You cannot say you need more talent with a straight face when you actively suppress, ignore, and reject talented and capable individuals like Fowler and her colleagues.

A blog by Susan Fowler, a female engineer who spent a year at the ride-sharing app Uber, has caused a certain amount of fuss with its revelations of sexual harassment and discrimination. The outrage would probably have been greater, though, had the technology sector – which so often presents itself as the progressive, acceptable face of capitalism – not already been suffering from a poor reputation in this area. Widely reported research shows that, while Uber’s proportion of women in technical roles is at 15.1% pretty low, it is not markedly out of kilter with the numbers elsewhere in the technology sector.

In recent days, the industry has been at the forefront of criticisms of the immigration policies of the Trump Administration. This is all very commendable, but, as an article in Inc magazine points out: “The tech industry cannot go to Washington, beg Congress for open borders and more H-1b visas, and argue that there is not enough talent in America capable of building its machines and writing its codes when you have environments like the one that Fowler dealt with at Uber. You cannot say you need more talent with a straight face when you actively suppress, ignore, and reject talented and capable individuals like Fowler and her colleagues.”

I only need a half million bucks to kick corporate America in the balls, if it saves your job, would you help?

they won’t listen to me, but here is how I would do it.

In each of these cities, I would place a ad, full page preferrably.
I would state that your data (insert company name here) and its security is being violated by the corporate executives.
I would also post a list of the workers being imported in each specific city.
Enter (enter company name here) in that box and you will only see 4 h-1b visas being imported, which tells me that they are going through a contractor, so you would need to enter the contractor name in that box.
What I can’t get folks to realize is, the jobs being replaced only hold 42,034,730 of the working population.
93,093,580 of the working population are oblivious to what is happening.
Which means you need to wake them up and help them realize that it is THEIR data, and eventually THEIR jobs that are going to be taken
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Figure 5,000 bucks times 100 cities for one wake up call.
That is only 1/2 million bucks.
Pocket change in the overall scheme of things and it would send the tech industry, and all corporations in America a very large peer pressure wake up call.
Feel free to share.
This is how I would do it.
They will not listen to me so it doesn’t get done.

Mike Rogoway , perhaps you and the Oregonian should do a little homework first?

Overall, H-1B visa holders represent a tiny share of the American work force: They’re capped by law at 85,000 per year, with recipients chosen by lottery. Fewer than 40 percent of applicants actually receive visas.

It is the cumulative effect of all years that has taken its toll on the American Software Developers.

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As for the total of H-1B visas issued, it is awful close to 3 million now and since 65% go for software jobs, and there are only 4 million software jobs, it is a very massive number.

To understand what is happening, perhaps we should let the software developers themselves tell that story?


Once again, Trumps lying media tells only part of the story about the victim, but nothing about what caused the problem.

I have been forced into begging for entry level jobs because of the H-1B scam.

I am NOT the only one.

Yet you will not find the media telling our story.

So the story grows worse for both the non-immigrant guest workers and the American citizens that America has turned its back on.

Purinton is a Navy veteran and former air traffic controller, and Berthelsen, a 57-year-old contractor, said his neighbor did IT work in the past. But over the past year, Purinton worked at liquor and hardware stores and washed dishes at a pizza parlor, Berthelsen said.

I still remember when I went in the Navy.

I didn’t like the structure, but it helped me to achieve the skills I have today.

I’m sure the same happened for this guy.

Remember when Reagan fired more than 11,000 Air Traffic Controllers?

Was this guy one of them?

I ask because at that point Reagan made it impossible for him to find good paying work, and probably cost him his pension.

So it appears that he pulled himself up by his boot straps and became an IT worker.

Well, all of us, including Kevin Flanagan can tell you what that will do to your future now that our government has made a policy out of selling H-1B Hunting Licenses for companies to use non-immigrant guest workers as the ammunition to destroy our future.

On May 13, The Contra Costa Times reported on an event that should trouble us all—the suicide of Kevin Flanagan, 41. (“Job losses sap morale of workers,” by Ellen Lee – Kevin was not a drug addict, a convict, or a ne`er-do-well; he was a trained computer programmer with years of experience whose job was sent overseas. The Contra Costa Times story reports that “led by the information-technology industry, 3.3 million service jobs and $136 billion in wages will move from the United States to such countries as India and Russia over the next decade or so.”

At the same time, the federal government is cooperating with hugely-profitable computer companies to relax H-1b visa restrictions, so thousands more programmers from India, Pakistan, and other impoverished countries can pour into the U.S.—to compete with American programmers like Kevin. In 2002, Nobel Prize-winning economist Milton Friedman characterized H-1B visas as a “government subsidy program.”

A month ago, Kevin Flanagan found out that he`d be losing his job at the Bank of America`s Concord Technology Center. That same day, he took his life—in the parking lot of his former employer.

It wasn`t that Flanagan was surprised to lose his job—he`d seen it coming for months, as his father told the paper. Flanagan had watched as veteran co-workers were forced to train newcomers from India—then fired and replaced by the immigrants. One former employee told the CC Times that employees at Concord feel like they`re “on death row. Every day you think, `Is this the day I`m gone?` he said.”

I understand what both of these folks are going through because I’m there myself.

There is nobody willing to help us with work that will allow us to work our way back up the ladder.

Hell, there are no higher jobs to work too as technology is the best job in America and it is now closed to us by the door of Greed.

Meanwhile, to put another nail in our coffin, the green card advocates want to import even more non-immigrant guest workers and laugh at us because we are not willing to compete when we explain to them that we are not allowed to compete because of caste, age discrimination and outright discrimination by our companies.

Leaving us with nowhere to turn and begging for entry level work.

So yes, I understand this guys pain.

As an example, I desperately need work that will allow me to put a roof over my head as you can see by this article.

But there are no jobs to be held, and I’m forced to file age discrimination complaints against the Department of Veterans Affairs simply for my right to live.

Yet I do not hear Trump’s Lying Media even discussing these things.