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At what price does an American sell its integrity?

Worldwide, I respond on the H-1B issue simply because somebody needs to have your back, and Washington DC does not with the exception of maybe two Senators.

Lately I have been seeing some so called “reports” that dispute that H-1B’s get paid less than Americans and things like that.

Yet, when I look at them, there is no “beef” to quote that little ole lady from Wendy’s.

One of them I found yesterday can be found by clicking here.

I realize there is a lot of money here at play, but to destroy the future of your friends and neighbors and fellow countrymen?

Sadly, when I look at the rosters of these companies like the one listed above, they have a very large staff compared to little ole me, yet they either cannot or do not want to show you all of the data, not the “filtered” data that they use to prepare their reports.

Now I have to be gone today so I don’t have time to write a program right this minute to allow you to rapidly compare the H-1B wage versus the American Mean Wage, but you can bet it is on my list of to do’s as of this moment.

I simply have to go make sure some tents are set up in the correct locations today for a Wounded Warriors Benefit that we will be holding this weekend and that is more important to me than debunking some shysters garbage report.

That said though, I can show you something I created about a year ago that will dispel their “Paid For” reports at a glance.

Click to zoom in

Click to zoom in

Look at the very first job titled “Software Developer Applications”

This particular report is one I wrote to analyze Microsoft H-1B LCA Applications sometime back.

There are three rows to each row of data so that you can see the wages broken down into a percent of the American wage.

Any numbers in the pink row are for the quantity of LCA applications that pay that percent less than the American Wage.

As an example, Microsoft had 4 applications where they were going to pay 61 – 80% of the Annual Mean Salary that an American would have been paid.

And they had 136 applications paying 81 – 99% of the American wage.

In the green row, you can see that the bulk of the 2,386 LCA applications they filed in that year (believe it was 2014) paid MORE than the American wage and it is important that you realize this and that you realize this is for Microsoft ONLY.

Now let’s look at all data for all applications by all companies for the same year.

Click to zoom in

Click to zoom in

Now we want to compare Apples to Apples.

As you can see by this report, the most requested job title is “Computer Systems Analysts” and for those that are wondering, I have worn this hat many times and I wear it now here at Keep America At Work as I am the chief cook and bottle washer, yet I can’t buy an interview even though this is the most requested job in America in the computer business.

But, we want to compare apples to apples, so we will skip that row and look at the second row that has “Software Developers, Applications” in it.

As you can see, there were 77,708 applications filed for that position in 2014.

The Annual Mean Wage an American would be paid would be $96,260.00

There were 49,629 applications paying LESS than that wage and 27,643 applications paying MORE than that wage.

The majority of applications for that job paid 61 to 80% of that wage and were 24,188 applications in total.

It is important that you understand this.

The larger companies are just as guilty of displacing Americans with temporary workers on temporary visas, yet they have to abide by our laws, so as in the case of Microsoft above, they pay as good or better than the Annual Mean Wage most likely to attract talent, and trust me, as I show in this short report, there are more of them than there are “Body Shops” like Tata, Infosys, HCL, etc. IF you only look at the top 20 LCA Application filers.

Click to zoom in

Click to zoom in

That said, my suspicion is that if we run a similar report on all application filers, the body shops might account for more but I don’t have the data yet to back that up.

My point of all of this is when a “Think Tank” issues a report dispelling myths, put on your wendy’s ole lady hat and say “Where is the Beef” to those people meaning, we want you to show us all of the data, not theoretical data, and we want you to comprise your data using the BLS OES data and the LCA Applications data.

It is important that you understand why it has to be done this way.

The BLS OES data which you can view by clicking here has the OCC_CODE that is also in the LCA Applications Data and we need this so that we can compare applies to apples and jobs to jobs.

Any less, give them the ole Gomer Pyle

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How’s That For Political Will?

People who consider themselves well-informed ought to consider their sources.

This question of political will.

Do we want to live and why not?

Reader Beware.  Again.  Add this to the foul-smelling Times (NY & LA) articles I sent you yesterday:

“Showdown on the trade pact”

  • By “Editorial Board” at The Washington Post

The Washington Post.  The man on the dollar must be spinning in his grave

Our grave.  Yours and mine.

We’ll die before we let this country live.

How’s that for political will?


E-mail: for We Avoid Risk By Sacrificing Children Chronicles & Comments June 2008 [#1] to Date [#1354]

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Information Technology & Innovation Foundation – I will show you mine if you show me yours…

Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, a vocal group of advocates insists that the United States does not face a shortage of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) workers. The advocates argue incorrectly that high-skilled immigration is not only unnecessary but is actually harmful to American workers. In this report, ITIF refutes 10 of the most common myths asserted to deny the existence of a STEM worker shortage and provides clear evidence that a STEM shortage hurts the American economy and workers.

Myth 1: Data disprove the STEM shortage.

