Anurag Rana, there are millions of Displaced American Software Developers that can fill those positions

What we do not have is somebody like Bloomberg speaking up for us.

Have you folks at Bloomberg forgot that we created the IT industry long before non-immigrant guest workers started getting imported in 1990?

We are still here, and we are as sharp as a tack.

But we don’t have a voice speaking up for us.

Why is it that you do not speak up for Americans in America Anurag?

Another area of the tech sector that will face an uphill battle in creating U.S. jobs is IT services. Low costs and a growing numbers of engineers in emerging economies are putting pressure on companies to outsource IT employees to countries such as India and the Philippines, Rana said. A full-time IT employee in the U.S. costs over seven times as much as one in India, according to data he cited from Everest Group, a research firm. The problem in IT services isn’t creating jobs, but filling them with American workers.“We have a huge shortage of technology workers in the U.S.,” Rana told Bloomberg BNA. “There are jobs, there just aren’t that many people to fill those jobs.”The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics predicts there will be 1 million more computer science jobs by 2020 than there will be computer science students qualified to fill them in the U.S.


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