Will you be forced to train your replacement before you are fired or laid off?

Illegal immigration is a problem, especially if you are competing for jobs at the lower end of the pay scale.

Yet little is said about legal temporary worker visas where the competition for the best paying jobs is intense.

Why is that?

To put it into perspective, what would happen to your career if you were a:

  • Welder and 20 million welders from other countries were imported to take your work because you made too much?
  • Teacher and 20 million teachers from other countries were imported to take your work because you made too much?
  • Nurse and 20 million nurses from other countries were imported to take your work because you made too much?

Many of you are thinking that will never happen.

Perhaps if you could see how many companies want to take your job, it might help you to understand what is happening to all jobs in America?

I have put together these maps and I’m working on many more.

The purpose of the maps is to give you a report that you can view, or print out, and a map so that you can see at a glance if your job and your city have been targeted by these companies to take your job because you make too much.

You can click on any marker to see what the temporary worker would get paid and compare it against what you currently are making.

Interesting, isn’t it?

It appears that it is primarily those jobs paying more than $35,000 per year, doesn’t it?

But what companies are doing this to you?

Which companies are filing the most applications to take your job?

And what cities are they targeting?

What are the most requested jobs?

Many of you believe that it will never happen to you simply because you are unwilling to believe that the company you spent your life working for would do that to you.

As the employees of southern california edison have found out, the company has been actively working to do exactly that while hiding behind a little white lie saying we didn’t do that, the contractors we hired did that.

Haven’t heard about that?

Click here to read some more on it.


  • 2015 data only consists of about 95,000 records and 2014 has about 565,000 records, so the 2014 maps will take longer to load than the 2015 maps.
  • It it will help you in your research to have access to earlier years, let me know and I will get them out there.
  • I currently am working on putting the “PERM“, H-2A, and H-2B data out there for you to work with.
  • I am actively looking for data files on the L-1, OPT, CPT, H-4, and other temporary worker visas so that you will be able to see which companies want to force you out of your job. If you know where I can find this data, please let me know.

Contact Info:

Virgil Bierschwale

288 E. Kroll

Harper, TX 78631

(830) 998-3486

vbiersch@gmail.com – Email

@vbierschwale – Twitter

keepamericaatwork – Skype


Why do I do this?:

People ask me why I am so focused on this subject and the answer is very simple.

America has always been known as the land of opportunity where anybody, no matter the circumstances of their birth can work their way as high as they want too simply by applying themselves.

Lately though, people with decades of experience, knowledge, and wisdom in their trades, the “masters” are being forced out of their respective industry and replaced by “freshers” imported by our businesses, both large and small, specifically to displace Americans in America who were getting paid too much because of their years of service and knowledge that they had spent a lifetime accumulating.

I am one of them, and what we have done to the citizens in America has become personal to me.

The sad thing is, it is not just the citizens that are being destroyed when H-1B visa holders are imported like “scab’s” were used to break the union picket lines in decades past.

It also is the temporary worker brought in by vultures that take the majority of their wages and force them to sign documents that basically make them indentured slaves should they look for a way out of their contract.

Every day I look for ways to expose what is happening, so check back frequently

As for those that hide behind the statement that these people are immigrants.

They are not immigrants.

An immigrant comes here and once they are a citizen, they compete for jobs with the rest of the American citizens which is as it should be.

These temporary workers already have a job lined up before they come to America.

That is not immigration.

But it is collusion between government and business to keep wages down in America.


  • Even those who came over as temporary workers are beginning to realize it is a big money scam pitting citizens against immigrants

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