If current trends continue, people are going to rise up well before the machines do.

A little food for thought.

McAfee pointed to newly collected data that shows a sharp decline in middle class job creation since the 1980s. Now, most new jobs are either at the very low end of the pay scale or the very high end. He also argued that these trends are reversible, that improved education and a greater emphasis on entrepreneurship and research can help feed new engines of growth, that economies have overcome the rise of new technologies before. But after his talk, in the hallways at Asilomar, so many of the researchers warned him that the coming revolution in AI would eliminate far more jobs far more quickly than he expected.

Indeed, the rise of driverless cars and trucks is just a start. New AI techniques are poised to reinvent everything from manufacturing to healthcare to Wall Street. In other words, it’s not just blue-collar jobs that AI endangers. “Several of the rock stars in this field came up to me and said: ‘I think you’re low-balling this one. I think you are underestimating the rate of change,’” McAfee says.

That threat has many thinkers entertaining the idea of a universal basic income, a guaranteed living wage paid by the government to anyone left out of the workforce. But McAfee believes this would only make the problem worse, because it would eliminate the incentive for entrepreneurship and other activity that could create new jobs as the old ones fade away. Others question the psychological effects of the idea. “A universal basic income doesn’t give people dignity or protect them from boredom and vice,” Etzioni says.



The law permits companies to lay off their own employees in favor of foreign workers doing the work in the states or overseas.

The long story short, there are many staffing agencies, that recruit foreign students from third world countries such as India with absolutely no work experience. They are told to create fake resumes with 7 to 10 years experience and then staffing agencies teach them how to effectively lie in order to deceive recruiters and be hired by American corporations. Meanwhile  American students who have earned legitimate  college degree remain unemployed. Another point worth mentioning is, even the foreign students not willing to commit fraud also remain unemployed in the US. American citizens have no chance of interviewing for these positions since there isn’t fair competition in the market and also they don’t get hired by those staffing agencies. The other issue is foreigners and professionals with lower but with credible work experience most likely will remain unemployed too. When I am speaking about fake or unreal, Let me explain in more detail. It is my guess there are approximately 300 staffing agencies, that train fresh foreign graduates for 4 to 6 weeks for jobs like business analyst or quality assurance, they are then sent to companies like Wells Fargo, Chase, Molina Healthcare, BCBS, United Healthcare and other huge American companies with a pay rate of  approximately $50.00 to $100.00 per hour but the students get paid between $25.00 to $35.00 per hour. The revenue from these Indian agencies exceeds 30 million dollar per year. Imagine the feeling of those Americans or foreigners who work hard to establish legitimate businesses. If the US government were to investigate the IT contractors of some of these American corporations mentioned above, they would find that almost all of the contractors have entered with falsified credentials and counterfeited immigration documents because these agencies introduce them as Green Card holders or US Citizen. The resume of those students include about 7 to 10 years of false experiences with projects in the very well-known companies while they just graduated and they are 21 to 28. Now the new America is not about the hard work and honesty, it is about who is telling the best lies and the system rewards them for it.  This is unfortunate that even if Americans enter the IT industry they have to work hard for 5 years to be in the same position that the foreign students get in less than one month.