Let me show you why the economists of the World are Wrong and why the CEO’s of the World are sowing the seeds of their own destruction.

You’ve probably seen this chart.

If not, you can view it again by clicking here.

See how all the other recessions were basically identical?

They were caused by cyclical problems with the economy and they came back eventually.

See how the 2001 never really came back?

In 2001 when I was making good money I remember interviewing somebody and he told me it was bad out there and I didn’t believe him.

In 2003 I found out that he was correct.

See how the 2007 recession is even worse?

For long time readers of this site, you will recall that I have stated many times that the sub prime mortgage crisis is but a symptom of the real problem.

Remember how I told you that our businesses quit investing in America in 2007?

If not, you can read about it by clicking here.

2007 is when our businesses started sending jobs offshore by the tens of millions.

Yet our politicians refuse to implement common sense reporting changes to the quarterly and annual reports requiring these businesses to report the quantity of employees and how much they pay them broken down by country and state, which in my opinion makes them complicit in the destruction of the country that they swore to protect and nope, you can’t get much lower than that, can you?

I figure it is because they don’t want you to know why you can’t find jobs and they do want you to keep taking those college classes so that our colleges don’t go broke too.

In other words, its OK if austerity is forced on you.
Just not our businesses.
After all, they create jobs.

And now to top it off, I see in the Wall Street Journal that the business leaders in countries like Jordan are doing the same thing to their citizens.

Ain’t that funny.
Poor ole Rasmy Mahmoud Khair has has the same crap pulled on him that I had pulled on me, and I bet he’s pissed too, just as I am.

Rasmy Mahmoud Khair supported his family in Jordan for nearly 15 years by working on a farm in Saudi Arabia. In the two decades since the farm job ended, he and two adult sons have tried in vain to reconnect the family to a Saudi paycheck.

“They use others now—Filipinos and Pakistani,” Mr. Khair says, explaining that his efforts to return to his old job feeding chickens keep being rebuffed by Saudi authorities, who say Jordanian applicants must be certified as skilled technicians. Instead of the 700 dinars per month—about $1,000 at the time—he made working with poultry, he now earns 200 dinars a month at best picking up odd jobs, Mr. Khair says.

But in the one area of the Arab world that continues to be a job-making machine—the oil sheikdoms—Arabs aren’t getting as many jobs as they once did. The Gulf Cooperation Council, or GCC, countries—which include Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates—employ more than 15 million “guest workers,” according to World Bank figures.

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So tell me.
Do you still think its cyclical and it will come back?

Or are you beginning to realize that all the way down the totem pole, from America to Jordan.

Our business leaders are sending their jobs to cheaper countries so that they can be more profitable.

Is it finally starting to sink in that this is the real reason why you can’t find jobs and why its going to get worse until we start charging our leaders with Treason for destroying the sovereignty of there countries?

There is one and only one way that will allow the global trade between countries that they want without laying destitute the people of those countries and you can read it by clicking here.

1. It is OK to grow, raise or manufacture your products here in America and sell them to other countries and the same applies to those countries.
2. It is OK to open retail or manufacturing branches in other countries to offset the shipping problems as long as you hire the locals to work in those countries.
3. It is NOT OK to put the people in your country out of work, send the growing, raising or manufacturing to another country and then import those products back into your country.

For my brothers and sisters around the World who have been impoverished as have I.

I cannot do this by myself.

The only way we can stop the greed that is forcing Ever Decreasing Wages on us is to join hands and insist that our leaders embrace Ever Increasing Wages so that all of us are able to provide for our families with the dignity that a family should have rather than corporate forced destitution.

All of us need to work together to understand why this is the only policy that will work and then we need to work together to educate our friends and family and even our enemies.

Unless of course you want to learn first hand what Austerity really means.

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