H-1B ‘s believe our laws do not apply to them

After all, they were the chosen ones, brought in to fix America’s broken systems or so they believe.

In reality, they are but cheap compliant sheep brought in by businesses that are too dumb to understand their own IT processes so they throw legions of compliant sheep at the problem believing that if they throw enough resources at the project, they will be able to fix it because they can “type” faster when there are hundreds versus tens.

Because they were brought in as temporary workers on temporary visas or student visas to displace Americans in America, they believe that our EEOC and other laws do not apply to them, so they do proxy exams, and many, many other things that we would consider unethical.

When they get caught, they ultimately go to jail where they belong, but in the meantime they do the following which prevents Americans with decades of experience, knowledge,and wisdom from even being considered for the jobs that they could excel in.

Kumar, I want to state that I am not racist before what I am about to post – I am an American worker who has worked around H-1B workers in the government for the past 10 years and I can say without a doubt that it hurts the majority of Americans and I think it is a very unfair process. Within the US, many prime American government jobs that start off around 65k-100k are flooded with Indian workers, who migrated here and work in these prime jobs while so many qualified Americans cannot find work or get these opportunities.  Not only are these luxury jobs given to these workers, many lie on their 20 page long resumes about their qualifications and get put into positions that pay extremely well and they do not have to do much work to keep their job. They are also treated differently within the workplace, double standards exist everywhere. Indians will usually do the minimum required on any project, nothing more and nothing less, will not ask to move on and await for someone to do something, meanwhile they have no problems watching TV on their phones, running off in groups to talk and hangout while on the clock, come in late and leave early while claiming 8 hours on these jobs knowing full well they were not on-site for the required 8 hours. If anything is said to them, you get accused of being racist, you cannot take action against them without being prejudiced. They form many inner circles, watch out for themselves and build their areas up with only other Indians – all the while moving their entire family members over in the process while they have this secured cushion jobs that many Americans here are not even allowed to be considered towards. One of these places, I met and got involved with an Indian girl, who was an American, she migrated here through college 20 some years ago, she was not a H-1B worker and she even taught me a lot of things about the Indian culture and how they go about securing these types of jobs for themselves and how they cheat the system along the way to get these jobs. Many Americans do not even have a clue how large of an enterprise this is and how many of these luxurious jobs are given to Visa workers while they struggle and pay taxes, and cannot find jobs, even barely minimum wage jobs. But meanwhile nice upper middle class jobs are given away in the thousands to H-1B Indian workers and they go back and forth from India every few months, paid maternal leave, Husband and Wives work for the same dept, it goes on and on. These work visas are killing the American dream for true citizens and it isn’t fair by any means the large scale and thousands of jobs that are given to Indian H-1B workers. I am hoping that this will become more exposed to more Americans because they will become outraged with the truth is finally out there. Now I am all for Immigration, just as my GF is and allowing others to start new lives with their families but not under this horrible program. No offense to you or anyone you may know working like this but it is just a terrible unfair process and I am pushing for legislation to make it stop ASAP.


And if we fight them, we are called racists.

Imagine that.

And meanwhile, our Government is too busy watching porno at work to bother with those of us Americans that have been Displaced.

Which leaves us losing everything simply because the lower paying jobs were already full when this happened.


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Corrupt Indian’s Raping and Pillaging Our World

In the first such action, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) has attached 1,280 acres of land in the US in connection with one of the biggest bank loan frauds in this country.

The unprecedented move to attach the land in California worth Rs 1,000 crore was initiated by the ED’s Ahmedabad zonal unit.

“ED Indore attaches under PMLA (Prevention of Money Laundering Act) 1,280 acres of land in California, USA, of Zoom Developers Pvt Ltd and Vijay Chaudhary in bank fraud cases,” the central agency tweeted on Thursday.

ED officials said that it is for the first time that the agency had taken such an action in the US. Indore falls under the jurisdiction of ED, Ahmedabad. ED officials said this was one of the biggest bank loan frauds in the country.

After suspecting the role played by some of the banks in granting loans, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) had also initiated a separate probe, they said.

Zoom Developers, promoted by Vijay Chaudhary, operates from Indore and Mumbai. Chaudhary, who is allegedly absconding, had taken loans totalling Rs 2,200 crore from various banks for realty projects in Europe.

However, no project was ever undertaken and the money was allegedly siphoned off by Chaudhary. Last month, one of the directors of the company, Sharad Kabra, was arrested by the Indore ED. An arrest warrant has also been issued against Chaudhary.


