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Ask yourselves why there is a divergence between the blue line to the right and the grey and red lines that our government says unemployment is at. Could it be because our government no longer counts those that are unemployed for any length of time?

Who cares about U.S. Citizens as long as we get your H-1B Money?

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It seems every country wants their piece of America as it gets plucked.

Yet nobody wants to Keep America At Work including our government.

How about we do more to Keep America At Work by hiring the developers with decades of experience, knowledge and wisdom in the industry that might not have the credentials rather than importing people to displace even more Americans in America?


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What makes a nation of Traitors to their country like America has become?

I try to wrap my head around what makes my fellow country men and women think it is ok to send our jobs to other communist countries or to import temporary workers on visas like the H-1B in a manner strangely reminiscent of how “scabs” were brought in to break the backs of Union Workers that had stood up for a balanced workplace with safety and opportunity for all.

And I don’t get it because you can’t justify something like treason no matter what you do, and yes, it is treason because slowly but surely every gain that our country has made in the last two hundred years is slowly but surely being destroyed including the very wage growth that allows our citizens to afford the very houses that they call home.

Lately I find myself wishing I could do this simply because I cannot find opportunity to better myself anywhere, unless I’m willing to give up and take a dead end job and call that living.

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@OPMDirector @USOPM Pretty sad that I have to file a Schedule A to get back to work

Something is wrong with this picture.

I went into the Navy and did six years as a radioman and taught myself electronics repair on my time off via heathkit and Navy repair manuals.

I did six years electronics repair.

I did nearly 25 years software development after that where I have worn all hats from help desk/Programmer to Project Manager and many in between.

I’ve worked for fortune 500 firms and I’ve developed solutions.

Yet private industry will no longer hire me because they have sent those high paying jobs offshore or imported temporary visa holders to displace me, and many, many more to drive down wages.

So I turned to civil service because I need a job to pay my bills.

After years of being turned down many times by civil service, I participated in the VRAP program that the Veterans Administration and the Department of Labor sponsored, and I graduated.

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The terms were that if I graduate, they would offer employment assistance which hasn’t happened.

Finally I reached one individual who was a vet in the Texas Workforce Commission and he is bending over backwards to get me back to work, but even he is realizing that the only way he is going to be able to get me employed is to fill out a schedule A form which says that I have a disability.

Now something is wrong with that picture because the only disability I have is you allowed all of these temporary workers to be brought in to displace me in America and that is sad when I am the American Citizen.

By you, I mean the United States Government of America.

Fix this nightmare before many more are displaced and unable to find work leaving them only with a solution of burial at sea.

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Physical Labor and Physical Labor

Most of us don’t want to work any harder than we think we already do, even if this would make us happier.  It’s a shame, or it could be some day, that our “species” peaked so soon.  As late as the nineteenth century, we ate four or five thousand calories a day without getting fat; when we died, it was usually from accidents and infections, not degenerative diseases; and when we retired, at a surprisingly ripe old age, our golden years were not so trivial.

Just when you think we couldn’t get any more fat, dumb, and disease-ridden — along comes another plan to make the symptoms go away, another plan to make money without having to do any actual work.  Sometimes we’re suckers for things we never wanted in the first place.

All wealth — all wealth — is created by physical labor and farms, physical labor and factories, physical labor and natural resources.  Any banker, doctor, blogger, economist, or politician who tells you any different is a disease-ridden liar of a wealth-transferring parasite.  In all fairness to other service workers, most are now too ignorant to understand the origins of their own paychecks.

Popular miscreants tell us the best way to support McDonald’s is by eating at Burger King —  that the best way to support a country (like the United States) is by purchasing goods from another country (like China).  Some evildoers are simply oblivious to change; they continue to explain the world as if the People’s Republic of China is of less importance.  Like I said, most of us don’t want to work any harder than we think we already do.

Even if.


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Can the Obama White House Software Group Get Anything Right?

Remember that Obamacare software roll out where everything failed?

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Yep, I tried twice to join this new digital initiative

I get it that we are limited to 500 characters.

Do you want me to physically count each and every one of them when the software could do it for us?

Folks, right now, before you go one step further, you need to bring in somebody like myself that is willing to stand up and say It doesn’t say American Made until I say it says American Made because what you have done here as your first step is NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

United States Digital Service

Thank you for your interest in the United States Digital Service. Someone from our team will reach out to you if we think you might be a fit for one of our open roles. In the meantime, to learn more about who we are and what we do, please visitwww.whitehouse.gov/digital/united-states-digital-service.

