And the Department of Labor REFUSES to admit that we have more people than we do jobs

Earth to DOL.

Three simple rules explain what is happening even though you refuse to admit it.

  1. Our population continues to grow which means we need more jobs for our citizens
  2. We send our best paying jobs to other countries which decreases the jobs available for our citizens.
  3. We import non-immigrant guest workers to take our best paying jobs here in America which decreases the jobs available for our citizens.

Yet you spread this horseshit.

Teen labor force participation has been on a long-term downward trend, and the decline is expected to continue to 2024, the latest year for which projections are available. A number of factors are contributing to this trend: an increased emphasis toward school and attending college among teens, reflected in higher enrollment; more summer school attendance; and more strenuous coursework. Parental emphasis on the rewards of education has contributed to the decline in teen labor force participation. Tuition costs have continued to rise dramatically, as has borrowing to pay for college. Taxpayers can qualify for tax credits to help defray tuition costs. Teen earnings are low and pay little toward the costs of college. In a teenager’s 24-hour day, except for sleeping, school activities take up the largest amount of time. Teens who do in fact want jobs face competition from older workers, young college graduates, and foreign-born workers. This article examines labor force participation trends for teens ages 16‒19, using data from the Current Population Survey. The article also examines labor force projections data from the Employment Projections program the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.


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