Have these H-1B ‘s contracting to the United States Government had their backgrounds checked?

Folks, I understand the reason for background checks.

I’ve had a Top Secret done for the Navy.

I’ve had the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department check me out when I did a gig for them.

I’ve had the attorney general of Texas check me out when I did a gig for them.

I’ve been fingerprinted by the Texas Real Estate Commission.

So I’m not concerned about background checks.

But thanks to:

  • Jobs being sent offshore
  • Temporary workers on temporary NON IMMIGRANT VISAS like the H-1B being imported to displace me

My credit has been shot, not because of me, but because of the displacement of Americans by temporary workers on temporary non immigrant visas which dried up the jobs for me as you can see by this chart.

Click to zoom in
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Now I was finally hired by the Veterans Administration on 27 April 2015 as a Food Service Worker.

As of today I still have not been brought onboard, nor do they respond to my emails anymore which makes me think I will not get hired and after five years of unemployment, enough is enough.

They refused to bring me onboard because I owed the IRS and the IRS would not give me a payment plan.

As of last thursday, they did give me a payment plan, but still I have heard nothing.

So I want to know.

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Click on the link above to read about this person that worked on the VA’s software systems that maintain your medical data from Communist China and ask yourself, did they go through as extensive a background check as I did considering that I am a Citizen, and a Navy Veteran and I have 30 years software background, but I can’t buy an interview most likely because of how many temporary workers on temporary non immigrant visas as the VA has working on just this one project.

I believe this is wrong and I’m doing what I can to change the system.

Do you believe this is wrong?


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H-1B ‘s job hopping during week 1

Just another portion of the H-1B Scam that the technology industry tells you that they can’t live without.

Even though that guy is vacating his first position, you can bet your ??? that an American was not given the opportunity for either position because of caste which totally violates all of our EEOC laws



I came on H1B visa 4 days back to USA and I would like to transfer my H1B visa to a different employer.


Is it possible to change my employer with a week time ?


I don’t have any payslips as it is only 1 week of my entry to USA. Can I transfer my H1B at this point of time ?


Please help me with some suggestions and answers.




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our immigration lawyers have assured us that replacing Americans with H-1Bs is lawful.

From: Lord Vader, Development Executive, Walt Disney Co.
To: All staff
Date:August 3, 2015
Subject: Implementing Protocol H-1B

I am here to put you back on schedule. In the search for new ways to motivate you, management has decided to replace American technical staff with cheaper H-1B foreign workers.

Some have expressed concern that this move may not be legal. I find their lack of faith disturbing; our immigration lawyers have assured us that replacing Americans with H-1Bs is lawful. And many of the Republican presidential candidates want to admit even more H-1Bs in the future.

I expect you to double your efforts to complete this project. I hope so, for your sake; as the American programmers have discovered, Disney CEO Bob Iger is not as forgiving as I am.

For more details see here.
View the Disney Layoffs Topic Page

Contact: Marguerite Telford
202-466-8185, mrt@cis.org

Why do I include these things?

Because somebody in your family somewhere down the line is going to appreciate you taking a stand for Americans instead of temporary workers on temporary NON IMMIGRANT visas.


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As Africa, the Middle East and Asia do not provide enough jobs for their people, European and Americans face being displaced.

However politicians were less conciliatory on the ground, with those in Britain accusing France of security failings, while London was accused of making it too easy for migrants to work illegally, this luring them to its shores.

The mayor of Calais Natacha Bouchar, from the opposition Republicans party, accused the British of “imposing their laws on our border and it is becoming unacceptable.”

“The British government must agree to quickly reconsider its controls of the labour ‘black market’ — because that is why the migrants go to the United Kingdom — and open a transit zone or refugee camp on their territory to filter the migrants themselves.”


It sounds to me like the mayor does not realize that the citizens the other side of the border expect Britain to impose their laws on their border just as we Americans expect our Government to impose our laws on our border.

What is sad about this is those people are simply seeking jobs that do not exist, and because of greed there will always be those that are willing to displace their fellow citizens for illegal immigrants or temporary workers on temporary non immigrant visas that are willing to work for nothing and do not understand our laws that are meant to protect them such as minimum wage or overtime.

This is why it is necessary for the government to protect the people of its own country first.

But the bigger problem that nobody seems to want to tackle is jobs for everybody that wants a job in our World.

India’s business model is to displace people in other countries so that its citizens may have jobs.

I suspect that Africa, the rest of the middle east and Asia have similar business models.

That is the real problem.

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Break, Break, Breaking the law is the way of the H-1B ‘s….

Can I hire a contract IT professional if I am myself on H1B?

I am on H1B and I have a business idea I want to work on. That involves creation of a website for businesses to use and I want to hire a UI developer fromhttp://toptal.com

My question is that am I allowed to do so since I am on H1B myself (with a green card in progress)?

Note that the website will start making money only when I invite a business/company to buy it’s services and I can do that on a citizen friend’s name after its ready.

Note that he has zero problem running the books under somebody else’s name….
Wonder how many others feel the same?
Better yet, I wonder how many are in charge of the systems that maintain your financial and medical data….
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H-1B ‘s jumping ship before they even have weeks on the job…


I have came to US on May 14. My employer arranged project from July 14 and started giving salary from July 14. Now I am changing to new employer. My new employer filed H1b Transfer. I got RFE. In RFE USCIS looking for current W2 along with May 14 till today (July 15) paystub. I do have W2 and Paystub from July 14 till date (July 15). I don’t have paystub for the month of May 14 and June 14 because my employer did not pay the salary for that two months as I was not working in any project. Can you please assist how to handle this situation.



Interesting, isn’t it?

The tech industry says they can’t find enough people.

Yet this guy wasn’t working for the first two months here.

Makes you wonder if the tech industry is telling you the truth, doesn’t it?

FWD.us, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg would be a good place to start with your questions.

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Just think – The Pentagon is sending the development of our largest health system to other countries…


Leidos, Inc., Reston, Virginia was awarded a ceiling $4,336,822,777 indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract, with firm-fixed-price, cost-plus-fixed-fee, cost-plus-incentive fee, and fixed-price incentive pricing arrangements, for the Defense Healthcare Management System Modernization program. As a service provider integrator, the contractor will provide an electronic health record off-the-shelf solution, integration activities and deployment across the Military Health System. This contract has a two-year initial ordering period, with two 3-year option periods, and a potential two-year award term, which, if awarded, would bring the total ordering period to 10 years. Work will be performed at locations throughout the United States and overseas. If all options are exercised, work is expected to be completed by September 2025. Fiscal 2015 Defense Health Program Research, Development, Test and Evaluation funds in the amount of $35,000,000 will be obligated at the time of award. Additional funds will be obligated as individual delivery orders are issued. This was a competitive acquisition, with six offers received. The Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command, San Diego, California, is the contracting activity (N00039-15-D-0044).


And the winner is Cerner Corp., which joined up with defense computing contractor Leidos and Accenture Federal Services as the prime contractor and configuration specialist, respectively.

The prize is one of the largest health information technology contracts in U.S. history, awarded by the Defense Department for its global Military Health System.

The military’s new EHR system, the fruits of a 22-month, Defense Healthcare Management Systems Modernization procurement effort, or DHMSM, pronounced “dim sum,” will serve 55 hospitals and 600 clinics.

But it also must be interoperable with multiple other vendors’ EHRs used by civilian hospitals and office-based physicians, where 60% of the care given to the military’s 9.5 million active duty and retired military personnel and their families is received, according to Dr. Jonathan Woodson, assistant secretary of defense for health affairs.


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