We’ve Misused Our . . . You and I

Should our lobby — yours and mine — 320 million American consumers spending $12 trillions per year — be afraid of anything?

“Here’s how much corporations paid US senators to fast-track the TPP bill”


  • Out of the total $1,148,971 given, an average of $17,676.48 was donated to each of the 65 “yea” votes.

“The Political One Percent of the One Percent in 2014: Mega Donors Fuel Rising Cost of Elections”


  • The $1.18 billion they [31,976 donors] contributed represents 29 percent of all fundraising that political committees disclosed to the Federal Election Commission in 2014.

“Moscow Patriarchate: China authorises the ordination of Chinese orthodox priests on its territory”


  • After the meetings with Vladimir Putin, Xi held talks with Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill, who praised Beijing for the value China places on the “role of culture, traditions and the moral factor in shaping the lives of people and individuals.”

“Top Chinese political advisor meets Archbishop of Canterbury”

[Xinhua link — May 28, 2015]

  • Chinese citizens’ freedom of belief and the religious circle’s legitimate rights and interests are protected by law, Yu [Zhengsheng of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference] told the religious leader.  He hailed the good relations between Chinese and British Christianity, pledging that China will continue to support exchanges and cooperation between Chinese Christianity and other churches worldwide.

“Warning Over Religious Believers in Chinese Communist Party Ranks”


  • According to the [Central Commission for Discipline Inspection] article, party members don’t enjoy any right to religious freedom, a right which many religious believers complain is routinely violated by officials across the country.  “Chinese citizens have the freedom of religious belief, but Communist Party members aren’t the same as regular citizens; they are fighters in the vanguard for a communist consciousness,” the paper said.  “They are firm Marxists, and also atheists.  That’s why it has been clearly stated in party rules that Communist Party members may not hold religious beliefs, nor must they take part in religious activities,” the article warned.

We’ve misused our power, you and I —

— we haven’t used it at all.


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One Bird with Two Stones

It’s that time of year again — Sunday, Memorial Day weekend — and our nationwide, one-day, “One Bird with Two Stones” sales spectacular.

But first another word from our sponsor:

“Chinese leader: Religions must be free of foreign influence”


  • China’s president warned in a key policy speech that religions must be independent from foreign influence, as the government asks domestic religious groups to pledge loyalty to the state.  Hours later, Pope Francis urged Catholics in China to be “united to the rock” of the church in Rome, although it was unclear whether his comments were linked to a speech earlier Wednesday by Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Two Infrequently Asked Questions:

  1. Who, exactly, were we fighting and what were American soldiers dying for in Korea and in Vietnam?
  2. Who, exactly, and what are Americans still dying for now that the fighting has been relocated to our retail battlefields?





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Western Civilization, 1996 – 2096

In response to a recent question about the TPP and “the big picture,” I replied:

“It’s a formalization, I think, of our experience that business pays for everything, so the nation state, business is contending, is finally obsolete.”

While this is hardly the entire big picture, it might be a useful way of understanding certain aspects of our Western civilization.

Two thoughts come to mind:

  1. Why be afraid of people who need us more than we need them?  Business and Democracy are nothing without their Customers and Voters.  So get up off your couch and be happy.
  2. The operative words, thus, are “Western civilization.”  No matter how rich and powerful our plutocrats and politicians, the non-West will remain unimpressed — and non-West.  The Chinese Communist Party will continue to pay our plutocrats and politicians to continue to dismantle our Western nation states.

Now here’s an interesting article — unusual, and certainly worth thinking about — even though the PLA’s $ millions to the 1996 Clinton/Gore campaign meant that the CCP would get everything it ever wanted anyway.

“The Bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade in 1999, Reconsidered”


  • We can now bring some more recent, first-hand information to the mix.

Now please don’t tell me — $ trillions later — that poor little Monica made you forget all about the Chinese Communist Party.

(There are some things about Western civilization that I’d like to change, too.)




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Three Aspirins and Four Tums

I wish I could tell you how many people responded to yesterday’s “Bombing of the Chinese Embassy” story with comments like:

  • “Knowing Bill Clinton and the Communist Chinese — their methods and their history together — why wouldn’t they have collaborated on the embassy bombing to hide their other collaborations?”