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Peeing in the Pickle Bucket

Sunday gleanings and a personal recollection:

“Health Care Satellite Account”


  • Health care is a large and growing share of the U.S. economy — 17.4% of GDP in 2013.
  • With this new account, BEA aims to improve the measurement of health care spending, and help researchers and policymakers better understand this sector’s spending and trends.  The principal contribution of the HCSA is that it redefines the commodity provided to patients as the treatment of disease (for example, cancer or diabetes) rather than the specific types of medical care that individuals purchase (such as visits to a doctor’s office or the purchase of a drug), as is currently published.  The redefinition of the output of the health sector as the treatment of disease implies a different allocation of consumer spending for health care services (across diseases rather than goods and services) and also different prices indexes than those published in the NIPAs [national income and product accounts].

“In China, VPN internet access tools suffer further disruptions”


  • A cyber security expert at a government-backed Chinese think-tank told the Global Times that China’s Great Firewall “has been upgraded for cyberspace sovereignty”, in a rare acknowledgement in state-run media of the country’s efforts to block technical workarounds to the firewall.  Attacks and blocks on foreign internet services have become increasingly common in China.  Censors maintain a tight grip on what can and cannot be published online to eliminate anything seen as a threat to the ruling Communist Party.

“Beard of Egypt’s King Tut hastily glued back on with epoxy”


  • Three of the museum’s conservators reached by telephone gave differing accounts of when the incident occurred last year, and whether the beard was knocked off by accident while the mask’s case was being cleaning, or was removed because it was loose.  They agree however that orders came from above to fix it quickly and that an inappropriate adhesive was used.  All spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of professional reprisals.

“The ‘American Sniper’s’ Preposterous post-Katrina New Orleans story”


  • Jesse Ventura, the former military man, wrestler and governor of Minnesota, sued Kyle before he died, claiming that he defamed Ventura in his memoir, “American Sniper.”
  • Because he’s a proved liar, we should be awfully skeptical about Kyle’s claim that the U.S. government sent him into New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.  They perched him atop the Superdome, he said, and it was from there that he picked off 30 looters in the city.

“The rise of the medical humanities”


  • This explains why funeral services so often include poems, rather than extracts from novels.

“State of the Union 2015: Lethal, Predatory, Delusional”


  • On closer examination, his grab bag of bills and requests for legislation contains even less than advertized — a vapor-thin rhetorical veneer for a center-right presidency whose real accomplishment has been to re-inflate the Wall Street casino, flush the last vestiges of secure employment out of the economy, and put the imperial war machine back on the offensive.  Corporate pundits describe Obama’s antics as an appeal to this party’s “base.”  In a world in which words actually mean something, a politician’s base would be composed of the people whose interests he actually serves, rather than those he victimizes.

“Hollywood shoots Arabs: The movie”


  • Every single Iraqi in the film is presumed guilty.  And thus, deserving. . . ..

“FRED Adds 3 Labor Market Conditions Indexes”


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December 2014 U.S. unemployment rate, Bureau of Labor Statistics U-6: 11.2% (seasonally adjusted)

December 2014 U.S. unemployment rate, Shadow Government Statistics SGS: 23.0% (seasonally adjusted)

January 2015 average price of a U.S. Big Mac: $4.79 (seasonally . . . ?)

Whatever you think about Big Macs, just try to get this out of your head:

When I was in high school, most kids knew better than to eat the pickle on a fast-food burger.

What we didn’t know was that “peeing in the pickle bucket” would eventually explain so many things.



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2015 list of traitors wanting to displace Americans with H-1B’s is out

Yesterday I noticed with some interest that the dept of labor had released the 1st quarter 2015 LCA applications.

You can download that from them by clicking on the following link:


Problem is, it is not easy to read for the average person, nor to work with.

So I downloaded it, and sorted it by company name to make it easier for you to find things and you can download that by clicking on the following link:


And to make it easy for journalists, etc. to search through it, I created a report and saved it as a PDF so that anybody the World over can work with it.

You can download that by clicking on the following link


If you would like to search by city, you can do so by downloading the following link


For those not familiar with searching in PDF files, after you open it, just hold down the Ctrl key and Pres the F key and enter your search term in the box.

