As an elected official who represents Americans, I think it’s important to defend the jobs for American citizens

I for one think it is way past time that we replaced Governor Dannel P. Malloy with somebody like Rep. Chris Davis of Ellington.

“To only allow citizens to work in our country is wrong-minded,” Malloy said.

“The fear that I have is that there could be individuals that are interested in going into this field, but know that perhaps after they work so hard to get into this field that they would be replaced and out-sourced,” said Davis, ranking member of the legislative Finance, Revenue & Bonding Committee.

“We have stories of this company, in particular, of abusing that system,” Davis said of Infosys. “When I go door-to-door to talk with constituents and I knock on their door and grown men are crying at their doorstep because they were laid off and displaced and out-sourced by companies like Infosys. And then for us to give taxpayer money to that company, perhaps the taxpayer money from those individuals that were displaced and are paying taxes on their unemployment, I mean that doesn’t seem right to me.”

Malloy didn’t let it go.

“Infosys has made some mistakes and has been cited for those,” he said, stressing that as a result of past problems, the company last year set plans for as many as five hubs in various parts of the country, including North Carolina and the Midwest. “To win this competition, to have a company come to the state and say that their primary audience of people to hire are recent liberal-arts graduates from Connecticut colleges and universities and New England colleges and universities, is very significant. This is about the future, no matter how bad that past may have been for individuals.”

Afterward, during a 26-minute Q&A with reporters, Malloy said he believed Davis was trying to spin some nativist arguments. “I thought it was appropriate to point out to him that we have many people living in our country legally who are not yet citizens and we shouldn’t use verbiage that presents some challenges to those individuals,” Malloy said.

“As an elected official who represents Americans, I think it’s important to defend the jobs for American citizens,” Davis said as the Malloy news conference dispersed.


Far too many people like myself and others have had their futures destroyed by parasites like Malloy who uses the taxpayer revenue to destroy the citizens of his state.

If it were not for the tax payer revenue, Malloy could do no damage to the constituents of his state, so when it comes time to vote, vote the bastard out.

We have been silent for far too long.

It is time to end our silence.

Malloy, my story can be found via the following link. You should read it and learn from it simply because the people of your state are also going through what I have been through.

And you should study this chart in detail and ask yourself why do we have fewer people working when unemployment is supposed to be so low, than we had in the year 2000, and of those working, who is getting the jobs.

Is it the American Citizen, or the foreign born who are hired by companies like Infosys instead of the Americans, born here in America, that Infosys says they will hire?

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