Why does the Skilled Immigrants in America organization not speak up for Americans who have been displaced? @siia_us

Some high-skilled immigrants have entrepreneurial dreams to create a better future for themselves, their families, and the American families in the communities they live in and are a part of. And, then there are some high-skilled immigrants who want to pay it forward and help their communities and remote communities with access to proper healthcare. Such immigrants are truly the embodiment of the American spirit and values! Unfortunately no matter the noble cause or thoughts such high-skilled immigrants have, if you were born in India, you do not have access or pathways to realizing such dreams.

We extend our sincere gratitude to Dr. Tarun for coming forward with his story. His story represents the peril and issues well-qualified practicing immigrant physicians face in this country today. He, and thousands of physicians like him, are yet another casualty of a severely broken and antiquated immigration system that has put well-qualified, contributing immigrants into never ending green card backlogs just because they were born in India. Take a moment to listen to Dr. Tarun!

We hope this inspires you to do anything that you can to make your stories heard and make your friends, colleagues, and lawmakers aware about the issue of green card backlogs!

Don’t know where to get started? There are several ways:
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We write our federal and state agencies.

Yet none of them speak for the Displaced Americans in America.

Displaced because we have more population than we have jobs.

Displaced because we have watched as our jobs were sent to other countries.

Displaced because of a massive tidal wave of non-immigrant guest workers, illegal immigrants and even those born here through parents of these people.

Many of us have served our country in the Military.

Yet our own government prefers to hide behind employment numbers that do not count the long term unemployed.

And our media will tell the plight of these people, but not their own citizens.

Why is that?

These people helped me to understand what capitalism was doing to our World when it wasn’t controlled.

The Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights has suspended operations.

After some 30 years, the Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights (formerly National Labor Committee) is closing its doors.

Our small organization has played a key role in exposing working conditions and human rights violations suffered by workers producing for U.S. and European multinational companies.  We have accompanied and provided international visibility for workers in Central America, Bangladesh, Jordan, China and other developing countries as they organized and stood up for their rights.

Now there are others doing this work.  It is time for Charlie to retire.  After a lot of thought and careful assessment, our conclusion is that given the current political context it is time for us to let the Institute go.

We have had the honor of collaborating with unionists, people of faith, journalists, scholars, educators, students and everyday people from every corner of the U.S. and from all over the world.  We are so proud of the work these activists have done and so grateful to the incredible support—in the form of time, creativity and money—that the Institute’s work has received.

We closed our doors over the summer.  The last contributions that have come in have been used to help our staff and collaborators transition and to pay final bills.

We are sad to be leaving this work.  But so thankful to have been part of it.

Please keep supporting workers who are fighting for their rights!  Keep insisting that our companies assure the fundamental rights of workers who make our products.

Thank you so much for all you have done.

Charles Kernaghan,  Barbara Briggs


Richard Trumka President, AFL-CIO, until you fight Free Trade Agreements and the tidal wave of NON-Immigrant guest workers, you will NOT have my vote

As you say, we are being destroyed.

I myself have been through 14 years of hell where our union leaders, our federal government, and our state governments have done NOTHING except say that unemployment is less than 5%.

You want my vote?

You damn well better confer with me so that I can educate you as to what is happening to the American Worker.



Working people from across the country are gathering together to set our priorities for the next four years. I am honored to have been re-elected as president of the AFL-CIO. It is an honor to serve this movement, and I am proud to tell you we’re going to go forward toward a better day for all working people.

Take the pledge: Support working people’s freedom.

Now is not the time for business as usual. Working people are under attack like never before, and now is a time to be bold and visionary about our future.

This year, our convention theme is Join Together, Fight Together, Win Together. Working people with a collective voice—in unions—are the strongest force for lifting wages, improving jobs and writing economic rules to benefit the majority, not just the rich and powerful.

I truly believe when we roll up our sleeves and work together, there is nothing we can’t do.

Sign and share this pledge to support working people’s freedom.

In Solidarity,

Richard Trumka
President, AFL-CIO