H-1B Situation: Omaha Nebraska

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A tip of the hat to our anonymous source out of Omaha, Nebraska.

From personal experience, I can tell you that when you list

1. INFOSYS, 2. SATYAM, 3. TATA (TCS) are all Indian contractors.
Their customers in the Omaha area, that I know of, are:
A. Union Pacific Corp (UPRR).
B. The Omaha World-Herald
C. ConAgra
D. Creighton University (institutional work, not research)
E. Gallup
F. First National Bank (to run their server farm side business)
G. Google (data farms in Council Bluffs)
H. MUD (publically owned Metropolitan Utilities District – residential and commercial natural gas).
I. Werner Enterprises (AKA Werner Trucking).
In most cases, the H-1Bs are “hidden away” in the back office.