There are Benedict Arnold’s in our United States Government and some are working for Rubio…


In a for-attribution interview with Ryan Lizza, two senior Rubio staffers expressed frustration that they couldn’t get even more foreign workers crammed into the bill for their boss.  They explained: “There are American workers who, for lack of a better term, can’t cut it.”

Rubio’s spokesman — now his campaign spokesman — also compared opponents of amnesty to slaveholders.  More on that here.

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Neither the GOP nor Microsoft has a paper trail to recount votes.

You might want to read this entire article as I found it interesting.

Who counted the votes?

“Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.” – Joseph Stalin

The GOP contracted with Microsoft to count Iowa votes with new Microsoft software. Microsoft is the second largest direct donor to Rubio.

Rubio is a lead sponsor of a bill called I-Squared, which triples the number of H-1B visas. Big technology firms like Microsoft and Oracle support I-Squared. In 2013, they backed Rubio’s “Gang of 8” immigration bill.

Oracle’s Larry Ellison hosted a fundraiser for Rubio’s campaign. Ellison also gave $3 million to the pro-Rubio super PAC.

Why did the GOP allow Rubio donor Microsoft count the votes?

I am a software professional. One year, I won the “People’s Choice Award” in a Microsoft and Computerworld “Windows World Open Custom Application Contest.”

There are general rules when you implement new software. One rule is to always keep your original method for doing calculations until you can test and certify new software.

Yet, the GOP discarded its old vote-counting methods when it let Microsoft count the votes. It’s a perfect crime. Neither the GOP nor Microsoft has a paper trail to recount votes.

Microsoft even miscalculated the 8 delegates for Cruz when it Cruz really got 7. (Software, by the way, has different methods to round numbers to an integer. Microsoft did not use its own software properly.)

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Day 29, 30, 31, and 32 and American Programmers are still scared of what is in the data that determines their future…

Until you face your fears and thoroughly understand what is in the data, more and more “Hunting Licenses” will be issued to take your job away from you even though you are an American in America.

There is nothing in the data to be scared of.

Perhaps if I show you the structure, you will quit cowering in your cubicle?


Click to zoom in
Click to zoom in

We simply want to expose the data.

Kind of like I did here:

Except Better..

It needs to be better than what these folks have done:

The numbers are collated and displayed by many websites used by foreign people looking for H-1B jobs, such the, and sites, and by critics.

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You’re only good for whatever you’ve done technicallly most recently.

And these managers wonder why their sales revenue is getting worse and worse.

What a sorry piece of crap.

In addition to HR today’s upper IT management is often drawn not from technical workers but from MBA management grads with little technical background.

I actually faced a situation recently where after a career of 30 years in IT I was asked to learn a technology platform entirely new to me when a co-worker who had been responsible for it suddenly resigned (due to stress from overwork). I was glad to do that; even enthusiastic. I was then expected to do his job AND my old job; soon they brought in a guest worker “resource” to replace him. The new “resource” didn’t know my job or my co-worker’s job so I had to train him from the ground up.

I wanted to move within the company to a job more appropriate to my long-term technical skills, but upper IT management said that the only job I would be allowed to do was the one I had inherited from my co-worker recently. Upper IT management said “You’re only good for whatever you’ve done technicallly most recently.” I noted that it had taken me only two weeks to learn my co-worker’s platform and that I only had about six months total with it. The upper IT manager shrugged as though, hey, that was the only position I should be doing from that point forward.

That is the kind of thing that experienced older workers are facing these days.

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When you have fewer employees, it is easy to state that 65% of your employees are now focused on new capabilities, isn’t it Disney?

Don’t be fooled by the Smoke and Mirrors of Disney.

Disney says its restructuring wasn’t about displacing workers, but was intended to shift more IT resources to projects involving innovation. That involves hiring many new people to fill new roles. Prior to the reorganization, 28% of Disney’s IT staff were in roles focused on new capabilities; after this reorganization, that figure was 65%, a source at Disney said.

When you have 100 employees working at Disney and 33 of them are focused on new capabilities, you have a 33% rate.

However when you lay off 50 employees, and you have 33 of them focused on new capabilities, you have a 66% rate.


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Trump is the only hope for Americans currently being replaced by foreign guest workers on the various visa programs such as H-1B

“Trump is the only hope for Americans currently being replaced by foreign guest workers on the various visa programs such as H-1B,” Leo Perrero, one of the Disney IT workers laid off and forced to train their foreign replacements, told TheDCNF.

Read more:


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Can you explain to me how a company that values cost savings above loyalty and hardworking men and women makes Alaska a hometown airline?

Valerie Long details how two employees recently stood up at meetings to remind the Seattle community about how loyal Alaska Airlines has been to their employees:

“At the shareholders meeting last week, former Alaska ramp worker Alex Hoopes told the airlines CEO Brad Tilden that “I used to have a middle-class job making $21 an hour working for this company. Today, I do the same work and I’m paid less than half of what I used to be paid. I struggled to make mortgage payments … to pay for groceries.” Hoopes went on to ask, “Can you explain to me how a company that values cost savings above loyalty and hardworking men and women makes Alaska a hometown airline?”

“When I started, the pay was minimum wage and after eight years. I am still making the minimum wage,” said Kasil Kapriel, a Huntleigh USA employee, in testimony before the Port of Portland Board of Commissioners. “Every day, I give all of my effort at work, but there is no path for getting the raises or benefits that we deserve. There is no such thing as a raise or promotion here at my job. I am a single mother and right now it is very tough for me to get by.”

“Alex Hoopes and his co-workers  are still waiting for that answer.”

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Where are the jobs at for American Citizens in America?

The red line shows the high point we were at in 2007 before this depression.

This first chart shows “Foreign Born”

As you can see, they are getting the jobs.

Click to zoom in
Click to zoom in

This second chart shows the Native Born American Citizen.

As you can see, we are at the same point we were at in 2007.

Click to zoom in
Click to zoom in

I think this is wrong, which is why I fight it here at Keep America At Work.

What do you think if you are an American citizen?


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