When you tell America that there are not enough qualified American workers

“I think Sen. Rubio is a liar,” Blackwell said:

When you tell America that there are not enough qualified American workers— whether you are Mark Zuckerberg, or [Disney CEO] Bob Iger, or Marco Rubio— when you say that there aren’t enough qualified Americans while hundreds of qualified Americans are being fired, and replaced by less qualified foreigners, that’s a straight lie. And I think Rubio lies. And the only motivation I can imagine he has to do so is the support he gets from his corporate donors.

Blackwell tells Breitbart that the Disney employees are filing complaints with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), which is a prerequisite to bringing forth a discrimination lawsuit. Blackwell explained that by terminating the Americans and forcing them to train their foreign replacements, the employees will make discrimination claims under the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.

The claims include discrimination based on national origin (the displaced workers were American/non-Indian, while their replacements were reportedly Indian nationals); race (most of the employees terminated were non-Indian, while their replacements were reportedly Indian nationals); age (most of the displaced workers were over the age of forty while most of the foreign replacements were under forty); and gender (some of the employees who were terminated were women while nearly all of the foreign worker replacements were men).

Blackwell says that getting the American workers the legal protections to which they are entitled to has been difficult given the top-down pressure to silence the displaced workers. “Most of the American workers that were terminated are afraid to come forward,” Blackwell said. “They’re afraid to speak, afraid to file a complaint. The tech industry is very unstable and they don’t want to be blacklisted, which does happen. Most of them are worried and scared to come forward.”


Folks, your silence ensures that it will happen again.

I suspect I can no longer buy an interview because of my work with KAAW.

Would I shut it down if I was offered a job that was contingent on me shutting it down?

Nope, hell no and NO…!

It is better to die poor and destitute with your head held high rather than cowering in a corner wondering when they will do it to you again.

Your silence ensures that it will be done to you again.

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Kumar on – Why do software engineers move to USA?

Why do software engineers move to USA? Because no labor laws in India and China and secondly for Dollars.



India in software and China in manufacturing are shining and are first choice for outsourcing because we both work and without any time or labor rules for pittance. With 8 hr duty time and all protection, the software engineer of USA are just not in a market to work for 16/18 hrs a day and do a project in one month which IBM will do in three months. Similarly, China had almost tied up labor who stay in shanties and slog from 8-6pm again like our software engineers, and unlike West where 32 hrs a week is taken as maximum. The Indian and Chinese cos are working without any rules or protection and are willingly working and taking pride about how long we work and are thrilled in converting dollars to rupees and take pride in how much we are earning. The same workaholic culture is there even in Indian today. Within a month, my son is working from 9am to 1130 am and within two three months he will start comparing his salary in rupees to what u all are making in USA and feel he is wasting time and slogging for peanuts here.! That is the root cause why you all have gone. Today, if an Indian Co really makes its engineer work only 32/35 hrs a week and pay all allowances and perks on par with Americans, then it won’t survive. Why do u think American cos are outsourcing to us? Because they feel they can get it done cheaper than employ their people and comply with their laws. We are not snatching their jobs. Get rid of that idea. Except the really good at top or designing, the rest are not employable at their expected salaries and so the American cos would rather hire Indians for intermediate assembly line like jobs. The social protection and packages are making them unfit to survive and the only way is to reduce costs by shifting abroad to manufacture or get Indians to work. You need not have unnecessary sympathies or misplaced anger against Indian cos as if the Indian cos are all are out to cheat good and innocent American cos. They are not innocent. It’s a game everyone is playing and the Indian cos are fighting to survive by only cutting costs and promising to deliver more and more in less and less time and in less and less cost. When it crosses a limit, the Infosys will not do anymore at that price as it’s costs are more.. Then an Infotech will do. Then after some more time it will also be not able to do at that lower price and quit. Then the project will go to another fellow in Vizag or Bhubaneswar (  town and so lower cost) and will agree to do at a lesser come. When Indian cos throw up hands, a Vietnamese Co or in 5 yrs tine after learning English, a Chinese Co will do the same at even less price. Why I am writing and telling u so much is u give up your obsession with futile things. work quietly, make your packet and come back or y also become an entrepreneur. Use your contacts to start a Co or become a consultant.

This is misunderstanding but you can check out with experts there who are in the line directly and know first hand.



