Rep. Gerry Connolly, D-Va, I would look internally to temporary non immigrant workers…

A Democratic congressman who says his personal information was stolen in two massive data breaches at the Office of Personnel Management now says his information is being used in attempted identity-theft schemes.

“In the last three weeks, I’ve had people use my data from that breach to apply for credit cards in three different banks all over the country and god only know what else will happen,” said Rep. Gerry Connolly, D-Va., said Tuesday at a Capitol Hill event on cloud computing. “I can tell you, we know why the Chinese wanted this data: to sell it to people who are going to use it try to create fraudulent credit. That’s one reason; they’re may be lots of other reasons as well.”

It’s believed hackers backed by the Chinese government exfiltrated data from OPM, purportedly as part of an espionage operation.

However, Connolly’s assessment is at odds with what leaders of the intelligence community and OPM have maintained since the breaches were disclosed: That so far there’s been no indication the information has been used for fraudulent purposes.

I have had somebody apply in Arlington at Best Buy and Skopos using my credit data and I’ve never even been to Arlington.

Your data is being sold by people like these:

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Click on the link above to read the entire document.

When Jennings asked how the pair had picked their victims, the suspects told him they had obtained information from people working in call centers in India, Rowe said.

The Patels were each held on $150,000 bail at the Bergen County Jail, charged with conspiracy to commit theft by deception, a second-degree crime.

So far, Rowe said, about $150,000 has been seized form six bank accounts in the names of the suspects.

“Because of Detective Jennings’ hard work and perseverance, many victims will be able to recover the money they lost in this case,” Rowe said. “In some cases,” he added, “the victims lost their life savings.”

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Did many of these on the USS W. S. SIMS FF-1059

Kind of miss those days.

Hell, if I had known the Benedict Arnold’s of America in Business, Media, Academia and our Federal and State Government were going to send our jobs to other countries and import temporary workers on temporary non immigrant visas to take our jobs, I would have stayed in and retired long ago.


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Yet another housing discrimination lawsuit waiting to happen

Attn: H-1B’s !!! Get Your Own Private Bedroom In A Shared Single Family Home.

Enjoy your privacy in your own bedrooms ranging from $850 to $ 1050 per month available in a beautiful single family home near public transportation. Share the common living area, kitchen facilities, laundry, deck, backyard etc. All utilities included including WiFi access. Ample parking space available. Absolutely no pets and smokers inside the premises. (Outside smoking OK). Short term lease can be considered but not less than 4 months. One person per room.
Serious enquirers only. Contact with your exact needs. Inquiries without details of your current status and needs will not be entertained.

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Downward mobility and social defeat lead to social depression.

Downward mobility and social defeat lead to social depression. Here are the conditions that characterize social depression:
1. High expectations of endless rising prosperity have been instilled in generations of citizens as a birthright.
2. Part-time and unemployed people are marginalized, not just financially but socially.
3. Widening income/wealth disparity as those in the top 10% pull away from the shrinking middle class.
4. A systemic decline in social/economic mobility as it becomes increasingly difficult to move from dependence on the state (welfare) or one’s parents to financial independence.
5. A widening disconnect between higher education and employment: a college/university degree no longer guarantees a stable, good-paying job.
6. A failure in the Status Quo institutions and mainstream media to recognize social recession as a reality.
7. A systemic failure of imagination within state and private-sector institutions on how to address social recession issues.
8. The abandonment of middle class aspirations by the generations ensnared by the social recession: young people no longer aspire to (or cannot afford) consumerist status symbols such as luxury autos or homeownership.
9. A generational abandonment of marriage, families and independent households as these are no longer affordable to those with part-time or unstable employment, i.e. what I have termed (following Jeremy Rifkin) the end of work.
10. A loss of hope in the young generations as a result of the above conditions.
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Why do I study aquaponics and why am I planning on raising my own food?

It is called trust.

I no longer have that trust in the corporations of America that put profit ahead of country.

In the U.S., 90 percent of the seafood consumed is imported from China, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Ecuador. However, about half of it is wild-caught by American fishermen who then export the seafood overseas for processing, and then re-import to the U.S. Why are we not processing the caught fish in the U.S.?