I’ll agree it’s a good question.

This would be a good epigraph for my compendium:

  • “When the Way prevails in your own state and you are poor and in a humble position, be ashamed of yourself.  When the Way does not prevail in your state and you are wealthy and in an honorable position, be ashamed of yourself.” — Confucius, Analects

(I’ll keep sending it, until. . . .)

Today’s links:

“How Washington Bribes the States”


  • This year, they will total $640.8 billion and account for 17 percent of the federal budget.

“Britain Seized Fake Cosmetic Products Made in China”

[Guizhou via Chinascope — May 25, 2015]

  • Impacted brands include Christian Dior, Estee Lauder, Dove, MAC, Benefit, and Urban Decay.  The products all contained excessive quantities of heavy metals and were sold at a fraction of the prices of the authentic original brand-name products.

“China’s military has declared war on Western thought on the Internet”


  • As a result, Chinese authorities are not just cracking down on VPNs and patching holes in the Great Fire Wall, but also sending a message to any potential online activists.

“Navy Needs New Servers for Aegis Cruisers and Destroyers After Chinese Purchase of IBM Line”


  • IBM shedding its server business creates a security concern for the U.S. Navy. . . .

“Why Do the Chinese Praise Bin Laden as a Hero?”

[Chinascope Analysis Series]

  • However, many Chinese were upset about Bin Laden’s death and praised him as an “anti-U.S. Hero.”  What made the Chinese eulogize one of the worst criminals of this century?  This article analyzes this phenomenon and identifies that the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) promotion of the philosophy of struggle, its relentless anti-U.S. campaign, and the deliberate attempt to belittle human rights and universal values have brainwashed and confused the Chinese people, thus making them unable to tell good from evil.

“How the Communist Party Destroyed the Chinese Spirit”

[Chinascope Analysis Series]

  • Thus, on the one hand, the CCP has destroyed the Chinese’s [sic] people’s individual spirits and forced and coerced them into following the Communist Party.  On the other, it has provided material wealth and physical rewards for obedience.  The Party’s redefinition of “good” is “to devote every fiber of your being to the Party” and “evil” is “to commit acts that contravene the Party’s will and supremacy.”  Making a conscious choice based on a true understanding of high moral standards might lead to the person or his family being labeled an “enemy of the people,” subject to humiliation, torture, and a physical or spiritual death, while submitting to the Party might lead to safety and wealth.  The choice is all the more difficult because the CCP has destroyed the spiritual, religious, and moral base that traditional Chinese culture used to provide.  That base is now far too fragile to support anyone.

Granted, there is no organization on Earth more powerful than the Chinese Communist Party.  Still, the Chinese people should be held responsible for their choice — and toleration is a choice — of government.

And so should we.

In fact, if considerable financial support is a choice, too, then American consumers bear considerable responsibility for more than one of the world’s most powerful organizations.

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Mirrors of Manipulation

No need to spell it out, except to say there’s more to enlightened intelligence than simply taking sides against your own.  You smart guys will be the first to go — but you already know this.

Mao Tse-Tung — the proud feature of every Chinese banknote — on May 8, 1958:

  • “There is a kind of microbes which are called germs.  Though small in size, from a certain standpoint, they are more powerful than men.  They have no superstition and are full of energy.  They strive for the upper reaches and for greater, faster, better, and more economical results.  They are not afraid of heaven or earth.  They do not respect anyone.  If they want to eat people, they will crawl into them regardless of who you are.  Even if you should weigh 80 kilograms, they can destroy you.  No one counts as far as they are concerned.  Isn’t their fearless spirit much stronger than certain people?”
  • “I was happy to read a recent article by Comrade Fan Wen-lan.  It was straight talk.  Many facts cited in the article prove that respecting the modern and belittling the ancient is a Chinese tradition.  [. . .]  It is regrettable that he did not quote [Emperor] Ch’in-Shih-huang.  He was an expert in respecting the modern and belittling the ancient.  Of course I do not like to quote him either.  [Comrade Lin Piao interrupts: “Ch’in-Shih-huang burned the books and buried the scholars alive.”]  What did he amount to?  He only buried alive 460 scholars, while we buried 46,000.  In our suppression of the counter-revolutionaries, did we not kill some counter-revolutionary intellectuals?  I once debated with the democratic people.  You accuse us of acting like Ch’in-Shih-huang, but you are wrong; we surpass him by 100 times.  You berate us for imitating Ch’in-Shih-huang in enforcing dictatorship.  We admit them all.  What is regrettable is that you did not say enough.  We have had to say it for you.  Things will always march toward the opposite side.”

