Geekdom and USAA, please sign me up and show me how many veterans are in the IT dept at USAA

After all, I have tried to get in there numerous times and I’ve heard rumors that I can’t get hired because USAA uses outsourcing companies that only hire H-1B’s and I would like to know if this is true.

It’s not just a friendship, it’s a Partnership!

In case you missed the announcement, we are proud to announce our new Partnership with USAA. It comes with great honor to be able to give back to our military community. USAA launched an initiative Wednesday that will underwrite 50% of Geekdom membership fees for military veterans, active duty military, and military spouses who sign up as new members of the downtown co-working space. You have served our country & now we are pleased to serve you! Be sure to check out our new site for military members, veterans, and military spouses here!


Helping almost anyone get a job and succeed in technology, especially if they wanted to, I realized, was possible.

Outsourcing firms operate an almost pyramid-like system: they bring foreign nationals to the United States, who then learn the jobs of American citizens. Then these foreign workers return home overseas. Many times, the best workers in India arrive in a tech-friendly city such as Seattle, learn the ins and outs of their host company, fly back to the subcontinent to run a call center or IT department, and train their workers with the skills they learned in the United States.

To be sure, this is capitalism at work, something I support as an entrepreneur. But it has gone too far. Allowing companies to outsource their training programs and lay off their own employees in favor of keeping cheap foreign labor undermines our visa program.

As a result, the H1B program does not foster or give priority to American job growth over the long run. Creating the industries of tomorrow, ensuring the next “big idea” happens here, creating a steady pipeline of future employment for U.S. workers each falls by the wayside.

Instead of expanding the H1B visa program, let’s reform it. Instead of outsourcing job creation, let’s place a premium on creating jobs here at home over the long run. Instead of training foreign workers to work as call center operators, IT professionals, and Q&A workers, let’s train American workers for needed professional and technical jobs.


Sheila Goldman, You are my hero…

To the editor: I was appalled to read Michael Hiltzik’s column about University of California system information technology jobs going to migrant workers from India. (“How the University of California exploited a visa loophole to move tech jobs to India,” Jan. 6)

What message does it send that UC believes so little in the skills of its American IT employees that it not only puts profits above integrity, but also weakens our California economy with unnecessary and unwarranted layoffs of skilled individuals? This is an outrageous abuse of the federal H-1B visa program that might be acceptable in the for-profit world but not UC.

I have sent three children to UC schools, and I am outraged by this. The university’s move is the epitome of economic and moral blindness.

Sheila Goldman, Woodland Hills


Sleazy IBM

Found this on facebook.

IF IBM is doing this to their employees, what are the big banks doing to their employees, AND YOUR DATA.

Please post this as anonymous.
The following is my response to a recruiter’s email about a job opening.
To whom it may concern, regarding the IBM position that you have contacted me about:

Normally if I’m not qualified for a position that a recruiter sends me, I just send their email to the circular file. But in this case I feel compelled to respond.

If you had actually read my LinkedIn profile, you would see that my most recent position was with IBM. That employment was terminated a few months ago, in spite of decades of stellar performance in multiple roles, proving over and over again that I was a model employee that was willing to do what I could for my company and if I had to learn something new to do my job better or move into a different role, my response was always, “Bring it on!” My employment termination from IBM was “forced retirement”…. yep, I was one of thousands impacted by one of the many resource actions IBM has used to terminate people just because of their age (over 50) and their national origin (born in the USA).

And if you follow Bloomberg or WRAL or Patrick Thibodeau or Robert Cringley or a whole slew of other business and technical publications and columnists, you would know that without a doubt, IBM is one of the most sleazy, unethical corporations in the world today. Their abuse of the H1B visa program in the United States is rampant. I and my American (US and Canadian) coworkers were doing our jobs perfectly well, thank you very much, but our jobs have been sent overseas. At the time that I was forced to retire, there were only two US located people on my team (I was the team lead of these two people as well as dozens located in China, Belarus, Brazil, and India). The two US resources were H1B visa and green card holders, both contract employees, whose national origin was Chinese. Furthermore, just two months after my team lead job was sent overseas, I found a job listing on Indeed for the EXACT SKILLS needed for my team (Hello….. I HAVE THOSE SKILLS!), and not only that, my specific former group was mentioned in the job description. It’s an understatement for me to say that I was just a bit ticked off. I was the ONLY United States citizen on a team of almost 40 people…. and they didn’t “need my skills”, yet I find my exact job listing on Indeed just a mere two months later??? I call FOUL.