Yep, the proverbial “Race to the bottom”

We don’t care if you have to lock them up and beat them with a whip to make them work 24 hrs per day just as long as we can get our money.

Feel free to tell your uncle that he is part of the problem rather than part of the solution.

As for poaching our jobs, yes he is wrong.

India would not get those jobs if they were forced to play by the same rules we are, and in time, India will be forced to play by those rules, are they will be forced out of the game.

But I will agree with him on one hand.

Right now, the deck is stacked against Americans and you guys are sent to the head of the line.

If all you wanted to do was make a fortune, you could use your contacts and they would probably give you plenty of business tomorrow to buy your silence


You are correct then America lost 20 million Jobless and homeless in the process a day they will revolt kill all Indians here.
AMERICA MEANS poaching and ditching their jobs, no talent required
We are sitting on volcano one day for sure it will burst.

Yesterday a friend invited me to a week end party and insulted me for writing truth on facebook and speaking in videos. He told he received warnings from Indian Incs in Edison where he is partner or friends with them for training and placements. He wants to pass my number to them to receive warnings directly.

I have already said, people with Green Card speak rubbish.

I have already said, do not watch if you do not like it, those criminals only commenting me badly.

If you are honest and doing right things, why do you need to irritate when watch my videos?

You do not need to answer to me, you can answer to yourself enough.

Life is NOT money but money is needed.



If you have family that can help you to get to work, that is good.

I never told you this, but I have family that have a lot of money (my grandmothers sister, so not close)

When I asked them for help their reply was I should get a job <grin>




There are good and bad people everywhere in every sphere. You came across a bad set. Every one in USA goes through these agents. Some get good people and also get rid of them quickly and are that way lucky. My nephews  all went through the same route. You got stuck with a lousy fellow and by staying on with him and not attempting to switch after first year, you got tied up with him and as time passes, it became more and more difficult to switch because green card processing is began. At that stage, I feel, he took you for granted and you became a captive slave for your employer. He was sure you will not go. I realize that perhaps in your line, the employer should never be sure that you will stay with him only. Only when he is not sure, perhaps, he tries to keep you with better offers and takes care. Once he is sure, he doesn’t bother and spends his care on others where he is not sure so being sincere and open with him is your loss. The jungle law is always that– always the straight tree is cut first rather than a crooked tree!#


Thanks for reading this.

Kumar 11/25/2015.

New York.


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Why I can’t support those in Washington DC that supposedly have my back

I hear it all the time.

Somebody will stand up and say “I speak for those that can’t be here” and after the photo opportunity is over, they go hide and count the money that they got for saying that leaving us Displaced Americans with nobody in Washington, DC to speak for us or even watch our back.

I’ll focus here on the bill’s provision in Section 104 that would give visa priority to foreign students earning advanced degrees (this means primarily Master’s degrees in practice) in STEM at U.S. colleges and universities. David and I couldn’t disagree more with each other on this issue; I’ve described it as the worst part of the bill, while he regards it as a big plus. (The old programming joke, “Is it a bug or a feature?” applies. :-) ) David writes,

The motivation for the proposed distribution scheme [in Section 104 of the bill] is to encourage the payment of higher rather than lower wages…

while I wrote,

I was stunned by a feature in the new bill that prioritizes the doling out of visas. Actually, I have endorsed proposals made by others to prioritize in the order of offered salary, but this new bill doesn’t do that. Instead, it places foreign students as top priority — a blatant gift to the Intels. Workers who really do have a high salary offer (defined as the top of the 4 levels in the current prevailing wage system) would only get second priority. This makes no sense at all, especially in light of documented evidence that the foreign students are of lower average quality than the Americans. Presumably this was a move to make the bill palatable to the industry, but it’s just wrong.

Here I believe that David (of all people) has succumbed to the industry PR machine to portray the foreign students as all being genius grads of MIT. A small percentage are indeed of that caliber, and I’ve often publicly called for measures to facilitate their immigration. But most of the foreign students are not of that quality at all, and in fact are much more typically from, say California State University, East Bay (formerly Cal State Hayward), an example worth expanding upon.

Some of you may remember that CSUH achieved notoriety when its administration decreed that, due to budget problems, the only admissions for graduate programs in the coming semester would be non-residents, technically including non-California Americans but mainly consisting of foreign students. For example, 90% of the graduate computer science students were foreign.

