Ami Bera, are you an American or an Indian from India?

That is a question that you need to ask yourself because I want to understand if you have the back of All Americans or just non-immigrant guest workers.

Where do you stand?

In his congressional district, immigration is a key campaign issue. Scott Jones, the Sherriff of Sacramento County is Mr. Bera’s Republican opponent. Mr. Jones has placed himself firmly on the virulent anti-immigration side of the Republican Party. “My opponent sounds a lot like Donald Trump when talks about immigration…I talk about my story and America being a nation of immigrants. We should not change our values, we should continue to welcome people,” Mr. Bera said.

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A half million or so legal immigrants for each of those years.

And over 7 million non-immigrant visas issued for each of those years.

That is NOT immigration.

That is the result of a series of Presidents since 1990 that have legally sold H-1B Hunting Licenses that allow our companies, both foreign and domestic, to legally hunt and destroy the future of American Citizens in America.

Click on “Where are the jobs” above to see how this is playing out in the workforce.


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