Behind Jail Cell # 2 we find the Scumbags of Cengage Learning and Cognizant…

That is what the headline should read.

Folks, there is a very easy solution to these companies sending our jobs to other countries or importing temporary workers on non immigrant visas to take our jobs here at home.

It starts with the realization that the bulk of their sales revenue comes from America.

Once you realize that, if every American that is faced with the decision of using Cengage Learning makes the decision NOT to use them, they will go out of business like they should.

The biggest group, those getting pink slips, were told to remain in the large conference room. Workers directed to go through what we’ll call Door No. 2, were offered employment with IT offshore outsourcing firm Cognizant. That was the smallest group. And those sent through Door No. 3 remained employed in Cengage’s IT department. This happened in mid-October.

“I was so furious,” said one of the IT workers over what happened. It seemed “surreal,” said another. There was disbelief, but little surprise. Cengage, a major producer of educational content and services, had outsourced accounting services earlier in the year. The IT workers rightly believed they were next.

The employees were warned that speaking to the news media meant loss of severance. Despite their fears, they want their story told. They want people to know what’s happening to IT jobs in the heartland. They don’t want the offshoring of their livelihoods to pass in silence.
The employees remaining at Cengage have begun training their replacements in person and via the Web. Their work is being “shadowed” and recorded. Their jobs will end in January.

Cengage, in an email statement, acknowledged a reduction in the workforce of 75 positions. An additional 20 positions have been moved to Cognizant and most employees have accepted those positions, the firm said.

Susan Aspey, senior vice president of public affairs for Cengage Learning, said in an emailed statement that the “business is evolving and we now serve more customers with software than print materials.

Now that is a hell of a reason to send your jobs to India isn’t it?

Americans were doing more with software long before India began churning out “freshers” and we do it better.

Remember that old mechanic saying about you can have it cheaper, faster, and better?

Think about that and while you are at that, ask yourself why the bulk of their assets are in America and why these scumbags are sending their jobs offshore and hiring the scumbags of Cognizant to do their dirty work for them.

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And don’t forget to look at the left column in this next picture to see where the bulk of their revenue comes from (Domestic means America)

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Click on the link above to view their full earnings statement for 2014.

And when you are out in the public and you run into any of these corporate scumbags, feel free to give them your opinion of what they are doing to the greatest country in the world by destroying the people of your community.



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