Praveen Sinha, I didn’t hear you cry for me when I was forced out of the technology industry, yet you cry for yourself?

“Before Trump, I think everyone was so focused on their own struggles, their own story, they didn’t really realize how connected we all are,” said Praveen Sinha, 39, a software engineer at Equality Labs. “This is about all of us now. This is about the Bay Area and who we are.”


We told our kids for years to go to school and get jobs in tech, and now there’s nothing for them because of the #H1B scam.

At PG&E, the IT workers training their replacements are thinking of backup plans of their own.

They will be out of jobs in the next few months.

Basically, all of these corporate executives climbed the ladder of opportunity with the help of those that came before them and now that they have “made” it, they are destroying the ladder.

Reid Hoffman, and Win The Future will lose because they Force American Citizens out of the workforce and middle class

Reid, you and Todd really need to think about that.

You offer America nothing except poverty and you want us to support your goals?

Schulte says Trump’s threats to immigrants have galvanized more people to engage with the organization than ever before. Mobilizing people across the country to voice their concerns about U.S. immigration policy is a key focus for the organization. “We want legislators to hear about this on a regular basis,” he says. “Are we disappointed that we haven’t yet passed immigration reform? Absolutely. Are we optimistic that in the years to come we’re going to be able to do that? Absolutely. The reason for that is the American people are on our side on this issue.”

But with a GOP-controlled White House and Congress unlikely to be moved by pleas for mass legalization, Silicon Valley will have to adopt new tactics besides traditional federal lobbying. Hoffman and other tech leaders are reportedly planning to launch a new political organization tentatively called Win the Future, which will establish a platform to connect activists and help them crowdfund money for specific candidates and causes. already has its own activist network, which extends to nine local chapters and has engaged more than 600,000 people to voice support for immigration reform. And states and cities are currently steeling themselves against Trump’s immigrant crackdown in various ways. California, for example, has introduced legislation that would provide legal services to undocumented immigrants, while cities around the country are declaring themselves “sanctuaries” where immigrants won’t be deported. “The federal government sets overall immigration policy, but even within that general construct, states and localities have a lot to say and can seriously influence the direction of immigration policy,” Gulasekaram says. “If you’re looking for actual legislative policy gains, I think that’s the place where you’re more likely to get them.”

One determined man can easily undo what you are doing because it is the people of America that you are destroying which puts you on the wrong side of right & wrong.


So Attorney General Sessions and President Trump will do nothing for those software developers who are long term unemployed because of the #H1B?

As you see below, the Indian press already understands the POTENTIAL significance of Attorney General Jeff Sessions. We need his help — and he needs ours, with specific cases that fit the OSC’s mission. The Department of Justice has told us the law is on our side; we have the Attorney General on our side — so now it’s up to us to find and file complaints: US citizens (or legal permanent residents) who have lost their jobs to H-1B contractors WITHIN 6 MONTHS.

Attorney General Sessions, why have you and President Trump not talked to the long term displaced Americans like myself.

What is being proposed here will do NOTHING for the American people and will simply shift the displacement from H-1B to Green Card Holders.

Either way, Americans lose, and the last time I looked, this is the United States of America, NOT the H-1B Capital or the Green Card Capital that these two folks have worked to create here in America.

for those who have not seen this video, watch the suit with 3 cups in the middle of the video to see what is really happening

Is it time to publicly hang corporate executives for Treason for destroying the future of American workers?

I ask that question in all seriousness.

We look to our leaders, whether they be in government, academia, non profits or business for leadership that will help America be the best damn country in the world.

And they do this to the people of America.

UC systems is firing Americans and hiring foreigners, to do the jobs American can do.  Disney has done this, now PG&E has been caught using the H-1B visa scam to fire Americans and hirer cheap foreign labor—by lying on the application that this is work no American can do.  Hopefully, Trump will put a moratorium on the fraud—or have the Department of Justice file criminal indictments against the big corporations killing American jobs.

“PG&E workers are training their replacements, some of whom are here in the U.S. on H-1B work visas. Hertzog says the jobs are related to older IT applications that PG&E wants to phase out. The H-1B workers are going to learn the ropes for the IT jobs and then send those tasks to workers in India who are far cheaper.

“It’s knowledge transfer,” said Paul Almeida, president of the AFL-CIO’s Department for Professional Employees, and a critic of the practice. “They’re just transferring the knowledge of the business to these foreign countries through these outsourcing firms.”