An interesting plan from Art about the H-1B

Instead of fighting against new H1B quotas, ignore the quota. Bear with me.

All we have to do is “improve” the system.

All that has to be done is when the application is received, the system takes the field where the Specific job title is provided. “CNC programmer,” “SQL alnalyst,” whatever.  The system queries on that field in a dozen different job banks. If matches for that job are found, the system records the query and denies the application. They can have all the quotas they want if they are checked even in this minimal way. And we are not asking for a change in the law or the quota, we are just improving the system. Even better, the system could provide the top ten names of people looking for jobs with that title.

1 comment for “An interesting plan from Art about the H-1B

  1. Art
    January 30, 2017 at 10:39 am

    This solution does not ask to change the existing law or even the quotas. It just inserts a verification phase to the existing system. Because corporations lie.

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