My money says the bastards first came here on a temporary worker visa or student visa.

Are we proud of ourselves yet?

We Displace Americans for this crap?


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What have we here? Another of the “Best” and “Brightest” bringing corruption to our shores complements of the temporary worker on a temporary visa program

The indictment alleged that from October 2010 to July 2013, the seven offered patients oxycodone, a painkiller, and other controlled substances without a legitimate medical purpose.

Some of the people who bought the painkillers drove hundreds of miles, according to the 20-count indictment.

Todd Campbell, who owns a business nearby the clinic, which is located near the Galleria Mall, said he saw lots of out-of-state license plates at the clinic.

“There’s people coming from all over the country, driving to South Florida to get prescription drugs,” Campbell told CBS 4 News. “I think it’s wrong.”


Shame, Shame, Shame..

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Yes Bill Gates, I believe I can beat your return on your investment that you described in this article.

If someone told me they had a better idea for improving the world, I would ask: “Can you beat a nine-fold return on investment, saving more than 61 million children and 3 million mothers, and preventing 21 million deaths from AIDS and 10 million from TB? Frankly, I doubt it. But if you can, I would love to see your plan.”

Global health is a fantastic investment. It should be a top priority on the world’s agenda. Figuring out how to deliver on the Sustainable Development Goals will require many tough decisions, but this is not one of them.


This is an excellent goal.

Problem is, health without the ability to provide for your family is a one way ticket to hell that will make sure you live to see you lose everything and in the end  possibly end up taking your life and that of your family.

Today we are pursuing a race to the bottom where we destroy the citizens of our wealthiest countries to jump start the economy of much poorer but more populated countries.

Let me show you why this will not work.

But first let me make one point.

If we reverse what I am fixing to show you AND find a way to teach the people of our other countries our concept of opportunity and show them how to pull themselves up by their boot straps AND help them finance their new business, it will create a substantial amount of wealth which in turn will make it possible to also pursue your ideas on health which will make it a win / win for the people of our world and stop this race to the bottom.

Here is where we are at, or were about 40 years ago before we destroyed jobs via Free Trade Agreements:

  • America and Europe have nearly 1 billion population making an avg of about $50,000 per year
  • China has a little over a billion population making an avg of $5,470 per year
  • India has a little over a billion population making an avg of $1,860 per year

This gives these three countries a combined purchasing power of:

  • America and Europe with $50,000,000,000,000.00
  • China with $5,470,000,000,000.00
  • India with $1,860,000,000,000.00

Or a total of $57,330,000,000,000.00

Now in their infinite wisdom our corporations, media, academia and government believe that for every one American they force from middle class to poverty, they can raise 4 or more from poverty in China and India to the middle class.

So, on paper, lets do it.

  • America and Europe have nearly 1 billion population making an avg of $15,000.00 per year or $15,000,000,000,000.00
  • China with $5,470,000,000,000.00
  • India with $1,860,000,000,000.00

Or a total of $22,330,000,000,000.00

Notice how we just destroyed 35 trillion or so?

The only way it will work is if China and India make about 25,000 per year.

Which means their wages need to go substantially up.

And American wages need to go down to $25,000 per year which will totally destroy our communities because they don’t make as much tax revenue and our investments in our homes as nobody will be able to afford those high prices.

There are other ramifications, but they vary based on your job and your assets.

So tell me this, we have now given Communist China a boat load of money which enriches Communism and we have destroyed Democracy.

What exactly have we gained.

Oh yes, and people from Communist China and India do not consume things like Americans do which will also destroy our corporations, our academia, our government, and our media.

All so that you could be filthy rich for a few decades at the expense of your children…


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Can any attorney get this information from the Dept of Labor for me?

Table A-7 of the dept of labors data file is broken down by “Native Born” aka American Citizen and “Foreign Born” aka temporary worker on a temporary visa.

At the current time there are about 25 million foreign born on this report, and as you can see by the following chart, they are getting all the jobs.

Click to zoom in
Click to zoom in

And the American Citizen is not as you can see by the following chart.

Click to zoom in
Click to zoom in

I want to know if there is a way that I can force the Dept of Labor via a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) to tell us how many of the “Foreign Born” are citizens, on a green card, or on a temporary visa.

If there is a way to do so, would you be so kind as to help us make this a reality?

I believe the Displaced Americans have a right to know this information since their livelihood has been destroyed.


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