Such hatred is not good for people.

It is sad that it takes things like this for people to wake up.

Many of our larger employers are sending their jobs to other countries leaving our citizens with no job and no future.

And many others are importing non-immigrant guest workers to take the remaining jobs leaving our citizens with no job and no future.

This is creating a volcano that is going to erupt and the only way to stop it is for the governments of India and America to realize that it is up to them to provide an environment where all of the people that want too can provide for their families, which is not being done.

“The situation seems to be pretty bad after Trump took over as the U.S. president. I appeal to all the parents in India not to send their children to the United States in the present circumstances,” Reddy said.

Madhav told The Post in an interview that Kuchibhotla’s family was in shock, and that it was the third such possible hate crime in recent weeks that has affected members of the Telegu-speaking Southern Indian community in the United States.

“Something has changed in the United States,” he said. “Such things are not good for the Indian community living here.”

In India, the minister of external affairs, Sushma Swaraj, said she was “shocked” by the attack and “rushed” two diplomats to Kansas from the Indian Consulate in Houston. Meanwhile, cable news channels debated whether the United States was now a danger zone for those with brown skin. “Is this the new normal?” an anchor on NDTV news channel wondered.

Fourteen years now that I have been unable to find full time employment.

Family, Friends, and Neighbors turn their nose up at me and say get a job.

I can’t say I blame them because they do not know what they don’t know because our government is not counting the long term unemployed who for the most part are former STEM workers who have been displaced from the middle class.

As you can see by this chart of total non farm payroll jobs from 1939 till present day, we are NOT creating any new jobs and haven’t since the high point we hit in 2007.

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We need jobs folks.

Both the American Citizen and the non-immigrant guest worker.

And our countries are not producing them, but they are pitting us against each other which is causing this type of stuff.

William Stock, we have the workforce in America, but we are not given the opportunity to compete

“In attempting to reduce the incentive to bring consultants into the US, the dynamic that will be created is incentives to move the entire project outside the US,” said William Stock, an immigration lawyer and president of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. “The big workaround is going to be: ‘How do we ship this work overseas? Because we don’t have the workforce in the US.’”

For me, the big workaround is how do we make it so that none of our data can be maintained anywhere but in America and only by American citizens.


President Trump, THE Displaced American Software Developer and Navy Veteran would appreciate you doing what you said you would.

If I had the money to build me a eight foot by eight foot deck and some walls like the mash hospital outdoor showers used to show, I could have a shower, shitter and a way to wash my dishes.

Oh yes, I need a propane regulator to see if it would all work.

While you are closing bathrooms to transgenders, I’m praying for a working one.

But hell, you wouldn’t know about that would you President Trump.

After all, you only said you were going to make America Great Again so that you could get elected.

This is how I currently wash my dishes.

Somebody donated a 30 gallon barrel the other day so now I have water.

And I bought this dc pump a few years ago but I lost my cabin so I never got to use it.

Same thing for this hot water heater.

No idea if it works or not, but if I had about $40 for a bottle of propane and a regulator, I could try it out.

The plan is to build me a 8 x 8 deck outside and use that shower nozzle to wash dishes on the table and hang it on the wall for a shower.

After all, Americans innovate don’t they when faced with adversity.

We just never knew our own government would be the ones creating that adversity for Americans in America.

I should put it in this cabin, but if I can’t find a way to make an extra $305 every month, I will lose it.

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Just like I lost the last one.

Yes, I know.

If I would just get a job, I wouldn’t have these problems.

Funny thing about being a ex software developer is you are deemed overqualified.

That is the kiss of death.

Hell, I can’t get hired at walmart.

And even though I have file an age discrimination complaint against the Dept of Veterans Affairs and we have mediation next week, I won’t be able to make it as I have no money and just like you promised to make America great again, they have also promised to end veteran homelessness.

Problem is, you have to totally lose everything before they will do their part.

Is that how you work too?


