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We’ve all heard the lies on tv and in the newspaper about how they can’t find qualified employees.

Problem is, we know we have the skills and can excel in the jobs that they need help with.

BUT, we aren’t being considered.

Is it age?

Is it a lack of a degree?

Is it because we are not on a non-immigrant guest worker visa?

We don’t know the answer.

BUT, we do know we have had enough and we will be silent no longer.

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How can he own a business when it is illegal for a H-1B to own a business?

Pastry chef David Piquard’s immigration troubles have been resolved temporarily — and possibly permanently.

Mr. Piquard, co-owner of Squirrel Hill pastry shop Gaby et Jules, which specializes in delicate and colorful French macarons, found out last month that his application for an immigrant visa had been denied. That decision could have meant that Mr. Piquard and his family would have had to leave the country in April.

Last week, however, he was granted an extension to his H1-B visa, meaning that he can stay in the U.S. until May 2019. During that time, Fred Rongier, owner of the East Liberty restaurant Paris 66, plans to sponsor him for a green card under a new legal strategy. Mr. Piquard, 43, is also chef de cuisine at Paris 66, where he worked full time before opening Gaby et Jules with Mr. Rongier.


Who is looking out for America?


I’ve heard people supporting skilled foreign immigrants, as big business’s right.

If it is their right, what responsibilities do they owe, anyone? Particularly Americans who suffer the consequences? Can large employers really trot the globe for the least expensive skilled labor they can find? Who is managing the cultural impact? Who is managing the macro impact of permanently lower wages? Who is looking out for America?


Here’s a related question … if these globalist corporations have no duty at all to US citizens vs. the rest of the world … are they really American entities? If they aren’t American entities with loyalty to America and Americans … why can they have so much influence over media … influence over elections … without concern? At this point in history, I’m a lot more concerned about the influence of Time Warner and Disney on elections than I am about the friggin’ Russians.

My Thoughts:

Minnesota, why do you not give the children of Minnesota the opportunity to be all that they could be?

They reported an average salary of $108,000 for these hires. More than 75 percent of the visas went to hires with advanced degrees. More than 80 other local employers used the program to hire anywhere from one to a dozen workers.

Minnesota employers, however, are not the biggest users of H-1Bs in the state. According to MyVisaJobs.com, a website that compiles data on a preliminary application that employers file, the top three applicants for Minnesota-based positions in 2016 were Indian IT outsourcing companies. The companies, which contract with unidentified U.S. employers to bring in H-1B workers, put in about 2,000 out of almost 10,000 applications and reported an average salary of $70,000. Corporations with a presence in the state, such as IBM, also outpaced Minnesota-based companies.

Some local employers, such as 3M and Medtronic, declined to comment. Others stressed that their H-1B hires are a tiny fraction of their workforce and bring in important talent.

At the University of Minnesota, with the second largest number of visas in 2016, the overwhelming majority are professors and researchers. More than 70 percent have doctorates. As many as 20 percent are U graduates.

“What we are doing and should be doing is looking for the best and brightest minds,” said Mark Schneider, the university’s associate director for employment-based visas.


After all, their minds will never know that they could not be the best if they are not given the opportunity to develop their skills.

By the way, you should be ashamed…!

Asif Shah, why do you not join with me to fight the reason that your immigration status is in limbo?

As you say, India has a huge pool of applicants that want to come in.

Many more than the total number of employed people in America, I would wager as we only have about 150 million people working.

Yet you want to bring in more when we are not creating enough jobs for the American citizens in America as a simple first grade math calculation will show.

So the American citizens are demanding that their government make it possible so that they can provide for their families.

By denying people like yourself who I believe should be allowed to immigrate legally.

This is wrong.

But to deny me the opportunity to be all that I can be is wrong as well.

So I fight you.

The question is, will you join with me to fight the real problem which is Free Trade Agreements sending our jobs to other countries and a massive tidal wave of non-immigrant guest workers…!



“India has a huge pool of applicants that come in,  but there are only a limited number of green cards that are issued every year for every country,” Asif Shah said. Indians in the H-1B status who were eligible for permanent residency in 2008 are just now being allowed to apply for permanent resident status.

None of the doctors can establish their own medical practice because they don’t have permanent resident status. Kanthala is board certified in geriatrics and expressed frustration that he could not open his own practice in Rome to put that training to use.

“I can start a practice, bring jobs,” Kanthala said. But it’s at that point where his immigration status slams on the brakes.

What about my dreams Frida Yu?

Rather, I’m frustrated, because I know I’m part of a pattern: America is losing many very skilled workers because of its anti-immigrant sentiment, and while this is a disappointing blow to me and my classmates, it will also be a blow to the United States’ competitiveness in the global economy. Tech giants such as Google and Tesla were founded by immigrants.

I can’t make sense of why an administration that claims to want this country to be strong would be so eager to get rid of us. We are losing our dreams, and America is losing the value we bring.

As I make plans to go back to China, I find myself wondering: If I am not qualified to stay in the United States, then who is?


If Americans like myself were able to pursue our dreams, there would not be any anti-immigrant sentiment.

BUT, we are not being given the opportunity to pursue our dreams because of an overwhelming tidal wave of non-immigrant guest workers.

Contrary to what the government says unemployment is, a simple look at the labor force participation rate, or first grade math where you divide the total nonfarm payroll numbers by the population for each year will rapidly show you that we have fewer people working now than we did in 2000.


Recent submission over at www.GuestWorkerTips.com

IBM hired my wife in India and send her to the client location in MN, USA via H1b visa. They made her sign an agreement that if she leaves she will have to serve 3 months notice or pay $10,000 to train her replacement. This ensure that she cannot apply to a different job because no company will wait for 3 months of notice period as the norm is generally two weeks.
Additionally, after working for the client for 3.5 years continuously, she requested to go back to India, IBM bosses said that they will not pay for her return trip and since the project is ongoing if she wants to go back she should pay for her return airfare to her home country.
This is unfair as my wife is not an immigrant but a non-immigrant who temporarily came to USA on assignment and company doesn’t want to pay for her return ticket.
As of the project, they have a long engagement with their client with multi year contracts and projects are 1-6 months in duration. This means that if she does not pay for her return fare, she will be in USA forever as long as IBM wants her without ever meeting her family in India. (New form of IT slavery).
One of her colleague in a similar situation resigned to go back to India and he had to pay for himself and his family return air ticket.
So, it is not just Indian outsourcing companies but American IT companies (giants like IBM) who are also abusing the H1b visa system.