Raja Krishnamurthi, you might just have the Displaced American’s support…

Reviving the American middle class is Mr. Krishnamurthi’s key campaign plank and as a person of Indian origin, he cannot escape the question on H-1B visas, a major debate in the ongoing campaign.

“Donald Trump wanted to eliminate the H-1B visas but then someone whispered into his hears that doing so would wipe out the IT and high tech industry. Some of these folks are misinformed. We have to do our part to educate them and at the same time, we also have to cultivate local, indigenous talent in the U.S. These are the jobs of the 21st century and unless they are trained in these jobs, they will not be able to climb the economic ladder,” Mr. Krishnamurthi said.

“There has to be win-win solution. If we have some cool, calm discussions about it, we can address a lot of concerns on both sides. Right now there is a lot of rhetoric around it,” he added.


When people like myself with 30 years experience in the tech industry can’t get hired, something is wrong.

As for wiping out the IT and high tech industry, that is a bunch of crap.

We did these jobs quite well before caste and age discrimination began forcing us out of the industry

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Volkswagen’s Corporate Executives Screw Up and their employees around the World pay the price for their stupidity…

Imagine that.

Sorry bastards…

Volkswagen India sent a letter to its employees to encourage them to work harder and meet the production targets. However, it has sparked a fear of job cut among the workforce. The German car manufacturer has warned its employees of a possibility of a job cut to compensate for the huge losses incurred in the diesel gate scandal.


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it really doesn’t hit you until you meet the people and look into their eyes, and see the pain that we can’t possibly know.

The first person to speak was Sara Blackwell who introduced herself as a divorced mother of three. When was the last time you heard a woman use that phrase?

Michelle Malkin gave one of the most inspirational speeches I have ever heard.

This woman is fearless, and has the heart of a lion! It was worth the hour and fifteen minute ride just to hear, and talk to her and tell her what an inspiration she’s been for me on this immigration fight.

So in closing, when I read about this kind of stuff going on, it really doesn’t hit you until you meet the people and look into their eyes, and see the pain that we can’t possibly know.



I hear you on the eyes.

I have been changed forever because of the things I have seen and lived through since 2003.


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Tech companies simply hire foreign nationals instead of Americans.

Thanks for your article on 4/28 Dr. Matloff. My husband is a semi-conductor, I.C. designer and has been displaced just like Darren Weddel. So many American E.E.’s are out of jobs because of this issue and they haven’t even had to train their replacements. Tech companies simply hire foreign nationals instead of Americans. This is happening because many of the hiring managers in America’s tech companies are foreign nationals and they prefer to hire people from their own ethnicity instead of Americans.

Although I like Carly Fiorina as a person, I don’t think that she understands how many American engineers and their families are hurting because of this displacement issue. It’s a huge, huge issue.


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Thanks to Sara Blackwell for organizing the event.

In case you have been getting your news from the “mainstream media,” Abbott Labs fired much of its American IT staff and replaced them with imports from India through H-1B and other guestworker visa programs.

As usual with such stories that create cognitive dissonance with the media’s politically correct narrative on immigration (“Immigrants don’t take jobs; they create jobs”), the mainstream has chosen to largely ignore the Abbott Labs story.

This is yet another example of why the American media is completely clueless about the rise of Donald Trump.

Let’s see:

  • Jeb Bush is an enthusiastic supporter of replacing Americans with foreign workers, as at Abbott Labs.
  • Marco Rubio sponsored two bills to increase the number of foreign replacements so America could have more Abbott Labs.
  • Donald Trump said that we should not be replacing American workers with foreign workers.

And the American media still thinks Donald Trump is the crazy one.

Wait until the general election, where it is likely Trump will be running against Hillary Clinton who, like the “thoughtful” candidates rejected by Republican voters, is also an enthusiastic supporter of replacing Americanswith foreign workers. We can be certain that this will be no obstacle to her getting the endorsement of the New York Times this fall.


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Protect US Workers wants to help Intel employees but that cannot be done without information.

Intel on Intel (We plan to “look inside”)

Intel is firing 12,000 workers but requested nearly 15,000 H1B visas.  Seriously?  Intel employees:  you are being replaced by foreign workers whether you know it or not.  The jobs are being taken over by foreigners here in US and being shipped overseas for cheap foreign labor!!!   Companies have many ways to hide the truth to keep media and groups like Protect US Workers.  But, guess what?!  We know the truth.  We know the games.

Please, anyone at Intel please contact me.  If you are being fired, contact me.  If you are not being fired, contact me.  IF you know anything about the large layoff decision, contact me.

ALL CALLS ARE COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL.  I have spoken to thousands of Americans and foreigners but no one knows because I respect my sources above anything else.  I am always here to help and not hurt.  I will put your interest above the interest of the cause.

Protect US Workers wants to help Intel employees but that cannot be done without information.  Please contact my cell: 941-961-3046.

Email me at info@protectusworkers.org

Please be brave and contact me.  Also, if you disagree with me and you think the layoffs have nothing to do with the  jobs going overseas or being given to foreigners, please contact me.

Sara Blackwell



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It is obvious that Bruce Y. Lee will not be the champion that we need to Keep America At Work…

Who will be our champion?

There are many Americans that could excel in the STEM industry if they were given the opportunity to compete for those jobs.

But nobody in our Government will stand up for Americans in America and I don’t get that.

In the manufacturing industry we have a former inmate who is doing one hell of a job.

I myself have seen the inside of a jail cell a time or two for having too much fun.

And I too am doing what I can to champion the fact that we need to do more to Keep America At Work by hiring, and training, Americans in America.

Why does Bruce Y. Lee not do that?

Why does ammar Campa-Najjar not do that?

Why does President Obama not do that?

After all, Theodore Roosevelt did.

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And Titan does.

But Forbes and Bruce Y. Lee do not?

If the gates were narrowed for foreign scientists, could the U.S. biomedical world fill the void? Not immediately. And maybe not for a while, if ever, unless the current situation changes. The pipeline of U.S. citizen biomedical talent has been long eroding. Other countries such as those in Asia are not simply the source of cheap labor. In many cases, they are the source of highly skilled, talented, and motivated people. Many biomedical graduate programs are also now filled by citizens of other countries. Therefore, changes in immigration policy could expose what has been a growing deterioration in the U.S. biomedical talent base.


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