A tip of the hat to Kumar for being able to accomplish something that I haven’t been able to accomplish…

For what it is worth, I would permanently hire Kumar if I had the funds to do so, and I would take his battle and mine globally because it is having a major impact on the lives of people all over our world.

On his channel, Kumar Exclusive, Kumar serves as an everyman narrator of the experience of recipients of the coveted H-1B skilled worker visa, which allows foreign workers to fill technical jobs in America. His dispatches offer both user-friendly how-tos (how to find a job, how to avoid scams, how to win at an American-style interview) and warnings (tales of abusive bosses, short-term contracts, employees faking resumes to win visas, and companies that use lies to tempt foreign workers to the West). On YouTube, he’s amassed a small group following, whose members regularly watch his dispatches to gain practical advice for securing their spots as technical workers abroad.


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