Why do I want to become a computer programmer?

So true.

Everybody I used to know who worked in technology seems to have been out of work for a half decade or more.

Meanwhile, back in Washington DC, the backers of the Green Card movement say that we are the reason we can’t find work.


This kind of smart Singaporean reform could help reverse the much decried-trend of fewer American women being employed as coders. My wife’s friend A made a lot of money as a programmer for 20 years, although the work environment kept getting more hostile as her employer used H-1B visas to bring in more sexist Pakistani men. Finally she got laid off and it took her half a decade to find a new job.

Young American women look at these kind of stories they hear from their aunts and ask themselves: “Why do I want to become a computer programmer?”

Of course, you can’t publicly mention H-1B in explaining the decline in the number of American women going into coding over the last several decades. You have blame “brogrammers” like Haven Monahan.



Attention on Deck

When a man does the right thing by our troops, we should draw attention to it.


Trump travels to Dover Air Force base for dignified transfer, 1st military casualty of presidency

President Trump traveled Wednesday to Dover Air Force Base for the arrival of remains of a U.S. commando killed in a weekend raid in Yemen, the first military casualty since Mr. Trump became commander in chief.

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Shalabh ‘Shalli’, Kumar, America has many skilled tech workers that need work which is why you are wrong.

WASHINGTON: The Trump administration has no plans to come out with an executive order on H-1B visas, a prominent Indian-American donor and supporter of the US President claimed today, contradicting media reports that have generated anxiety in India.

“There will be a need of more H-1B visas. The number of people on H-1B from India is certainly going to increase,” Chicago-based Shalabh ‘Shalli’, Kumar and head of the Republican Hindu Coalition, told reporters at a news conference. <b .. <br=””>