Companies use the high tech worker from mostly India as low cost labor -at the expense of American workers.

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I have worked in high tech for over 20 years and the H1B visa program is a disgrace to the American worker. Companies use the high tech worker from mostly India as low cost labor -at the expense of American workers. I disagree with Donald Trump on most issues, but on this one he got it right. I am glad he stop the fast track visas and the program needs to be abolished or used for it original intent – to supply critical needs. America workers have been hurt big time. Young kids coming out of college need opportunities to start and grow. i have seen it many times with many companies that the whole project team is from India. No American young grads on the project so they can gain valuable experience. What other country allows this to go on?

Personally, I have nothing against the Indian worker. They, like anyone else want to better their lot in life..but not at the expense of the American worker. Somebody has to fight for us!!! I am so sick of the false argument— we are letting all the brain power go out of the country. There are some smart people, however the majority of them are not. Have you seen the games many Indians play on the corporations. Such things as other people taking the interview for the person. Lying about there qualifations which you don’t fact check. They don’t know the job but they pay a person that does and call that person all day. They pay all kind of kickbacks to the recruiting companies and the guys that can get them in. They are playing us. If a smart one starts a successful company I hope he does so in India to build up their country. I saw on TV where there is a Temple that thousands people go to pray so they can get a visa to come and take a job from an American. I pray that their economy can support their own people.

Anyway I don’t want to hear all the bull that we need this http://program….it has to stop.

Who are the leaders in your community, business or organization?

I originally wrote this when I made the decision to run for the seat formerly held by Kay Bailey Hutchison and thought is was worth reviewing because of this video that I just created.

All of us have worked our way up the ladder of life for reasons of our own.

Perhaps we wanted a better life for our family.

Perhaps we wanted to simply make a difference.

Whatever the reason, you are where you are because you spent your time working to accomplish your goals.

And I hope that you have achieved those goals, and that they remain obtainable if you are still climbing that ladder of life.

But lately more and more of us have been questioning the direction that our country is going.

We look around us and see buildings that used to house thriving businesses sitting empty.

For those of us that still visit with our customers for our businesses or organizations on a face to face basis, we see people that are struggling.

And we realize that ultimately if our customers are struggling, so will we at some time in the future.

And this is unacceptable to the majority of us.

We see people rising up in frustration around the World, and here at home.

And we don’t understand it, because we have made it to where we are at by applying ourselves and working hard, so why don’t they?

Sometimes you have to actually have lived the life of the upper middle class and the life of the poor to understand what is happening.

I have lived that life and I’m not going to bore you with the details, but I do have an understanding that I’m willing to bring to the table if it will help you in your business or organization and I am willing to share it with you, if you would like.

After nine long years of researching and documenting my finds at Keep America At Work, I can unequivocally state that all of our problems can be summed up in these two statements.

The U.S.-based CEO of one of the world’s largest hedge funds told me that his firm’s investment committee often discusses the question of who wins and who loses in today’s economy. In a recent internal debate, he said, one of his senior colleagues had argued that the hollowing-out of the American middle class didn’t really matter. “His point was that if the transformation of the world economy lifts four people in China and India out of poverty and into the middle class, and meanwhile means one American drops out of the middle class, that’s not such a bad trade,” the CEO recalled.

And this one.

We have been seeing wage inflation over the past several months,’’ said Chris Ruffle, who helps manage $19 billion as China co-chairman of Martin Currie Ltd. Rising salaries may prompt businesses that operate plants in China to move to lower-cost countries such as Vietnam and Cambodia, Ruffle said.

There is an old saying of “A bird in hand is better than a bird in the bush”

In the latest GDP numbers, we find the following: (Third QTR 2011)

  • Personal consumption expenditures of $10,803.4 in Billions of Dollars or 60.39% of GDP
  • Gross private domestic investment of $1,918.1 in Billions of Dollars or 10.72% of GDP
  • Exports of Goods and Services of $2,116.9 in Billions of Dollars or 11.83% of GDP
  • Government consumption expenditures and gross investment of $3,049.8 in Billions of dollars or 17.05% of GDP

Now each of us considers ourselves to be a business person.

So tell me this.

If the American consumer accounts for 60.39 percent of our total income (GDP is consumption, but if somebody consumed it, somebody sold it), why are we chasing the customer that accounts for 11.83 percent of our income.

Sure there are billions of people in China and India, and I agree with that theory.

The question is, are we willing to bet the future of our children, our business or organization and everything that we have spent a life building to gamble on the fact that maybe these people will rise to the middle class and maybe they will buy what we buy when it means that we must destroy our own future and the future of our country, especially when we also are sending our work to the next country in a game of musical chairs when their wages become high enough that they are now in the middle class?

There is a saying that I found one day, and it goes like this.

I am only one, but still I am one.
I cannot do everything, but still I can do somethng, and that’s why I will do whatever needs done in order to empower as many like me as possible, to help change the world, and build a better tomorrow.

I am only one.

And I’ve worked my way up the ladder of life to the mid six figures level only to see it destroyed by somebody I have never met as described above.

Trust me, it is happening and this is why our people are revolting.

I have lived it, I understand it, and I can, and I am willing to work to restore the “Balance” that we as a country need, but I can’t do it from the outside looking in which is why I have decided that I am running for the Senate to fill the seat that Kay Bailey Hutchison is vacating.

I will work to restore this “Balance”.

But I need your help, your support, your advice and your donations because I am the underdog and I don’t stand a chance without you.
We can continue on the path we are on, or you can ask yourself the following questions and choose the path that your heart, and your conscience tells you is right for you.

  • What is the role of business in a free society?
  • What about successful businesspeople?
  • Do businesses have responsibilities to the public that go beyond the law?
  • What do they include?
  • What virtues does the practice of business instill?
  • What vices?
  • And what does it mean if the answers the general public gives to these questions diverge significantly from those given by the business elite?

I need your help.

If you agree, please forward this to your friends.

Together we can restore the prosperity that allowed us to get to where we are in life.

But it requires a balance between the Business communities need for Profit and the People’s right to a life that should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement regardless of social class or circumstances of birth.


Virgil Bierschwale
Bierschwale for Senate 2012
Keep America At Work

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