A typical day versus working at a convenience store

See that first line in the grid below where it shows Kerrville, TX?

That first column shows that I have been here for 15 hours 52 minutes and 43 seconds.

That is a typical day and it happens 7 days a week when I don’t have mad money to get away with.

That works out to 112 hrs per week.

My friends say “Give it up and take a minimum wage job at a convenience store so that you will have a job”.

When I do the math, I can’t afford to put a roof over my head, so I figure my skills as an analyst are better invested here, and truth be known, I would do this for free because it needs to be done.


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Thank You

I’ve been pretty stressed lately.

About a month ago three people donated $360.00 in total which allowed me to keep this website running, buy some gas and even get rid of my cabin fever by visiting some of the guys at the local pub.

Even bought some pants that I needed as the old ones no longer fit since I got sick a few months back with what I think was food poisoning.

I just realized with going back to college, and everything else that I had not said thank you and I wanted to do so.

There has been no income since 2010 except for the little bit that I received while going through the VRAP program in 2013 and the ranch I sold in 2014.

Yes, I do have a real estate license that I obtained in 2006 when I first realized I could no longer get back to work in software, but it has been placed in the “inactive” status as I do not have the funds to pay the annual and quarterly dues right now with no income and out here in the country, real estate has not been selling much anyway.

My point of this is I don’t think those 3 individuals could possibly realize how big of a impact they had on my life a few weeks back (you can’t imagine how stressed I get when there is no cash flow at all).

Again, thank you for helping keep this website going,




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And some companies in the United States have workforces that consist almost entirely of [foreign] guest-workers.

JO: This problem prevails throughout corporate America. Senators Dick Durbin and Chuck Grassley, after investigations, acknowledge that “companies . . . discriminat[ion] against American workers are so brazen that their job advertisements say ‘H-1B visa holders only.’ And some companies in the United States have workforces that consist almost entirely of [foreign] guest-workers.”

On June 6, 2015, Fiorina admitted that the fraud and abuse in importing foreign workers was so widespread that it had become an industry.

The segregation of Americans out of the American job market is almost complete. There are “foreigners only” want advertisement all across the country. Without even a modicum of shame, corporations are posting discriminatory want ads, some even stipulating “No Americans need apply.” Outside of Chicago, an advertisement for an IT programmer boldly states, “H-1b Holders Only”. Another advertisement for an entry level job states – foreign students – ONLY. A third advertises “Walk-in Interviews” for a job opening in New Jersey – but you must go to Pune, India to interview! Indian headhunters are recruiting in India for K-12 teachers, cancer surgeons and real estate salespersons to work in the United States. An information technology staffing firm based in Rolling Meadows, Ill., posted an advertisement for a technical writer to work on projects for a Chinese client. The advertisement read “arrogant American(s)” need not apply.

JB: This is extremely disheartening and disturbing. Outrageous. What can the public do about this?And where’s the press?

JO: First, the public must educate itself. With all humility, my website is the most comprehensive in supplying all types of information pertaining to the guest-worker visas. There is a rendition of the history of the visas programs, pretext arguments for importing foreign workers to replace American workers, as well as, an article that recites the State Department’s number of 9.9 million visas issued in 2014 to foreigners to come into the U.S. to take away jobs.

Second, the public must publicize the facts to each other: tell everyone, friends, enemies, parents, clergy. Once the facts are known to the public, then, Congress will be forced to protect American workers. The government reports establish that almost 60 million foreigners have been imported to take away jobs.

Third, get ready to sue. You have a right to discrimination-free work and workplaces. Again, my website contains the information needed to protect you and your family from the devastation of illegal job termination.

In short, the public must take action to protect themselves.

JB: Agreed. What kind of country will we have if there are no jobs left for any of us? Thanks so much for filling us in, James. It hasn’t been much fun but keeping our heads in the sand won’t help us get American jobs back, either. At the very least, we can soundly reject candidates of any sort who exhibit or support such irresponsible corporate behavior.


How do I know this is true?

Learned technology and that I was good at it in the Navy from 76 – 82

Never went a day without work from 76 – 02

From 03 – 10 I was lucky to pick up one small gig each year.

Since aug 24th 2010, there has been NOTHING.

And don’t even say we aren’t trying to get other jobs as everybody here knows I’ve been trying to get in the VA in Food Service or Housekeeping just so I can get my foot in the door and work my way back into software hopefully.

Problem with that is the Veterans Affairs is contracting their work out to H-1B’s and letting them work from Communist China while kicking veterans like myself to the curb.

Click to zoom in
Click to zoom in


Click on the link above to read the full document.

And while you are at it, ask Senator Cornyn why he didn’t help this Navy Veteran and Texan to get back to work by unblocking the red tape that kept the Veterans Affairs from hiring me.

Need details?

I will be happy to provide them for you.

My email address is vbiersch@gmail.com


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There is no job that is America’s God given right anymore.

