As of now, NASSCOM has zero credibility with Keep America At Work

What about the notion there that the Indian IT industry is taking away jobs from qualified Americans?

That’s an issue we’ve addressed and there our position is that all the data clearly points to the fact that there is a substantial shortage of skilled workers in the US; by skilled, I mean technically qualified in the STEM area. The estimates are that by 2018, the number of unfilled STEM related jobs would touch 2.4 million in America, of which at least half are computer and IT related. So, over a million unfilled jobs because of lack of qualified people available in the country — that’s one data point and its US government data.

The unemployment percentage, if you take computer and IT-related people, is around 2%, and all experts reckon that anything below 4% indicates a shortage. (Editor’s note: the US Federal Reserve estimates the long run natural rate of unemployment at between 4.5% and 6%.)

All I have to do is look at what I have been through and listen to the stories of the others found on this next link to realize that this is nothing but propaganda.