Those who refused were terminated without severance.

HP is reportedly trimming staff in a shady, unethical way

More bad news out of the HP camp. The company is allegedly engaging in shady practices in order to save money laying off its employees.

Unnamed sources told Business Insider that HP contacted some hourly employees and asked them to become contract workers for a company called Adecco. Those who accepted lost all accrued vacation time, paid time off, benefits and seniority. Those who refused were terminated without severance.

Some of the workers were given pay raises as a result of the new agreement, while others were paid lower hourly rates and given title demotions.

The flip side

A source told techradar pro that a very small number of employees were given the offer referenced in the Business Insider story.

The source also said that the vast majority of those given the offer accepted new roles at Adecco.

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as the people cry out for help, many lose their homes, become divorced and more while our government makes it possible with the H-1B

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Carly, Americans need jobs and this is why you will lose the election…

“No Job is America’s God Given Right Anymore”, Says GOP Senate Candidate Carly Fiorina

She has been a strong proponent, along with other technology executives, of the expansion of the H-1B visa program and outsourcing while CEO of Hewlett-Packard.

In January 2004, at a meeting to “head off rising protectionist sentiment in Congress,” Fiorina said: “There is no job that is America’s God-given right anymore.


We have to compete for jobs as a nation.”

While Fiorina argued that the only way to “protect U.S. high-tech jobs over the long haul was to become more competitive [in the United States],” her comments prompted “strong reactions” from some technology workers who argued that lower wages outside the United States encouraged the offshoring of American jobs.

And there were massive layoffs during her tenure. In 2003, the company announced it would dismiss almost 18,000 people. (That year, the firm posted a $903 million loss on $56.6 billion in revenue.)


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Despite promises to the contrary, the US economy has been halted in its tracks by jobs offshoring.

Despite promises to the contrary, the US economy has been halted in its tracks by jobs offshoring. US corporations have moved middle class manufacturing jobs abroad. The high speed Internet has made it possible for tradable professional skills, such as software engineering, information technology, research, design, and scan interpretations by medical doctors, to be performed offshore. This enormous giveaway of American middle class jobs and GDP to foreign countries has left the domestic economy with non-tradable service jobs.

Robotics is now attacking the remaining domestic service jobs. Robots are becoming sales assistants, providing room service to hotel guests, filling orders at delis, providing medical diagnosis, cooking and serving meals, and becoming incorporated into smart household appliances that reduce the need for electrical and repair services. All of us are familiar with customer service robots. We encounter them whenever we telephone about a bank or credit card statement or utility bill.

The unaddressed problem is: what happens to consumer demand, on which the economy depends, when humans are replaced by robots? Robots don’t need a paycheck in order to purchase food, clothes, shoes, entertainment, health care, go on vacations, or to make car, utility, credit card, rent or mortgage payments. The consumer economy has suffered from incomes lost to jobs offshoring. If robots replace yet more Americans, where does the income come from to purchase the products of the robots’ work? Any one firm’s owners and managers can benefit from lowering costs by replacing a human workforce with robots, but all firms cannot. If all firms replace their work forces with robots, the rate of unemployment becomes astronomical, and consumer demand collapses pulling down the economy.

Economists call what works in the singular but not in the plural the fallacy of composition. Keynesian macroeconomists teach that if everyone in society is thrifty with the consequence that savers save more than investors want to invest, aggregate demand falls, and with it incomes and savings. Thus, by trying to save more, savers end up with less.

With the advent of jobs offshoring and financial deregulation, the US has one of the most unequal distributions of income and wealth. As robotics patents are held by a mere handful of people, the concentration of income and wealth at the top will increase.

What kind of society would result? Will governments nationalize robotics or heavily tax the incomes of owners in order to issue monthly payments to people with which to purchase the work product of robots? What would a population living off the work of robots do with itself? Would population growth be tolerated? Or would the powerful owners of robotics use the governments that they control to reduce the surplus population?

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As a newspaper publisher, do you really care about our veterans or is this just talk on your part?

Click to zoom in
Click to zoom in

This chart shows that the Unemployed Veterans are declining which is good as it means we are putting more and more veterans back to work, right?

Click to zoom in
Click to zoom in

Yet this chart that shows the number of Employed Veterans is also declining, right?

How can that be?

There is only one way.

Our government no longer counts the long term unemployed whose benefits have expired and have not been able to find work.

Many of us are dying or thinking about taking our lives simply because you are unwilling to do what is right by the same veterans that protected you whether or not you served.

Don’t you think you at least owe them the courtesy of doing at least a little research on the matter so that you can tell your community what you found?

The link above is a good place to start.

If you don’t know how, send me a email to and I will show you how step by step.


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Have we created as many jobs in 2015 as we did in 2014?

Click to zoom in
Click to zoom in

If we look at the total nonfarm data, we can easily create a chart showing how many jobs were created or lost over the previous years data.

When I did this I noticed that even though we are in September now, we have not created even half as many jobs in 2015 as we did in 2014.

If the economy was taking off, 2015 should have already surpassed 2014 by now and it hasn’t.


Want to do your own analysis?

The spreadsheet I used can be accessed by clicking on the link above.

As for those saying temporary non immigrant workers create jobs, you might want to compare 1960 to 2000 against 2001 to 2015 and pick the home team as you are losing if you’re betting the non immigrant temporary workers are creating any jobs.


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The 140 million gallon barrel that Indians are Killing Americans for.

I want you to think of the American job market as a 140 million gallon barrel of jobs.

Click to zoom in
Click to zoom in

As you can see, jobs are NOT increasing no matter what you have heard as we have barely gone above the high point we hit in 2007.

And every year we bring in 1 million more workers to take jobs in America via temporary non immigrant visas.

What happens when you have a container that holds 140 million gallons of water and you add 1 million more gallons to it?

Yes, the older, and those without the proper pedigrees that were self taught via O-J-T get forced out to the ground and every year we do that to one more million of them.

At the current time we have done that to 25 million Americans if the table A-7 data is to be believed.

So tell me this.

If they can’t get jobs in private industry anymore.

If the federal government will not hire them.

If they do not have money to start a business.

Is it any wonder why they are being forced to commit suicide?

Maybe this wouldn’t be happening if we weren’t sending jobs offshore as well.

But when we import more temporary non immigrant workers than we have jobs to fill, Americans get Displaced in America and this is wrong.



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