Presidential Material?

For America?

I don’t think so…

JO: Yes. For example, the “Queen” of excluding U.S. workers is presidential candidateCarly Fiorina, who has stated that she used the H-1b visa program to import foreign workers while CEO at Hewlett-Packard and laid off more than 30,000 U.S. employees while CEO of HP between 1999 and 2005. In 2004, Fiorina stated: “There is no job that is America’s God given right anymore.” Carly Fiorina, San Francisco Chronicle, 01/09/04;Investors Business Daily, 1/8/04. In fact, she called the exclusion of American workers“Right Shoring.”


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I want my life back

Lot of us feel this way.

We just want to work so that we can build us a future and provide for our families.

I know many of you will say there are plenty of jobs out there, but those of us in the engineering and software field who have been through this will know what I mean.

While drinking and drugs did not cause us to be forced from the workforce, I’m sure you can relate to this song simply because I do.

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Help Wanted

Yeah I know I’m pissing into the wind, but I know where I can get 7.5 acres of land with no restrictions on it for $55,000.00 so that I can do something like this, but at this point it is the only way that I can do it as no bank will offer me a loan (yep, I know the Texas Veterans Land Board promised to give us loans, but that is only with good credit which is something we no longer have after (a) watching our jobs sent offshore and (b) watching temporary non immigrant workers brought in to take our jobs here at home).

The toll of having no steady work since 2003 is wearing me down and I desperately want the ability to put a roof over my own head on my own land at this point in my life.

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Lying to your Benched H-1B employees

We’ve all been there.

Some scam artist is promising us the moon and saying he will give us back dated checks which will bounce all the way to the moon.

My employer filed my H1B this year and it started Oct. However since I am on bench he is not paying me. It’s been almost 2 months and he does keep telling me that I am Not out-of-status, also mentioned about backdating something which I am not sure about.
I am confused what status I am on. Since I don’t have paycheck I can’t afford a lawyer. Also my employer has not handed over any H1 documents and denies every request I make for them. I am worried about my status and career in the country. Any help would be much appreciated.


Even though these folks displaced me from the workforce and sent me to my own private hell, I don’t blame them.

I blame uncle sam for throwing the people of America under the bus while making it possible for modern day slavery to make its way back onto our shores.


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Why do the leaders of our tech industry lie about STEM jobs and H-1B type jobs?

The whole STEM industry hype is we can’t find qualified people, right?

If so, why do they say here that it is easy?

I’ve got 30 years experience in this and trust me, it is not much harder than building a house and just as building a house is done with repeatable items like doors, windows, etc., so is coding.

Let me show you what is difficult.


Your map is a nice idea. It made me want to reach out to you. My story and that of my fiance would make you cringe. But, we are not over 50.

I am from Columbus, Ohio. I graduated from Ohio State University with my bachelors in Engineering in 2013. I spent roughly $50,000 in tuition and books (20k per year) and another $50,000 in room & board, food, and other living expenses in my 5 years there.  It took me almost 1 year to find my first job out of school. Thanks to sequestration, I was laid off after 363 days of service.

I have been out of work since January 2015.

I do almost one onsite interview per week.

I have been regularly told I would not be hired because I am a US Citizen and would want to much money.

I have also been told I am not qualified because I do not know 1 job requirement, typically software that I could take a 3 day, $300 training class in. Unfortunately, it is never the same software.

My fiance is nationalized US citizen. He is TARGETED by companies wanting to sponsor H1B workers. He gets about 200 phone calls a week from companies wanting to sponsor him. They do not care that he doesn’t know java from a hole in the ground. They are ready and willing to train & under pay him. When they find out he is a US Citizen, they hang up on him or find reasons to rule him out (even after extending an offer to him).

Our student debt total is over $100,000, which cannot be dispelled in bankruptcy.



Yep, the hard part is getting past the age discrimination, or at least that is what I used to think until I heard from these youngsters.

It now seems that the hard part is getting hired when you are an American Citizen whether you were born in America or you immigrated to America.

Which makes me wonder.

If FWD.us will not stand up for us displaced Americans.

Why will they not stand up for this Indian who is now an American when he too has been displaced by the Vultures of India and America that prey on the people of our World using slavery programs like the temporary non immigrant worker visa that binds these people into indentured slavery and at the same time, creates one more Displaced American for every temporary non immigrant worker that is imported.


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How is an Accounting Associate position a specialty occupation and why are Americans not welcome to apply?

Yes, I’m well aware that it says citizens can apply so that Barney Fife will not raid them, but saying is one thing, and doing is an entirely different matter, isn’t it?

Basically what we have here is a bookkeeping position where they want 20 warm bodies to Displace Americans that were doing the position before.

And what about the stuff where H-1B’s are only for positions that American’s can’t do?

Are you telling me that Americans are too dumb to do bookkeeping now?

Additional Information



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