Carl Frey and Michael Osbourne, Obviously you have not spoken to THE Displaced Americans

I can tell you right now, I used to make $67.50 per hour so that blows your theory out of the water right away.

We are already going through what you think is going to happen.

It is happening in waves.

Wave 1 was the sending of jobs offshore

Wave 2 was the importation of non-immigrant guest workers that are docile, compliant, unaware of their rights in America and cheap.

Wave 3 is AI which will combine waves 1 and 2 and get us to what you see happening.

If you really want to understand the ramifications of this and what happened to those Americans who our government refuses to count, come see me or you can contact me at

Both of these studies of jobs at risk due to automation, however, agreed that lower-paying jobs are at the highest risk. The study by Frey and Osbourne, for example, found that 83 percent of jobs paying $20 or less an hour would be pressured by AI, compared to just 4 percent of jobs paying $40 an hour or more. “If labor productivity increases do not translate into wage increases, then the large economic gains brought about by AI could accrue to a select few,” the report says. “Instead of broadly shared prosperity for workers and consumers, this might push towards reduced competition and increased wealth inequality.”

The critical question that researchers cannot answer is whether job growth, which traditionally has offset the loss of 6 percent of US jobs every quarter due to downsizing or closing businesses, can likewise absorb losses due to automation. Anticipating a potential wave of job losses due to automation, the report advocates strategies to educate and prepare new workers, assist those who lose jobs, and take steps to mitigate increased income inequality.

As for job growth, what job growth?

As you can see by the following chart, we have barely gained a million or so jobs since the high point we hit in 2007.

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