Valerie Bolden-Barrett, you really should do a little research before writing things you know nothing about

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Dive Brief:

  • Not all immigrant workers replace American workers because they’ll supposedly work for less money, reports The Atlantic. Foreign nationals with highly sought-after tech skills can earn as much or more than U.S. workers, especially those with H-1B visas.
  • The University of California, San Diego, and Dartmouth College released a new study showing that foreign workers in science and technology earn on average 94ȼ on the dollar, or slightly less than American workers. But after five years in the states, they earn $1.04 for every dollar Americans make.
  • The visa program was meant to help companies find workers with specialized skills, but opponents claim the program allows thousands of foreign workers into the U.S. to do the jobs Americans normally do, except for less pay. But many H-1B holders were educated in U.S. colleges, which kept them in the country a while, and landed high-paying jobs after college.

Dive Insight:

Students from other countries outperform U.S. students in studying science, technology, engineering and math, or STEM programs. STEM specialization likely gives them an edge when applying for high-tech jobs.

Strong H-1B opponents, such as Jeff Sessions (R-IN), president-elect Donald Trump’s pick for U.S. attorney general, introduced a bill to push up visa-holders’ wages to make them less desirable to employers. But that tactic might not stop companies, especially large corporations, that need specialized workers from seeking and hiring them.

Valerie, here are the applications for H-1B Non-immigrant guest worker visas for 2016, sorted by the number that pay a certain value with the most offered salary at the top of the list.

Here is the same thing for 2014.

Now, what were you saying?

Josh Earnest, show me where Obama created any god damn jobs

I will put your own data up as an example.

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Yes, this includes all jobs except for government.

We are BARELY above the high point we hit in 2007.

I am NOT the only one that feels this way.

Your refusal to count the long term unemployed makes you look good to yourself when you look in the mirror, but it makes me look like this.

Sadly I am not the only one that sees through your smoke and mirrors.

As Earnest noted, there is a difference between a job that is created and a job that is saved. But there are also jobs that are lost — which Earnest ignores.

The president’s press secretary comes up with 805,000 by counting job growth since February 2010, which was the low point for manufacturing jobs in the U.S. following the Great Recession from December 2007 to June 2009. The administration frequently uses February 2010 as a start date when calculating manufacturing jobs, as it did on Aug. 8 to announce Manufacturing Day.

And the damned jobs that were regained after the high point we hit in 2007 didn’t go go American Citizens, they went to people who are not even god damned Americans, thanks to you.


If Trump will bring in guest workers to work in the fields, he will do the same to STEM workers

and if he does, Displaced Americans will haunt his every move until he does his part to Keep America At Work by hiring Americans in America.

President-elect Donald Trump holds a media event in Indiana to talk about a deal to keep Carrier jobs in the US, but also addressed other issues such as the Mexican border.

Trump pointed out that some people have questioned whether he will indeed follow through with his promise to have a wall along the border and he said, “trust me we are going to build the wall and by the way people are going to come through that wall. We are going to have doors in that wall, but they are going to come through legally and people are going to come through on worker permits to work the fields. We are going to have people a lot of people are going to come through, but it’s going to be done through a legal process but one thing that is not going to come through is drugs. The drugs are going to stop.”

I believe it will grow software employment for U.S.-based talent.

I’m here..


Seems like I even applied several years back.

Pick me…

Hear all of those that have senior level skills yelling at you Ken Behrendt?

They are out there.

Behrendt said the H-1B program doesn’t help what he sees as a shortage of senior, skilled resources who are paid top dollar and have considerable experience. Most H-1B workers have limited experience.

In Puerto Rico, Carlos Melendez, the co-founder of Wovenware, believes H-1B visas restrictions will help companies in the U.S. and Puerto Rico as well.

Wovenware employs 50 workers, an increase of 60% this year, and expects to add 10 to 25 employees next year, said Melendez. He said Puerto Rico-based services firms can provide engineering talent at much lower cost than the mainland, while following the same U.S. regulations, currency and time zones.

H-1B restrictions “will only boost” Wovenware’s growth, said Melendez. But for now, it’s wait-and-see time.

“Government changes could certainly increase our sales opportunities, but we are not counting those opportunities into our business model right now,” said Melendez.

Nirmala Sitharaman, What market does India have that will benefit Americans in America?

“I would continue to have the same approach of talking to the US because India is a very big market. They can’t ignore us. They shouldn’t ignore us in the sense that we are the only economy with the growth potential that we have.

