Boy, were my eyes opened

Been there, done that, got the t-shirt, and currently working as a janitor

Ain’t the land of opportunity great?

First, he went to an executive recruiter, who “informed me he was not in a position to try and help me. When I asked why, he informed me that placing someone over 50 was extremely difficult, but someone over 60 was almost impossible. In fact, he informed me that, should he present me, he would probably lose that client and most likely his job.”

Next, he tried a professional-staffing firm to fill a construction-management opening. Based on his resume, he recalled that the staff told him “I was the best candidate, with unbelievable experience and a great fit.”

Bill was encouraged, despite the low pay offered. But the clients “felt that that I was overqualified. They were afraid of me finding another opportunity and leaving in the middle of the project. I offered to sign a contract which would alleviate those concerns.” No reply.

Then he fell “about as low as one can go”: the job message boards. Bill answered requests for project cost-accountant positions – “basically, starting over.” No replies.

Plan D: “On Monday, I am attending an open house at a recently opened hotel that is looking for a shuttle driver for their guests.” He hoped to get lucky and find an airport route, and passengers who tip.


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