There are some truly excellent students at any school, but CSUH is certainly no MIT. It’s very easy to get into their program (if you’re a foreign student). A courageous CSUH biology professor, Maria Nieto, spoke out:

A number of my colleagues from different departments around our campus have chimed in that the increase of acceptance of foreign students into graduate programs has actually decreased the quality of the students that they are actually seeing in the classroom. We’re taking a lot of students for example that are not prepared, because they can pay. And I really worry about this.

So, NO, the Durbin-Grassley bill is NOT targeting the MIT geniuses. In many cases, it’s exactly the opposite — very weak students, who will get low pay offers, but for whom D/G will roll out the red carpet.


Folks, there is a part of this that nobody seems to get.

The folks in Washington DC are killing Americans in America.

Not by putting a bullet to their head, but by denying them the opportunity to pursue classes at a American University and by denying them the opportunity to get hired in what used to be the best job in the World.

And these folks being denied are American Citizens.

There is an aspect that you do not seem to get.

When we get displaced from the top of this job totem pole by their actions in Washington, DC, we fall all the way to the bottom and even then we go 5 years or more without a job because nobody will hire us.

Click to zoom in
Click to zoom in

Now this next part appears to be complex for those in Washington, DC, so hang in there as I explain it.

That 135,128,310 figure says that in 2014 we had a “barrel” of jobs that held that number.

Now some damned fools in our Government, business, media, and academia have poured in 40,074,000 Foreign Born Citizens, most of which are here on temporary NON immigrant visas which means that they are NOT immigrating to America and that they were imported by these groups to Displace Americans from the jobs that they previously held because they are willing to work for substantially less..

And 25,120,000 of them are currently employed.

This “barrel” of jobs is finite because we are sending our jobs offshore which is why you see very little growth above the high point hit in 2007.

Click to zoom in
Click to zoom in

So what is happening is when we get displaced from that job in Computer and Mathematical occupational group that pays on average $83,970.00 we go all the way down to that Food Preparation and Serving occupational group that pays on average $21,980.00.

While we could deal with that and work our way back up the ladder over time, we are not getting hired in any occupational group and that is because we are overwhelming the jobs that we have available to us.

Yes, I’m aware that the majority of America believes there are plenty of jobs out there and that ignorance is caused by the lack of the media to protect the citizens of their community by publishing the true numbers instead of the Tokyo Rose Globalization Propaganda that the Department of Labor issues called the U-3 employment number.

Why do the publishers of our media who live in our communities not publish the following numbers?

Yes, I know many of you believe that there are plenty of jobs out there.

But that is because you have not done some simple math and calculated these numbers:

  • The civilian labor force was 157,106,000 as of July 2015
  • The U-6 unemployment measurement was 10.7 as of July 2015
  • If we multiply 157,106,000 times .107 we get 16,810,342 PEOPLE that are unemployed.
  • The latest JOLTS (Job Openings and Labor Turnover Summary) number is 5,200,000 Job openings.
  • If we subtract that number from the 16,810,342 that are unemployed, we find out that we have 11,610,342 people that cannot possibly find work.

Think about that the next time a businessman or politician tells you that we need more temporary workers on temporary non immigrant visas.

That alone should open your eyes, but most of you will bury your head in the sands of denial and say “There are plenty of jobs out there”.

Why don’t he “Get a Job” is what I hear time and time again and why I have disowned most of my friends and family.

For those that are still too blinded by their ignorance, I urge you to click on the following link so that you can see why I don’t “Get A Job”.


Bottom line, we need jobs to provide for our families.

You want my support?

Prove that you are hiring these Displaced Americans or helping them to get hired.

It really is that simple.

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The works capture the experience of people who come in search of the American dream.

But nothing about those who have had their American Dream destroyed as they were Displaced by these non immigrant visa holders imported to displace Americans in America?


For many, the H-1B visa was more than a piece of paper affixed on a passport; it determined so much of life in America and the opportunity to become American.

“The problem of an indentured service is not new. However, the H-1B visa put a new twist on the matter,” Lilaben Leher, a participating artist, said.

“Drawing heavily upon my experience as a spouse living on an H-4 visa, my work traces everyday manifestations of the duality of belonging and alienation for families living here in the United States on this visa category,” artist Aishwariya said. “The exhibition illuminates an immigration status that often gets stereotyped or left out of dialogue around immigration in the United States,” Masum Momaya, curator of the exhibition, was quoted as saying by NBC News.