If you want to know how many people they want to displace in Austin, Tx, just enter Austin and start pressing the next key that it will ask you to press.

All of these companies are sorted by company so that it will make it easier for you to visualize just how big they are and I have totaled the Number of workers requested field so that you don’t have too.

Send far and wide, because maybe that way the college teachers and the journalists will realize that their name may be on the chopping block

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America Is Other Americans

I wonder how many public intellectuals, today in America, will accuse their criminal overlords of stupidity.

The stupid overlords are working on a menu for November 8, 2016.  No substitutions.  If you don’t like what’s on the ballot, you can eat somewhere else.

Americans love slavery.  We just don’t want it here.  But we love to buy things made by slaves in other countries.  If a price is low enough, we don’t want to know the details.  Or the consequences.  If we accidentally hear something we shouldn’t, we’ll forget about it and never say another word.

I think we used to be more adventurous.


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“If not for you I wouldn’t know anything important at all.”

“If not for you I wouldn’t know anything important at all.”

— Donna Amburgey, attorney and author

I’ve attached Volume Two of my compendium to this e-mail.

We Avoid Risk By Sacrificing Children – Volume Two

Why not make copies and pass them around?

If you like chapters #1259 – #1275, Volume One is available upon request and free of charge.

Thank you!


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It would seem that the H-1B visa holders are coming full circle with the American Developers that they replaced.

6th year  : You are married and have taken a new flat and new car on loan EMI.  Your fancy onsite allowance pays all those so you are not worried.  You have to face competition from the erstwhile junior guys who are also whining to get onsite by now.  You continue your work which has by now become dreadful and boring, but to keep the kitchen running.

7th year : You are called back as the project has come to a “sudden end” as client declared bankruptcy and unable to spare one more dollar to your company.  You return back to your old cubicle to find all your friends and colleague have moved on and not even one knowing face is there.  You try desperately to go back to US but still face acute competition.  You are meanwhile made the project manager of a new project and given 20 people and assigned to make them do 50 people work.  You struggle a lot, working 12-14 hrs in office, office bus , home and even avoiding sleep as clients like to call hourly basis at night (their morning) to check “progress”.  meanwhile your wife and first child complain that you are not spending time with them.  High BP, back pain makes your body weak but still you toil day and night hard.  Meanwhile you are saddened by fact that people who don’t know basic english grammar and have IQ <=50 , flying to onsite for “coordination” as company’s mandatory onsite policy.  Desperate, you realize that your faithfullnes to your company is useless and start hunting for jobs.  But the reality you face is that you are “overexperienced and overqualified” so no vacancies.

9th year : One day as usual you are toiling hard, you are surprised to see a mail asking for HR discussion.  assuming about a new leadership role, you are amazed (and later shocked) to find a  young fresh <25 MBA HR girl telling that as part of “workforce optimization” and “rightsizing” you have to leave the organization in 24 hrs.  Assuming it to be bad joke, you storm out of the conference room and check your mailbox to see a mail stating that your exit process has been initiated, attached is the final settlement salary components and you have to leave the campus before 12am tomorrow night.

9 years of toiling hard for the company, giving your blood and sweat for the company,  getting BP, migraine, backpain as bonuses , left with EMIs for the flat, car, furniture, even the fancy phone you are holding now and an unstable family relationship,you just realize whether was it all worth it??

Found this at the following site and I recommend that you read it all as ALL of us, citizens and immigrants, are beginning to wonder if any of what we spent our lives doing was worth a plugged nickel.


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Give me a map for 2014 showing all H-1B Applications in America

H-1B Process is basically Premeditated Displacement of Americans in America

I started to use another word because if you’ve seen how I am living, you will understand why.

Bottom line, 30 years technology skills and I can’t BUY an interview at any level

The video above shows the outside of my home

The video above shows the inside of my home

Don’t laugh.
We don’t fix this problem, a lot of americans are going to end up here, and for what it is worth, many already are there.

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Bankers’ Truth

When they’re ready, to get the most out of a belief, people should question their parents’ so as to freely choose their own.

This isn’t just about religion and politics.

It’s about their sum.


Why accept the bankers’ view?


