding Fathers — and Refounding Fathers — and Two Questions

Is it harder to build a nation from scratch or to keep a prosperous nation alive?

(That was my first of two questions for today.)

Links and/or Jump-Starts:

“Whatever Became of Economists and the American economy”

  • Consider “globalism.”  Every country has been convinced that globalism is imperative and that not to be part of the “global economy” means economic death.  In fact, to be part of the global economy means death.  Understand the economic destruction that globalism has wreaked on the United States.
  • Why did economists make no protest as the US economy was shipped abroad and deep-sixed at home?
  • Globalism, like neoliberal economics, is an instrument of economic imperialism.  Labor is exploited, while peoples, cultures, and environments are destroyed.
  • The propaganda is so powerful that people partake of their own destruction.

“Trade Agreements or Boosting Wages?  We Can’t Do Both”

  • The steady integration of the United States and generally much-poorer global economy over the past generation is a non-trivial reason why wages for the vast majority of American workers have become de-linked from overall economic growth.

“Are You Ready To Fight Putin’s Russia?”

  • To willfully ignore the danger is to become complicit in the destruction of what Americans profess to hold dear.

“Having Milked American Companies Of IP And Marketing, ‘The Chinese Don’t Want You Anymore’ — By Michael Wessel and Dan Slane”

  • You see, the Chinese Communist Party never had any intention of turning over their domestic markets to foreign companies.  They needed your technology, production and marketing expertise to grow their economy.  Now that they have it, both legally and illegally, the party is over and the Party no longer wants or needs you anymore.
  • Chinese companies are provided incentives by the Communist Party to openly steal or copy foreign technology.  If a western company does have the audacity to sue them, they will find the average award by Chinese courts is $10,000 as compared to $5 million in the United States, and that won’t begin to pay their legal bill, much less compensate them for the harm that has been done.

“The Evolution Catechism”

  • What the question means, and why it matters, is plain: Do you have the courage to embrace an inarguable and obvious truth when it might cost you something to do so?  A politician who fails this test is not high-minded or neutral; he or she is just craven, and shouldn’t be trusted with power.

I think the same humble standard should apply to every profession.

My second of two questions for today is:

Treason used to be considered a serious crime in the United States of America —

— but it’s not anymore.

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Brian Deese – Senior Advisor – The White House

You just don’t get it do you?

You can’t send our best paying jobs offshore and expect a middle class that will prosper.

You can’t import temporary workers on visas and give them preference over Americans and expect a middle class that will prosper.

Time and time again I have written everybody from the White House to the Dept of Labor to the Veterans Administration to my representatives in Texas and other Veterans Representatives in our congress and senate.

The response is deafening if you call silence deafening

And what does the White House do?

More and More Tokyo Rose Globalization Propaganda like this.

The President is bringing forward new actions to help working- and middle-class families.

In the President’s State of the Union address, he laid out his vision for Middle-Class Economics — the theory that we can continue the progress we have made by promoting policies that build the economy from the middle out. In the run-up to the State of the Union and since, he has outlined specific proposals to achieve that goal — in housing, jobs, education, to name a few.

The President’s emphasis on Middle-Class Economics has begun to work — delivering concrete benefits to families across the country and driving the policy debate in Washington as well. Over the next several weeks, the President will keep his foot on the gas by bringing forward new, concrete actions to strengthen the economic standing of working- and middle-class families.

This starts today, with the President announcing a new executive action to help more hardworking Americans save for retirement by cracking down on hidden fees that hurt consumers and back-door payments that help Wall Street brokers. Speaking at the AARP, the President will be joined by champions of consumer rights issues, including Senator Elizabeth Warren and Richard Cordray, Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, to announce this new move.

And that’s just the beginning. Over the next several weeks, the President will announce new steps to protect consumers, make college more affordable, and help boost the wages of working and middle-class families trying to make ends meet.

These steps — which will have a real, tangible impact on millions of working- and middle-class Americans — come at a time when Republicans in Congress are pushing the same failed trickle-down economic policies that led to the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.

In the first few weeks of the new Congress, they’ve voted yet again to repeal the Affordable Care Act, they’ve voted to cut education investments, and they’ve voted to weaken financial reform, while doing nothing to expand opportunity to working- and middle-class families.

So as Republicans prepare to release their budget, we will make the choice between Middle-Class Economics and trickle-down economics clear. If Republicans pull a page from the same failed playbook of cutting taxes for millionaires and billionaires while slashing investments in education and job training, we will move with even more resolve to demonstrate how Middle-Class Economics is working, and can help even more Americans.

So stay tuned for new ways we will continue to move our country forward and make sure that more Americans who work hard and play by the rules can get ahead.



Brian Deese
Senior Advisor
The White House

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Democrats + Republicans = Cowardice


People’s Republic of China/Chinese Communist Party/People’s Liberation Army:

  • Wants Democrats and Republicans to believe that there’s still a difference between Democrats and Republicans.
  • Wants Democrats and Republicans to keep blaming each other.
  • Wants Democrats and Republicans to keep buying foreign goods — any foreign goods, preferably Chinese — to keep deindustrializing the United States.


People’s Republic of China/Chinese Communist Party/People’s Liberation Army

— wants Democrats and Republicans, both parties, to support the Chinese Communist Party.

If Americans don’t muster the courage to come out from hiding, the PRC/CCP/PLA will get exactly what it wants.

Democrats and Republicans don’t have the guts to defend their own children anymore, much less their own country.

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Technology Workers – Citizens and Immigrants – I need each of you to put up $20.00

Here is why:

Americans are being forced out of the work force by unscrupulous organizations.

Immigrants are being preyed on by “vultures” basically making them indentured servants who will owe a lot of money if they walk away from the “good job” that they were brought in to do.

This is wrong for both citizens and immigrants.

What follows is an email I sent out earlier:

It just keeps getting better and better.

No wonder we aren’t hired.

We would tell them to go fuck themselves if they tried to do this to us.

I see the potential for an American firm like Keep America At Work to fight this and make a lot of money by providing legitimate contracts for citizens and immigrants alike while making a lot of money at the same time and working relentlessly to expose the “Vultures” that prey on the immigrants and corporations.

I know some very qualified people that could take an organization like this and grow it nationwide.

Most are on the bench and would love to get back to work.

But, how do we raise the money to get it started so that we can hire the sales force to get us the projects so that we can hire lots of technology workers?

One way would be for 3 million technology workers to put up twenty or a hundred each, but hell, they won’t even work to protect their own futures.

I see more “spunk” in ?????? than I have in most of the americans I’ve corresponded with.

Now to be fair to the Americans, it might be because they do not know what is going on.

So how do we get the word out, and trust me, if this is happening in America, it is happening in Europe as well which means we might have 5 to 10 million technology workers.

So tell me.

Is a good future for you whether you are a citizen or immigrant worth 20 measly dollars?

If so, it is time to pony up so that we can form an employee owned contracting firm with two goals:

  1. Legitimate work for all of us where we are paid the market rate so that we can provide for our families
  2. Expose the vultures that are preying on citizens and immigrants alike.

It’s your choice.

I can’t do this by myself.

But together we can.

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