The Trump Administration had better take care of Americans in America like they promised, or pack their bags and get out

The Trump administration should reconsider its position on H-1B visas, a senior Congress leader has said, warning that any move to curb these visas could become an “emotional irritant” in the Indo-US ties.

According to reports, President Donald Trump is considering an executive order to clamp down on work visas and flow of skilled manpower, a move that may impact Indian IT companies.

“The US government should reconsider its position on H-1B (visas). There is certain amount of intellectual investment which India has made in the development of tech industry on the US,” Congress party spokesperson Manish Tewari said.

Any such move “has the potential of becoming an emotional irritant in ties between India and the United States,” he warned.

Tewari was speaking to a group of reporters at a media round table at the Atlantic Council, a top American think-tank where he is a senior fellow at its South Asia Center.



Is Axxess Technology Solutions lying to Uncle Sam when they say “Our goal is to hire the best of the best”? End #H1B NOW

But Axxess told the Dallas Morning News: “Our goal is to hire the best of the best.”

Putting Axxess’s claim in the Dallas Morning News side-by-side with their H-1B labor condition applications gives two alternatives. If we take Axxess’s word that the workers represented on the LCA are the “best of the best” then the company deviated from the truth on their submissions to the government. If Axxess told the truth on the LCAs that these are workers whose skill is not sufficient to command the average wage, then it told a whopper to the Dallas Morning News about their H-1B hiring.

Either way Axxess makes out like a bandit by using H-1B to hire foreign workers on the cheap.

Axxess whined to the Dallas Morning news that:

[T]he company posted jobs on its website and job boards and reached out to Texas universities but struggled to find enough candidates with needed skills, like fluency in advanced programming languages.

Duh! When your company is looking for “advanced” skills but pays substantially less than average ($21,000 a year), of course you are going to struggle to find people.

The Dallas Morning News needed to include companies like Axxess among those that use H-1B for cheap labor.

It’s surprising that you would have a person serving on your Board of Directions that has laid off more than 500 skilled and talented IT workers.

Our silence enables this…

To World Business Chicago,
As I was reading through your introduction of “Who We ARE” it says that World Business Chicago is a public-private, non-profit partnership that drives inclusive economic growth and job creation, supports business, and promotes Chicago as a leading global city. Those attributes mentioned, specifically dealing with job growth and promotion, are the backbones for promoting job growth and economic vitality for a city and its residents. Creating well-paying jobs gives rise to a thriving middle-class and helps to maintain a stable tax base not only for the city of Chicago, but for the entire state.
I was very disheartened when I reviewed your Board of Directors. I saw that Paula Steiner is a board member. It’s surprising that you would have a person serving on your Board of Directions that has laid off more than 500 skilled and talented IT workers. Layoffs are never an easy thing to deal with. However, not only were these workers laid off but Paula Steiner made the decision to replace these hard working and skilled American workers with H1B visa workers from an India based outsourcing contractor.
The caliber of those American workers laid off should not be questioned. Its Paula Steiner’s decision that needs to be questioned. CEO Paula Steiner said, “As full-time retiring baby boomers move on to their next chapter, the makeup of our organization will consist more of young and non-traditional workers, such as part-time workers or contractors.” What was she actually saying here? All of a sudden 500 workers decide that they will retire. Her words are a mockery to your organizations mission statement of “Who We Are” and are a true meaning of hypocrisy.
When you replace those American workers with H1Bs, those jobs are not coming back. The H1B worker is hired at a much lower salary than the American worker let go. In the long run, the median salary in the IT profession decreases along with potential jobs. More often than not –the American worker will have to train their foreign replacement before being let go. And what about the well- being of those laid off American workers? What is the ripple effect of those workers lost salaries to the community? I would be very interested to hear what Paula Steiner has to say regarding that question.
Your organization was created to foster job growth. By having Paula Steiner on your board goes against what your purpose of being is all about. She has become a Poster Child for layoffs and off shoring good paying American jobs.
Respectfully yours,
Craig Diangelo