Seems to me that I read somewhere that India would not let Apple open its stores in India?
Oh Yes, here we go:
Apple’s plan to open three Apple Store locations in India may fall through following a ruling from the Indian finance ministry that says Apple must sell locally sourced goods if it wants to open stores in the country, reports Reuters.

In India, 30 percent of goods sold by foreign companies must be manufactured or produced in the country, a requirement Apple does not meet as its products are largely made in China. India last year exempted retailers selling state-of-the-art goods from the rule, prompting Apple to file a new application with the Indian government.

Ever hear of a Trojan Horse?

Somebody in China with deep pockets bought out mooney aircraft not too far from me.

So far it has been good for the employees from what I have heard.

But, why is China doing this?

And what are we going to do if they buy all of our companies using the money we paid them to take our jobs in the first place and then they evict us from America?

And tomorrow President Elect Donald Trump and VP Elect Mike Pence will be in Indiana, and more specifically, at the Carrier air conditioning plant to announce that 1,000 jobs will stay in the U.S. after Carrier had said in February that their plant was closing and moving to Mexico. I’m sure it’s the tax incentives that Trump is proposing that helped this deal and the threat of hitting Carrier with a 35% tariff for making the air conditioners in Mexico and thinking that they could just ship them back to the US tax free.


There’s also been a lot of noise lately about visas for tech workers being affected. The Guardianreported last week that “Under the H-1B visa scheme, 65,000 workers and another 20,000 graduate student workers are admitted to the US each year. The tech industry, which has lobbied to expand the program, may now have to fight a rear-guard action to protect it, immigration attorneys and lobbyists said.”


More than likely Trump won’t be an advocate of the H-1B visa scheme, though it’s not yet known exactly where Trump is on this issue, for sure. But until it’s ironed out, Apple’s Tim Cook keeps opening “R&D centers” around the world at an accelerated rate. I’m sure that Cook will simply be hiring foreign engineers and students from abroad and keeping them in these new facilities. Apple has announced more R&D centers this year than any previous year and that’s not coincidental. Cook is forward thinking.


Cook called Trump to congratulate him on his victory and President Elect Trump made it clear that there’s going to be unprecedented tax relief and incentives to persuade Apple to make products in the U.S. It’s not like Apple will stop making iOS and Mac devices in China or India or anywhere else. But if Apple wants to sell products in the U.S., they should be made in the U.S. With the right tax breaks, Apple won’t be losing money making products in the U.S.


Tomorrow is December 1 and before we know it Donald Trump will be sworn in as the 45th President and he’s going to hit the ground running on several fronts. One of the top three things he’s aiming for is tax relief and incentives for businesses to make things in the US again and bring back pride to tradesmen who have been hurt under the one-sided NAFTA trade deal signed in by Bill Clinton.


There are so many positives for Silicon Valley if they stopped whining and got down to business like the Chinese are. Why not dream again. Why not create the world’s first smart super highway for smart cars from San Francisco to Boston? Why not invest in smart car factories and next-gen aircraft? Why not promote and accelerate the iPad program for education?


The stupid side of Silicon Valley reared its ugly head when Trump won the election and we reported on that. Now it’s time for the brainiacs in Silicon Valley to step up to the plate and meet with President Elect Trump to ignite a new wave of investment in bold projects and to accelerate diversity in the workplace instead of fearing the boogeyman. The Chinese are getting down to business in the U.S. and it’s about time for U.S. companies to do the same.


If your credentials don’t align with those you’ve presented, you won’t just lose a job- you’ll damage your own and your company reputation.

FAKE NAME = Name which does not match with the Driving Licence is considered FAKE. Earlier Fake Callers use to call saying that they are representing IRS now Staffing companies have started calling saying that they have a resource or a open position with them. Anyone doing these malpractice should be reported and the employers who allow their employees to use fake names should be fined big time. Now Employers have started calling with Fake Names pretending they are sitting in the United States. Many pretending to submit resumes with Fake Names and identification.

FAKE IDENTIFICATION :Many of the Clients and Top Tier 1 Vendors have started reporting that the Driving Licence is Fake, Name of the Consultant who took the interview is not the Same as the one who actually Started the Project, the i-797 copies are fake.

FAKE RESUME : They have less than 1-2 years of experience but their employers are marketing the profiles with 6-7 years of experience in order to make humongous amount of $$$$$ and misrepresenting the resource in FRONT OF THE CLIENT. They do not have SHAME

Fellow Staffing Professionals: Remember: “If your credentials don’t align with those you’ve presented, you won’t just lose a job- you’ll damage your own and your company reputation”. Many of the staffing professionals I speak are using Fake Names, why are they all ashamed of using their Real Names and their employers are also allowing them to do the same.