You have to understand that the fact that some recruiter has begged me to consider another position at IBM…. well…. the only phrase I can come up with (without using questionable language) is that this is HIGHLY INSULTING.

I would not consider another position at IBM for any amount of money, because I KNOW BETTER than to sign myself up for their abuse again. The primary reason of course is that their treatment of their employees as well as their customers is nothing short of shameful. Secondly, Ginny Rommety is only the top of the list, but the entire board of directors is unethical and corrupt. And finally, have you looked at their financial results lately? Eighteen straight quarters of negative results? Why on EARTH would I want to join that sinking ship?

In conclusion, I have to ask you to please remove my name from your mailing list. I cannot and will not respond to future contact attempts from anybody that thinks that doing business with this corrupt company in ANY capacity is worth any amount of money that they are being paid.

Former IBM employee and proud American worker of a certain age


Vineet Nayyar, VC, Tech Mahindra, There is something you are missing…

In order for you do to the work in Bombay or Delhi, you will be working with American Data.

The American citizens are fed up with their data not being maintained in America.

And Keep America At Work is actively seeking donations so that we can shine a very bright spotlight on government agencies that use the money the American people paid in via their income taxes to hire companies that do NOT only hire American Citizens to work in America.

As public exposure grows, less and less government work will come your way.

But hell, you did it to yourselves by not only hiring Americans to work in America.


We would be wrong if we said it would not be an issue. It is an issue with H-1B visa being clamped down but essentially it is a temporary disruption because technology is not related to a particular space. What H-1B visa holders are doing in the US can be done from any part of the world. We live in a very different world at this point of time. What we may see is recurrence of what happened during Y2K. Because of the huge demand, a lot of offshoring took place and individuals who are working now  ..

Nasscom, THE Displaced American skilled software developer does NOT live like this because there is a shortage of skilled workers

Now, if you want to talk about discrimination, lets talk about age discrimination and caste discrimination that is discriminating against Americans in America which is against our laws.

MUMBAI: In a bid to counter the bill for H1-B visas which has been re-introduced in the US Congress after a failed attempt in July last year, Nasscom will highlight the discriminatory nature of the proposed provisions, a top official said.

“The US government’s statistics said there is shortage of skilled workers. It is question of demand and supply. The current bill and many other such legislative measures are applied on a discriminatory basis.

“We continue to share our perceptions about the skill shortages that exist, the kind of contribution the IT industry has made to corporate America. We share our deep concern at the discriminatory nature of the proposed provisions,” Nasscom’s President R. Chandrashekhar told BTVi in an interview.


L1 visa importing more foreign workers than H1b

Received this note from skp301 today

Felt it was worth sharing as I have heard that the L-1 and the B-1 were being used substantially more than the H-1B, but I don’t normally mention it as I can’t find any government data on it.

Happy New Year!
You are doing an amazing job for the software community through your site !
I want to bring attention to something far more dangerous than H1b visa abuse. You are focusing on H1b visa abuse rightly so.
However, I recently found this new visa type called L1 visa. It was an eye opener. Check this link I found online,
L1 visa is replacing more jobs than H1b does and no one knows about it. It’s almost exclusively used by outsourcing companies.
Unlike H1b visa, it has
no annual limits,
no minimum pay,
dependents allowed to work
and other fantastic benefits.
The problem is, people have no awareness about L1 at all. If H1b is made stricter, outsourcers will continue unaffected because they will just shift to more L1s.
Could you please share the above link and the information in your blog and help bring attention to this important topic. 
Let me know if you need anything more.
Once again, you are doing an amazing job for the community! Thank you for that.

Unemployed? I get your pain

Ran out of propane this morning.

No money to buy anything so that can’t get fixed.

If you talk to the federal or state government, they will tell you that there are no long term unemployed software developers out there as everybody that wants a job has a job.

If you talk to the software developers that have been forced out with jobs being sent offshore and non-immigrant guest workers imported to take the remaining jobs, they will tell you that the government doesn’t have a clue what is happening.

Meanwhile, people like myself have a choice as to whether they want to commit suicide now or later.