“Release Number: CB15-TPS.05″


  • 310,633,980 — U.S. Resident Population on January 1, 2011
  • 320,090,632 — U.S. Resident Population on January 1, 2015

“Speech shows ‘US ambition to dominate world'”

[Global Times link — January 22, 2015]

  • Obama, who is pushing to overcome resistance to so-called fast-track authority from within his own party as well as conservative Republicans, said that if China prevailed, US workers and businesses would be at a disadvantage.

“Foreign oil wells attract Chinese investors”

[China Daily link — January 21, 2015]

  • Foreign investment in the energy industry is welcomed by the US government, and the biggest risk for investors now is the slump of oil prices.

“One billion harmful, erotic posts deleted in year-long Internet cleanup”

[Xinhua link — January 17, 2015]

  • Authorities also closed down about 2,200 websites and 20 million online forums, blogs and social media accounts that had spread erotic and illegal content, said Ren Xianliang, deputy head of the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC).  During the operation, domestic gateway websites have well cooperated, Ren said.

“Scandal-Hit GlaxoSmithKline ‘to Lay Off 1,000 Employees in China'”

[Caixin link — January 22, 2015]

  • Other foreign drug companies are trimming their number of employees in China.

“Prosecutor gives rare insight into weeping corrupt Chinese officials and their mistresses”

[SCMP link — January 22, 2015]

  • At a certain level in the bureaucracy, women would come to them, instead of the other way around, making it easy for them to fall into temptation.

Fill in the blanks:

  • “In [. . .] the U.S. overthrew the [. . .] government.”

And we wonder why. . . .

E-mail: DollarToTheGiant@Gmail.com for We Avoid Risk By Sacrificing Children Chronicles & Comments June 2008 [#1] to Date [#1275]

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Uncle Obama, When Will You Stop The H-1B Discrimination Against Americans In America?

Immediate H1b Sponsorship with GC Processing for the eligible candidates in USA


Job ID:



Newark, DE, United States


Entry Level, Information-Technology, Consultant, Skilled-Labor, Training


$90,000.00 per year

Job Views:


Zip Code:


Employment Type:

Full time, Contract to Hire – W2, Contract – W2, Contract – 1099, Intern



Job Description:

Greetings from TekTree Software Services!

We have a Couple of junior to mid-level full time positions with our Direct Client requirements on various IT Technologies’ InCharlotte (NC), Plano (TX), Merrimack (NH), Warren (NJ), Alpharetta (GA). Please find the job details below and If you are looking for job opportunities, please get back to me with your updated resume ASAP.

List of the Positions we have with our clients:-

  • Jr.JAVA Developer.
  • Java developer
  • Jr.Net developer
  • Business Analyst
  • Oracle DBA
  • SQL Developer
  • Share Point Developer
  • Hadoop Developer
  • Data Base Admins

Required Skills:-

  • A junior to mid-level candidate required.
  • A designer who can write codes.
  • ASP.net, C#, VB.Net, MVC.
  • Oracle, SQL, PL/SQL.
  • IBM Web Sphere and Apache Tomcat.
  • 3+ years in web development using HTML, Javascript and CSS.
  • Fluency in Javascript and CSS.
  • Understanding of web technologies (Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, REST, JSON etc).
  • Create mock ups, prototypes and final web interfaces.
  • Ability to work in highly interactive design cycles.

Education Qualification:-
Bachelor or Masters related the computer science.
Salary will be depends on the Experience and Technology varies from (70-90K/ Annual + Benefits).

If you are looking for job opportunities, please feel free to give me a call at 734-661-7969 or reply back with your updated resume to Karthik@tektreeinc.com.

Thanks & Regards
Talent Acquisition Specialist


A Certified Minority Owned Woman Led Business Enterprise (MBE/WBE)
Work    : 734-661-7969
Fax      :(302) 397-2097
Email    : karthik@tektreeinc.com
Website: www.tektreeinc.com
Under Bill s.1618 Title III passed by the 105th U.S. Congress this mail cannot be considered as “spam” as long as we include contact information and a remove link for removal from our mailing list. In order to not be in the recipients-list for this mail, please revert to us with “REMOVE” either in the subject or in the mail body. Please include all pertinent email addresses. Our apologies for any inconveniences caused by this mail.

Since I had never heard of Root Jobs before, I looked it up and I see that it is based out of India.
Imagine that, So I wondered if Tek Tree LLC was advertising here in America, and the best place to figure that out is indeed.com
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Imagine That.

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