This means motivating more American students to study science and engineering so they will want to pursue these careers

Washington, D.C. – The House of Representatives today unanimously cleared the STEM Education Act (H.R. 1020), a bipartisan bill introduced by Science, Space, and Technology Committee Lamar Smith (R-Texas). The bill strengthens ongoing science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education efforts at federal science agencies and ensures computer science is included in these efforts as a subject that builds on the traditional STEM subjects. The bill now heads to the president’s desk for signature and enactment.

Chairman Smith: “A well-educated and trained STEM workforce ensures our future economic prosperity. This means motivating more American students to study science and engineering so they will want to pursue these careers. A healthy STEM workforce that is literate in all STEM subjects, including computer science, is critical to America’s ability to create jobs and compete in the world. This important bipartisan legislation that will help prepare our students to thrive in a technology-based economy.”

Summary of Major Provisions in the STEM Education Act of 2015:

  • Expands existing federal grants and programs related to STEM education to include computer science education.
  • Supports competitive merit-reviewed grants for informal STEM education, which is learning outside of the classroom at places like museums, science centers, and afterschool programs.
  • Amends the National Science Foundation Noyce Master Teaching Fellowship program to allow teachers in pursuit of a master’s degree to apply for the grant and explicitly include computer science teachers. The STEM Education Act would allow more teachers the opportunity to compete for the grant, better reflecting the current reality facing our schools, especially in high-need areas.

Lamar Smith, this won’t do a damned thing if there are no jobs to prepare for, which there aren’t:

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You need to watch this video about Canada.

The same thing is happening to older, less credentialed STEM workers like myself and to our younger people as well.

Bottom line, if we do not leave them a future, we will leave them with debt that they cannot pay, which is wrong.

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They are totally unskilled, they ask you for a resume and they disappear immediately thereafter.

Amen to this one:

Here we go. It was not enough have to deal with completely unskilled recruiters. The new trend is letting Indians do recruiting. By Indians I don’t mean Native Americans, but Indians from India. I am sick of these Indian recruiters.

In my experience searching for a job, I had to deal with a plethora of so called recruiters. They are totally unskilled, they ask you for a resume and they disappear immediately thereafter. I call them keyword searchers. Yes they search for keywords on job boards and they find your resume. This is fine to sift through tons of resumes, but after that, you may think they start reading; think again, they are not able to read.

The new trend in this nightmare, is called Indian recruiters. Not really a scam, but close. They buy an American phone number (an easy task with VOIP), then they start bombing you with the most absurd jobs. I live in NC and they propose me crap such as a 3 month assignments in Oregon. Now, do they know a little about geography? Why a person not totally insane would move from NC to OR (probably more than 3,000 miles) for a shabby job?

Last call I received, I asked who eventually would pay for a face to face interview in Oregon. His answer was: the company will interview you only over the phone. Would you like to work for a company you never met one of their officials? Or your future boss? Are we insane here?

Besides their terrible accent (sometimes I don’t understand a word of what they are saying) why don’t they write me an email, so I can delete it immediately wasting only a second of  my time?

The proof they don’t read a resume, relies on what they search for. I give you an example; let say that your resume has, somewhere, that you have knowledge of Windows XP. A skill that probably 90% of people can claim (being an expert is another story). They will contact you for a position as Senior Windows Server administrator. Why? Because searching for keywords only, your resume pops up in their search.

Working in this way they waste time for the hiring company (assuming that the proposed job is not fake and I suspect 90% of those job does not exist), your own time and ultimately theirs (not that I care about them wasting their own time).

One of the best request I got was: “I saw your resume on xxxxxxx (a job board), would you be interested in this job? If yes, can you please send me your resume?” Now if they found my resume somewhere, why do they need my resume? It is like asking for my phone number during a phone call they placed to me. Pathetic, idiotic, stupid, moronic (I need a dictionary to find more appropriate adjectives).

One important thing. Never give out your resume to people less than serious. One big red flag is that they never tell you the name of the company they are recruiting for. What is that, secret services? You are not supposed to know the name of the company you will eventually work for? Talk of insanity. Second big red flag? Addresses and recruiting firm they put in their signature (when they write emails) are not existent or taken from a phone book, so are jobs they propose.

So, why do they need your resume? Something I can infer from my experience:

  • they collect resumes in order to reach their weekly quota. In a few discussion groups I had confirmation of my suspicion;
  • they are going to harass companies you worked for, in order to get some business; you better avoid that, if you want to use those companies as reference;
  • they might even try to steal your identity

I decided to publish on my blog some of their stupid requests, with name and all details provided by them. Emails don’t give them expectation of privacy, as my signature’s disclaimer says.

Recruiting is the new crooks’ frontier. Beware of recruiters, especially if from India!

– See more at:


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The comments say it all

The IT industry is breathing a sigh of relief with the US government allowing the law imposing a $2,000 tax on H-1B visas to lapse.

These comments are humorous.

This guy seems to think that Americans can’t do anything without India holding America’s hand.

All countries want India and other developing countries to open up the economy, no red tape and a simple tax structure but when it comes to them they do not practise what they preach.

Got news for you fellow.

We did quite well on our own before the H-1B program was implemented in 1990 and we’ll do damned well when we put Americans back to work by sending the Benedict Arnold’s that have betrayed their country to North Korea.

And this one thinks it is discrimination because we do not let India poach American jobs…

Thanks a Million for our Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s High Standing, Brilliant salesmanship, Rock Star Status in tjhe US, Many of the discriminatory walls against us iin the west will be coming down soon. Next to follow US will be Germany & UK

Sherman Potter would call it horse puckey.

Me, I just call it crap


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Foreign-born workers (anyone who is not a U.S. citizen at birth) gained an additional 14,000 jobs, while native-born workers lost 262,000 jobs, according to September BLS data.

Jobs for foreign-born workers increased in September, while jobs for workers born in the U.S. declined for the second month in a row, new data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows.

Foreign-born workers (anyone who is not a U.S. citizen at birth) gained an additional 14,000 jobs, while native-born workers lost 262,000 jobs, according to September BLS data. The number of working adults 16 and older fell by nearly 250,000.

The number of workers born in the U.S. holding jobs fell by nearly 700,000 in August, while the number of foreign-born holding jobs increased by more than 200,000.

Read more:

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The unemployment rate stands at 5.1 percent only because it includes not a single one of the millions of discouraged workers

The 5.1 percent reported unemployment rate is inconsistent with the collapse of the labor force participation rate and stands at 5.1 percent only because it includes not a single one of the millions of discouraged workers. The way BLS gets a low and comforting rate of unemployment is not to include most of the unemployed.

Where were the new jobs? If you can believe the numbers, despite the absence of retail sales growth, retail stores hired 23,700 new workers. Ambulatory health care services and hospitals hired 28,400, and 20,700 jobs were created for waitresses and bartenders. None of these jobs produce exportable goods and services.

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