This method gives us little to no control over how the fish is processed in these countries. It is a drastic threat to the health of U.S. consumers and its something that needs to be stopped. China is already notorious for food safety issues!

Not to mention the fact that the massive amount of imported seafood isn’t even being fully inspected by the Food and Drug Administration. The FDA only has the resources to inspect 1 to 2 percent of seafood imports! This is a major problem because many nations have less stringent food safety regulations than the United States.

To make matters worse, the U.S. Department of Agriculture gave four Chinese poultry companies the green light to export cooked poultry to the United States. Essentially, these Chinese poultry companies will buy frozen chickens from America, ship it back to them and cook it, refreeze them and then ship in back to America with a “product of the U.S.A.” label on it.

To many, this doesn’t make any business sense. The shipping costs both ways will be astronomical and the profits will be minimal. What exactly is the underlying purpose of this insanity?

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Finally, somebody gets it on the JOLTS data

The JOLTS data begins in December 2000, so I decided to take a look at, and chart, the long term averages.   I found it interesting that for all of the years included in the data-set, even during recessions, Hires exceeded Job Openings, with the except being 2015. (This data to June 2015 and June is preliminary.)

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Sessions explained that Washington politicians are “too close to the corporate class,” who see higher wages for workers as a bad thing because it increases labor costs.

Myself, I would call them ass kissing, corporate shoe shining boot polishers willing to throw the American people under the bus like Senator Cornyn did me.

Bastards all…

But I can’t entirely blame these putz’s.

Sessions, who has been a tireless champion of the American worker in the Republican Party, explained that elected officials ought represent Americans, not special interests groups or big business donors:

“I love America. I believe I’m an elected official. And who puts me in office? […] The people who should benefit from my actions are the American people. That’s who should be first. Some people seem to think they represent groups, they seem to think we represent the whole world, they think we represent business groups, and activist groups and La Raza or the Chamber of Commerce, and we’re losing sight of who we represent. And it’s absolutely clear that too large a flow of [foreign] workers, particularly lower skilled workers, hammer American workers, damage their ability to get a pay raise or even get a job. That’s not disputable. That matter has been settled. And someone needs to be worried about those people… I think that’s been lost sight of in your nation’s capital.”

Sessions explained that the findings released by the Subcommittee he chairs debunk the talking points of “establishment elites” who want to continue record immigration against the interests and wishes of the American public.

“We’re told time and again that we don’t have a generous immigration policy and we need to have more,” Sessions said. Yet the facts do not bear this out. As the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee told Breitbart News, “The United States has taken in four times more worldwide immigrants than any other nation on Earth.”

“In seven years we’ll have the highest percentage of American non-native born since the founding of the Republic,” Sessions explained. “Some people think, ‘Well, we’ve always had this numbers,’ but that it’s not so. This is very unusual. This is a radical change.”

Indeed, in the 1920s, the last time the foreign-born share of the population reached a record high, then-President Calvin Coolidge hit the pause button for roughly fifty years, producing an era of explosive wage growth. That pause continued until Ted Kennedyushered in his legislation that granted millions of immigration visas to the entire world.

After all, who votes them in?

Yep, go look in your mirror and then think about this.

We basically have two classes of people in all of our countries.

They are labor (the majority of us) and capital.

Because of the way capitalism is structured, capital will end up with the bulk of the money which means they can and will out spend labor and they will use that money to make sure that the balance between capital and labor is heavily tilted towards capital (think of it as a see-saw)

So how do we balance this see saw

This is where our government representatives come in.

Right now we are electing business people who have a allegiance to business people and we are getting what we voted for.

To resolve this, we need to vote in people that realize that it is up to them to develop and maintain this balance between capital and labor using regulations that they develop to maintain the balance.


The only way that I can figure to do this is for each of us to grab the republicans and democrats by their ears and let them know why we are voting them out and then vote them out.


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trying to penalize them in order to save money for the government.

So now we are presuming that everybody is guilty even if they aren’t?

Therrien was questioned by investigators in May. She admitted she was the source of the leak and was suspended without pay.

“I knew my job was in peril. I knew that, but I couldn’t continue. I couldn’t sleep,” she said.

“I was thinking just about those people… I was going to send them and their children into the street… and now here I am on the street.”

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