So you think becoming a pharmacist is a safe career choice?

OPT employees are also not protected by the minimum salary requirement so that they can be even cheaper than H-1Bs subject to the labor certification protections. They can even work for free for a year; payment requirements do not begin until the extension period.

This will make a US degree even more desirable. With the greed of the universities more US students will be pushed out of enrollment limited programs.

This should also have an effect on the number of advanced degree candidates since much of that group is biding time to a green card.

A family member today told me her son was studying CS and was surprised when I told her that might not be the best long term career choice. She indicated that the students were still of the belief that that major is one where jobs are abundant. My grandchildren are young but budding techies; I suggested to their mother that pharmacy might be a good career choice (it is hard to outsource abroad pill counting and drug compounding) rather than robotics or programming even though their dad (an engineer not in the field at the moment) is helping them with intro programming.

Think again.

These are the 2014 LCA applications to displace those in the 29 – Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations

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For those arrogant ones that say we are not trying

Brought in a riding mower the other day to fix.

Yes, it is a far cry from my work as an analyst or project manager.

Mower will not steer anymore is the complaint.

Normally it is a fairly simple matter to change this part which will fix it.


Problem is, apparently this part was not put on at the factory.


Which rounded out the hex head hole that the arrow points too.

Which means this bracket must be replaced at a cost of about $60.00 with shipping and I have zero dollars


As you can see, I have the seat and the deck off at this point.

I still need to pull the hood, and the dash off to get to the bracket which is where all the controls are mounted at.

So don’t tell me we aren’t trying.

We would be succeeding if our government, businesses, media, and academia were not sticking it to us by importing temporary workers on temporary nonimmigrant visas or sending our jobs offshore which displaces us from the workforce.

At this point, we all could use a little help because we are the only ones doing our part to Keep America At Work

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Our Federal Government will continue to have hacks similar to the OPM, VA hacks because of their willingness to do this

Our leaders in Washington, DC just don’t seem to get it.

They advocate for importing temporary workers on temporary nonimmigrant visas which displaces Americans in America.

And then they hire these temporary workers on temporary nonimmigrant visas to maintain their systems which displaces even more Americans.

And since many of those that are being hired are willing to lie on their resumes, they are more than willing to sell your data to the highest bidder.



Or this one:

Dear all,

A friend of mine told me that she provided fake resume about her working experiences. She asked about the consequences if her employer finds out and sues her. Will she landed in jail?
Well, it seems to me that it is not really a good way to write fake resume. However, she told me she is regretted but can’t do anything.
As I am not expert in law, therefore I can’t provide a good answer to her. Thus, I seek answer from expert here. Thanks.

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First he was imported to displace an American, now he wants to displace more of them

Alright folks.

We imported this temporary worker on a temporary nonimmigrant visa to displace an American that already had a license.

Then we trained him to get his license.

And now, while that unemployed American is trying to live on the “Gig” economy, this temporary worker on a temporary nonimmigrant visa wants to start a business “on the side” using his steady income to support his side business which will further force out the American that was displaced.

I’m an H1B holder working in New York City as an architect.

Customer Question

I’m an H1B holder working in New York City as an architect. I recently received my architectural license in NYC and would like to start my own business so that I may complete weekend work, very small jobs. Must I start a business? Can I do so without compromising my H1B status?

Read more:

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So, if the DHS proposal goes through, it will become a de facto expansion of H-1B.

Folks, I want you to click on the two displaced american’s items on the menu bar.

Especially the one about the shopping list.

Now the Department of Homeland Security’s mission is to protect Americans in America.

How exactly are they protecting Americans in America when they force them out of the jobs that they need to live on.

Take me as an example.

I have been unemployed for 5 years now even though I am a STEM worker and I have the skills to analyze any business process or manage any project at any company.

The day before yesterday I was given a riding mower to fix and I’m thinking alright, a hundred bucks will get me through another week.

As I tore it apart I discovered that I need about $70.00 to buy the replacement parts to fix it.

And then yesterday, my pickup broke down and I don’t have the tools nor money to fix it.

Which means if I can find the money to buy the parts to fix it, I will have no way to deliver it.

This is the “GIG” economy that all the experts are touting and it sucks simply because they are writing about it from the security of a steady paycheck and the sanctuary of a office where they are not exposed to what they are advocating.

But what IS likely is an indirect way to attain much the same effect as increasing the H-1B cap, in the form of an executive action extending the Optional Practical Training (OPT) portion of the F-1 student visa. OPT allows foreign students to work in the U.S. after graduation for 12 months in general, 29 months for STEM grads. For the latter, then, OPT would run up to 6 years. Unless you believe in wild coincidences, it seems pretty clear that the Dept. of Homeland Security (DHS) chose this 6 figure to coincide with the 6-year duration of the H-1B visa. Moreover, DHS has explicitly stated that that their proposed extension of OPT is motivated as a solution to the “problem” of there not being enough H-1B visas available. In other words, DHS is overtly stating that they intend the OPT extension as an end run around the statutory H-1B cap.

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