Want to know why your days as an American computer programmer in America are numbered?

What follows is a response I put together to a question on a computerworld facebook page.

folks, we are all analysts – some of the best that america has to offer – lets look at why – there are 4,005,250 computer and mathematical jobs in america – from 1990 to 2015 we issued 2,756,469 H-1B visas, NOT applications filed and anybody that thinks the majority have not applied for a green card, well Paul has a bridge with an ocean view in dallas texas that he can sell you – 65% of these go for IT jobs based on everything I have seen since 2007 – This means that as of 2015 one million 791 thousand 705 of the computer jobs are held by non-immigrant guest workers waiting on their green cards which is why the line is decades out from what Kumar has told me – this means that there are 2 million 213 thousand 545 american citizens holding those computer jobs – each and every one of them think that their skills are the best just as I did, and just as you do and that is why they will NEVER be forced out – Until they are forced out. – Using these figures we find that 55% of all computer and mathematical jobs in America are held by Americans – Now that we know this, the question becomes how do we format this in a video that they will understand that will make them realize their head is on the chopping block and make them realize that all of us need to band together, AND more importantly, how do we fund that? The answer quite simply is to multiply 20 dollars by 2,213,545 – we still have the numbers to make it happen, but we have to step up to the plate to make it happen


The question was:

One would think I.T. would be a no brainer for unionizing, but not the case.

I know you think it will never happen to you.

We didn’t either.


the worst part is the foreign workers brought in under H-1B are often worse at their jobs than workers who could have been hired locally.

I’ve written quite a bit about H-1B abuse and don’t want to have to repeat all that so here are links to my old columns about it no particular order. The short version is high tech employers say there is a shortage of good technical workers so they want to hire from abroad. The truth is that there really isn’t such a labor shortage, it’s all a scam on the part of employers to keep wages and benefits down (there’s a shortage of cheap labor, not labor at a fair price) and the worst part is the foreign workers brought in under H-1B are often worse at their jobs than workers who could have been hired locally. The whole program is a disgrace and Trump was smart to go against it.

But when Trump’s H-1B Order is finally announced, it is doubtful that the information in my last paragraph will be part of the story because much of the press has bought into the company line that there’s a national tech labor shortage. Last week, for example, I heard a Bloomberg News reporter say on TV, “we all know there’s a terrible shortage of technical workers in this country.”

Actually “we all” don’t know that, yet if the idea is laid-down without question or qualification in the lead of a Bloomberg TV story, then that means an Executive Order targeting H-1B abuse is likely to be seen in the wrong light, too. If it seems to be opposing free immigration (being protectionist) then the same people who are (probably rightly) criticizing the current seven country travel ban are likely to see this next Order as doing essentially the same thing. But this time they’ll be wrong and it is important for us to know that.