Since then, the Chinese Communist Party has exterminated tens of millions of its own people and has become the most powerful organization in the world — by telling its enemies’ enlightened intellectuals otherwise.

By the way, behind our backs, they still call each other “Comrade.”

“China sets yuan at one-month low after IMF says yuan not undervalued”


  •  China’s central bank set the benchmark rate of the yuan to the weakest level in a month on Wednesday after the International Monetary Fund changed its long-held view that China’s currency is undervalued.  The People’s Bank of China set the yuan at 6.1198 against the US dollar, the weakest level since April 28.

It might be time to start complaining, instead, about the U.S. keeping the dollar too high.

We could sound smart and panic the plutocrats.







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Once More Unto The Hack

Let’s try it this way:


By all means, please share the information.

Remember, though:

Our electronics are vulnerable.

Our software gets hacked.

Our hardware is manufactured —

You know where.


So please consider telling two other American human citizens, face to face, and asking them to do the same.

You know why.


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So 1.7% of Americans were forced out of the labor force by temporary workers on temporary visas like the H-1B?

As you can tell, we are back up and running again and my apologies for the downtime, but when nobody in private industry will hire you, and civil service will not hire you either, that makes it kind of hard to come up with $20.00 dollars to pay your web hosting fees.


You can click on the link above to view the report.

Here is the highlights:

Click to zoom in

Click to zoom in

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How come our corporate executives and political representatives can’t understand this?

When I joined the navy in 1976, I could barely spell electronics, let alone understand what it was.

But the navy hired me, and they threw me in the middle of a room like this.

A view of the communications center aboard the guided missile frigate REUBEN JAMES (FFG-57).  Construction on the ship is complete.

A view of the communications center aboard the guided missile frigate REUBEN JAMES (FFG-57). Construction on the ship is complete.

And it wasn’t too long before I was the watch supervisor in charge of all communications coming too and going from this radioshack.

We never once heard them say that Americans aren’t qualified simply because the only reason somebody is not qualified is because you are not qualified to train them, and trust me, at all levels, we were qualified.

So why is it that our corporate executives complain that they can’t find qualified people?

Is it because they themselves are not qualified to train their people?

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Bitch & Buy Foreign

Bitch and buy foreign. . . .

Last Tuesday, I wrote:

  • In the future, if there is a future, Americans will be less hypocritical; and we’ll have learned that workers and consumers are the same people.  If there is no future, it’ll be because all we ever did was bitch and buy foreign.

Yesterday, I bumped into an award-winning journalist of my acquaintance.  Always the activist and reformer, he’s still on top of the issues and their language.  He complained about inequality, of course, and Washington and Wall Street, and our apathy vs. empathy, and our racism, don’t forget, but mostly he told me about the foreign equipment and supplies he’d recently purchased for a local retail business venture.  When I asked whether he’d explored any American-made options, and I offered a few suggestions, he said he knew them well, they were fine products, but he got a “better price” on the foreign stuff.

“Bitch & Buy Foreign”

Now there’s a phrase that needs to make it into our vocabulary — and the American Dictionary of Deindustrialization.




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Are we bringing this “Inequality and poverty in India” to the shores of America?

Think about this before you say no.

Many of our management positions in the software industry are now owned by people that have been brought here as temporary workers on temporary visas as I attempt to show via this map that shows the LCA Applications (H-1B, H-1B1, E-3) for 2015 for occupational code 11-3021 Computer and Information Systems Managers (we had 132,570 of them for the 1st quarter 2015).

Click to zoom in

Click to zoom in

If they are making the decision who to interview, and they were raised in an environment as described in this video, would they comply with our EEOC laws?

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