“Each year, people from all over the world come to the United States for a better life; some find opportunity, and others endure great hardship. The artists in this show take us through the emotions and nuances of their journeys, illustrating new and complex layers of what has been a defining characteristic of America and American history: immigration,” Ms. Momaya said.

The H-1B visa is a non-immigrant visa that allows U.S. companies to employ foreign workers in specialty occupations that require theoretical or technical expertise in specialised fields.


Imagine that…!


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Starwood, were you “hacked” or did they just log in?

If you’ve stayed at a Sheraton, Westin or other Starwood hotel in the past year, your personal financial information may have been exposed via a cyber intrusion, the company announced.

Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide announced that its point-of-sale systems at more than 50 hotels in the U.S. and Canada were infected with malicious software. The software was installed at registers used at gift shops, restaurants and other locations. The compromised data included card holder names, card numbers, security codes and expiration dates.

“There is no evidence that other customer information, such as contact information or PINS, were affected by this issue,” the company said in a written statement. “The affected hotels have taken steps to secure customer payment card information and the malware no longer present a threat to customers using payment cards at Starwood hotels.”

The total breaches occurred from November 2014 to March 2015, though the exact time frame differs from location to location.


Now if we turn to MyVisaJobs.com we find the following:

Click to zoom in
Click to zoom in


Never had these problems when software was American Made by Americans in America…


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Cartoon Editors… Here it is! Here it is! “The T.P.P. Revealed!!” ( a new ) “What Now Cartoon”

Cartoon Editors… Here it is! Here it is! “The T.P.P. Revealed!!” ( a new ) “What Now Cartoon”


See more samples at http://www.whatnowtoons.com.

Contact Keith at art@whatnowtoons.com or call 503-653-5583

Promotion only – not for publication.

Keith Tucker’s weekly progressive political cartoons cover a wide range of issues – from the Supreme Court to Howard Stern; from George Bush and John McCain to healthcare, jobs and Barack Obama. See Lil’ Liberty and Media-Man as they try desperately to wake up America and protect you from the media spin-zones.

Updated Weekly – check back often!

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Wonder if I could sue KAAW and have the DOL cover the pay that I am owed?

Yeah, I know.

The crazy things that go through your head when your back is up against the wall and you have nowhere to turn.

This is what KAAW owes me as of this year:

Lets see now:

  • $75,000 for my land
  • $75,000 for a double wide
  • $10 to $15,000 for well and septic
  • $10,000 to set up a video studio

That would give me a place to live and allow me to focus on taking KAAW to the next level.

If only they would pay me…!


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Ex Disney Workers Man Up and Say Damned the Torpedoes, Full Speed Ahead

So glad to hear this folks.

When you cower behind your severance agreement, you set yourself up for this to happen time and time again.

Disney’s layoff last January followed agreements with IT services contractors that use foreign labor, mostly from India. Some former Disney workers have begun to go public over the displacement process.

In the ongoing conflict over U.S. worker displacements, this may well be the largest number of people to take action in this manner. “I’m hoping that it signifies that American workers are being brave and standing up and doing something about it,” said Blackwell.

The EEOC investigates claims of discrimination, and has the option of bringing its own lawsuit. The commission typically issues a right-to-sue letter, with the next step being a lawsuit.

Separately, Blackwell said, Disney workers are also claiming violation of Florida’s discrimination laws. Employees have until Jan. 30, 2016 to file a state claim.


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Twice this year I have received Tentative Job Offers from the Veterans Affairs and all I got was this hacked letter from OPM

Click to zoom in
Click to zoom in

TJO – Virgil Bierschwale


Click to zoom in
Click to zoom in

Oh yes, and lets not forget where the Department of Labor and Veterans Affairs promised me in writing that they would offer “employment assistance” if I would graduate from their re-training program for veterans that can’t find work.


Which makes me wonder.

I have NEVER broke any laws.

With the exception of my credit being destroyed by those companies (a) sending our jobs offshore and (b) importing temporary non immigrant workers to take our jobs here at home, I am squeaky clean.

Unlike the veterans affairs that is using these non immigrant workers and letting them log in from Communist China and and giving them access to all of our data.

Click to zoom in
Click to zoom in


Click on the link above to view the rest of the document.

Anyway, I wonder if they will ever hire me or should I simply give up and meet my maker?

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