It’s surprising that you would have a person serving on your Board of Directions that has laid off more than 500 skilled and talented IT workers.

Our silence enables this…

To World Business Chicago,
As I was reading through your introduction of “Who We ARE” it says that World Business Chicago is a public-private, non-profit partnership that drives inclusive economic growth and job creation, supports business, and promotes Chicago as a leading global city. Those attributes mentioned, specifically dealing with job growth and promotion, are the backbones for promoting job growth and economic vitality for a city and its residents. Creating well-paying jobs gives rise to a thriving middle-class and helps to maintain a stable tax base not only for the city of Chicago, but for the entire state.
I was very disheartened when I reviewed your Board of Directors. I saw that Paula Steiner is a board member. It’s surprising that you would have a person serving on your Board of Directions that has laid off more than 500 skilled and talented IT workers. Layoffs are never an easy thing to deal with. However, not only were these workers laid off but Paula Steiner made the decision to replace these hard working and skilled American workers with H1B visa workers from an India based outsourcing contractor.
The caliber of those American workers laid off should not be questioned. Its Paula Steiner’s decision that needs to be questioned. CEO Paula Steiner said, “As full-time retiring baby boomers move on to their next chapter, the makeup of our organization will consist more of young and non-traditional workers, such as part-time workers or contractors.” What was she actually saying here? All of a sudden 500 workers decide that they will retire. Her words are a mockery to your organizations mission statement of “Who We Are” and are a true meaning of hypocrisy.
When you replace those American workers with H1Bs, those jobs are not coming back. The H1B worker is hired at a much lower salary than the American worker let go. In the long run, the median salary in the IT profession decreases along with potential jobs. More often than not –the American worker will have to train their foreign replacement before being let go. And what about the well- being of those laid off American workers? What is the ripple effect of those workers lost salaries to the community? I would be very interested to hear what Paula Steiner has to say regarding that question.
Your organization was created to foster job growth. By having Paula Steiner on your board goes against what your purpose of being is all about. She has become a Poster Child for layoffs and off shoring good paying American jobs.
Respectfully yours,
Craig Diangelo


Zuckerberg, you and are doing one hell of a job spreading prosperity and increasing poverty, aren’t you?

“Today, I want to focus on the most important question of all: are we building the world we all want?” Zuckerberg wrote. “Our greatest opportunities are now global — like spreading prosperity and freedom, promoting peace and understanding, lifting people out of poverty, and accelerating science. Our greatest challenges also need global responses — like ending terrorism, fighting climate change, and preventing pandemics.”

How many American lives have you personally shattered by actively working to replace them with H-1B non-immigrant guest workers and Illegal immigrants?

That is what I will remember you for.