Fact: Despite what advocates may claim, a rigorous examination of available data instead of anecdotal sampling supports the conclusion there is a STEM shortage.

Myth 2: American universities will supply enough computer science graduates to meet demand over the next 10 years.

Fact: By best estimates and current trends, there will be at least two new jobs in computer occupations for every U.S. computer science graduate over the next decade.

Myth 3: STEM students do not use their skills after graduation.

Fact: STEM graduates are more likely than other students to find and hold jobs closely related to their majors.

Myth 4: Previous claims of the STEM shortage never materialized.

Fact: Shortages were mitigated by increased STEM immigration, but the effects of the ongoing shortage are readily apparent in the U.S. economy.

Myth 5: IT wages are flat and low.

Fact: IT wages are 80 percent higher than average U.S. wages and are growing quickly.

Myth 6: More students would major in STEM fields if wages in these fields were higher.

Fact: Wages in IT and engineering are already very high, yet there are fewer computer science majors today than there were 10 years ago. In reality, frictions in the education system limit and delay students from acting on wage incentives.

Myth 7: U.S. companies can remain competitive without high-skilled immigration.

Fact: More manufacturing and traded services will go overseas if companies in the U.S. are denied access to skilled workers.

Myth 8: High-skilled immigrants are substitutes for native workers.

Fact: High-skilled guestworkers complement, not substitute for native workers. They create jobs in their industries by complementing native workers, create jobs in local service industries through the multiplier effect, and create other advanced jobs through high rates of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Myth 9: H-1B visas allow foreign companies to compete in American markets.

Fact: H-1B guest workers allow American companies to continue to operate in America without offshoring. The limits on H-1B visas force many companies to leave, costing Americans an estimated half million jobs each year.

Myth 10: Guestworkers are paid less than native workers.

Fact: H-1B wages are comparable if not slightly higher than prevailing wages in most IT and engineering occupations.

As you can see, nothing here to see.

No substance.

Zero, zip, zilch, nada…

Now lets look at some real data.

That is a lot of jobs being created isn’t it?

2013 – 3,600,000 or so computer and mathematical jobs.

1999 – 2,600,000 or so computer and mathematical jobs.

In other words, about 1 million jobs created in 15 years.

That is about 67,000 jobs per year that we’ve created.

Google BLS OES to look at the data or email me at and I will send you a link.

And according to the people that track the visa issuance’s, we’ve averaged about 130,000 per year.

So, every year, we destroy two years worth of job gains for Americans.

As evidence, Table A-7 ( Google It ) shows an overwhelming increase in jobs for foreign born from a low of 21 million in 2009 to a high of nearly 25 million in 2015

For foreign born.

Yet American citizens shows the opposite as they went from a low in 2010 of about 116 million to a high of nearly 123 million.

BUT, they started out 2007 at a high of 124 million which means they actually lost about 1 million jobs.

Now, what industries are they taking our jobs in?

Perhaps this will help, and after you get through watching it, demand to see their data, and by data, I don’t mean some theoretical report.

Have them analyze the BLS OES data, the Table A-7 data, and have them show it to you.

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So Tata asked all their employees to return the tax-refund cheques.

Imagine that.

If I as an employer in America demanded that you give me your tax refund checks, you would tell me to go straight to hell, wouldn’t you?

Repeat of Past?

In 2013, TCS had paid $30 million to settle a class action law suit filed by 2 ex-employees, who were Indians. It was originally filed in 2006 by Gopi Vedachalam and Kangana Beri in California because TCS asked all their employees to return the tax-refund cheques.

The case was dragged on for 7 years, and was hailed as the compensation amount of $30 million was hailed as the largest any Indian company has paid to settle matters out of court.

Recently, TCS was involved in a controversy in India, involving firing of employees’ en-masse which snowballed into an agitation and movement. Interestingly, during this case as well, TCS management was accused to being partial and discriminatory.

There is a very simple way to end what Tata is doing here in America and that is to ban them from hiring anybody but Americans to work on American projects.

We can do that by implementing these 3 simple rules which will protect the citizens of America and even India.

  1. It is OK to grow, raise or manufacture your products here in America and sell them to other countries and the same applies to those countries.
  2. It is OK to open retail or manufacturing branches in other countries to offset the shipping problems as long as you hire the locals to work in those countries.
  3. It is NOT OK to put the people in your country out of work, send the growing, raising or manufacturing to another country and then import those products back into your country.


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We can learn from all of the World’s people if we will just open our eyes and ears

Cheap Chinese Crap imported by our super stores has destroyed my interest in doing any more business with them unless I just have too.

And the quality of it scares the crap out of me when I start reading the stories about how our Government wants to allow China to sell chicken and stuff like that with a “Made in America” stamp on it.

So I have been looking for ways for our people to grow their own food and I’m fascinated by the Aquaponics systems, and I hope you enjoy this video.

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