Is Axxess Technology Solutions lying to Uncle Sam when they say “Our goal is to hire the best of the best”? End #H1B NOW

But Axxess told the Dallas Morning News: “Our goal is to hire the best of the best.”

Putting Axxess’s claim in the Dallas Morning News side-by-side with their H-1B labor condition applications gives two alternatives. If we take Axxess’s word that the workers represented on the LCA are the “best of the best” then the company deviated from the truth on their submissions to the government. If Axxess told the truth on the LCAs that these are workers whose skill is not sufficient to command the average wage, then it told a whopper to the Dallas Morning News about their H-1B hiring.

Either way Axxess makes out like a bandit by using H-1B to hire foreign workers on the cheap.

Axxess whined to the Dallas Morning news that:

[T]he company posted jobs on its website and job boards and reached out to Texas universities but struggled to find enough candidates with needed skills, like fluency in advanced programming languages.

Duh! When your company is looking for “advanced” skills but pays substantially less than average ($21,000 a year), of course you are going to struggle to find people.

The Dallas Morning News needed to include companies like Axxess among those that use H-1B for cheap labor.