Damn it President Obama, haven’t you destroyed enough American Families yet?

Daniel Costa and I have a blog about DHS’ proposed rules on the Optional Practical Training. The upshot is that it creates a brand new three-year guestworker program that will undercut American workers. Employers can hire OPT guestworkers for zero wages.

Here’s a link to our blog post and the comments we submitted to the Department of Homeland Security.


I can’t buy a damned interview even though I have 30 years technology experience as a systems analyst which is the most requested H-1B category.

And even though I have been offered a position twice sweeping a floor and washing dishes, the Veterans Affairs has not brought me onboard.

No explanation.


And this is after they promised me in writing “Employment Assistance” if I would graduate from their VRAP re-training program.

And what do you do about it President Obama?

You haven’t read the “proof” of the damage that you are doing by clicking on the following line, have you?



You just hide behind the fictitious unemployment numbers that only exist because you do not count the long term unemployed whose unemployment has expired and have not been able to find jobs.

Hell, you might as well send your damned “drones” after us because you’ve damn sure destroyed our lives.

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People need to understand that the H1B and OPT programs are not about being white and/or brown, and/or racist or xenophobic.

Hello Virgil,

I was traveling for the holidays.  I would prefer for you to not post my name. It is ok that you posted my email. People need to understand that the H1B and OPT programs are not about being white and/or brown, and/or racist or xenophobic. Although I understand why people want to call anti-h1b supporters xenophobic, I see how my Indian born fiance and I are treated by US companies. It becomes very clear that it is about being a US Person and being an indentured servant.

Of course, I have a list of stories about the discrimination we see. This has been on-going since he graduated in 2012. In the end, he had to remove several items from his resume and put his citizenship status on his resume and only to apply to defense jobs. That was the only thing that ended the mass attempt to “sponsor” him.

I also know a 1st generation Chinese American girl that is probably 45K in debt for her engineering degree. She spent a year and a half post BE graduation. She only got one interview for an internship, and was told she wasn’t qualified. She eventually went to grad school. And is hoping the “economy” will be better in 2017 when she gets her MS.

For some reason, most people don’t think about recent grads. Yet, there are so many statistics on us that validate that this “STEM crisis” is fake.

Here are some examples:

54% of  OSU EE grads find employment with in 3 months of graduation


31% of UF STEM grads seeking employment found it


As you see, recent US stem grads are a far cry from fully hired. And neither of these look at Chemistry majors. Yet before h1b became kinda popular in the petro/gas industry, the chem majors found work. Now, a significant portion of chem grads can’t find work, make $9/hour, or go to grad school to “ride out” the fictitious “bad economy”.


It seems to cruel that our government told us that the ticket to a upper middle class lifestyle was one of these over priced (~50k) STEM degrees. Then, ~60% of the h1b & OPT guest workers are in the “entry-level” category. And, significant percentage of STEM grads can’t find work.


PS:I call my Ohio senators & House Rep several times a year and have been doing so since 2012. I will try talking to him, but I have lost faith in my senators

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It is time to convert the Over 50 map to the Displaced American Map so that we can show Washington what they have done

Many stories lately have made me realize that a lot of people under 50 have been displaced as well.

If you have watched:

  • As your job was sent to another country (doesn’t have to be recently)
  • As temporary workers on NON IMMIGRANT VISAS like the H-1B, L-1, B-1, OPT, etc. were imported to take your job here at home.

Then you need to tell your story.

After all, how else will the people of our country know what really is happening if you will not tell your story?

If you haven’t seen the map, you can view it by clicking on the following link:



Folks, this will not stop here with technology jobs.

It has already destroyed the lives of leather workers, steel workers, and no telling how many others.

Even now, it is destroying software, nurses, and teaching.

When will you pull your head out of the sands of denial and tell your story so that we can end this nightmare?

By the way, I’ve got some ideas to put videos, resumes, etc. on a marker on that map.

I’m too depressed right now with zero cash flow to focus on it, so if you have the time and the skills and you want to show the world what you can do, get to it…

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Trying to remember if I’ve drank beer in Malta…

De La Rue workers have been informed that the company will be laying off 300 employees by 2018 after deciding to phase out the printing of banknotes in Malta.

The company – the world’s largest commercial banknote printer and passport manufacturer – will be downsizing its operations in Malta in its efforts to make its global operations more profitable.

MaltaToday understands that the restructuring process will see the security printer terminate the job of 300 workers out of the 550 currently employed.

On its part, the Nationalist Party expressed its concern and called on government to intervene and “save all jobs.” The opposition added that at least government should ensure that laid off workers find a new job at the earliest.

The company’s CEO, Martin Sutherland, said the Malta facility demonstrated its capabilities in identity authentication “which is why we have selected it as a centre for excellence. We look forward to working with the team in Malta to grow the business in an increasingly important market.”


Martin Sutherland

CHIEF EXECUTIVEwas appointed to the Board on 13 October 2014. Martin was previously managing director of BAE Systems Applied Intelligence (formerly Detica), where he was responsible for the strategic expansion of the business internationally through both organic growth and a number of acquisitions. Prior to joining Detica in 1996 Martin worked for Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) and British Telecom.

Why does it always seem that their is an American destroying lives in every country in our World?


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We buy your technology, lay off your staff and when you aren’t looking, move all to Communist China

Ain’t capitalism great?

Mountain View-based Complete Genomics Inc. is laying off 179 Bay Area workers as part of a strategy shift by its Chinese parent company, BGI, according to a state layoff notice and company statement.

The bulk of the layoffs, 145, are in Mountain View, with the rest distributed among San Jose, Sunnyvale and San Francisco. According to Complete Genomics’ website, the company currently has more than 300 employees. The layoffs will take effect in January 2016.


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Americans working in America

Our corporations did this to themselves.

They sent our jobs offshore, and then to make it worse, they imported temporary workers on non immigrant visas to displace us here in America.

So we are adapting, and we’re finding out that we don’t need all your crap and we’re loving it.

Just as those that lived through the first great depression became scavengers, I think you will find that our consumption needs are going to change substantially.

And the zoning commissions that say we need 1,400 sq foot houses, etc?

Well, you need to start writing because those rules are now obsolete.

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The vast majority of positions filled by foreign workers, whether at Intels or Infosyses, could be filled by qualified U.S. citizens and permanent residents.

In some cases, not everyone is in on the secret. A hiring manager, for example, may be sent mostly foreign CVs by HR, and not realize that HR has filtered out applicants with U.S. nationality and/or older age (the latter being closely connected to abuse of the H-1B program).

Or, there may be an awareness that H-1Bs are being hired as cheap labor, but with the view that this is actually justified, such as hiring by cash-strapped startups. Some of you probably gasped when your read this last sentence, but I’ve actually had journalists make such an argument to me in all seriousness; such is the hallowed status of tech startups in our national consciousness. And just yesterday, a foreign tech worker made that very argument to me in a discussion on Quora.

Bottom line: The vast majority of employer sponsorships for H-1B visas and green cards, the hiring of OPTs, etc. are counter to American values.


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