India, America will call your bluff and raise you jobs

But while US businesses are heavily reliant on IT services from Indian suppliers, including the use of Indian staff in the US, US companies, including some of the tech giants, have made huge investments in Indian operations, which are vital to their competitiveness and future growth. Trade is a two-way flow and the same goes for trade barriers. If the US implements trade barriers on Indian imports, India can do the same.

At a recent event in India, the country’s commerce minister, Nirmala Sitharaman, is reported to have said: “It is not just that Indian companies are in the US; several big US companies are in India too. They are earning their margins, they are earning their profits, which go to the US economy. It is a situation which is not where only the Indian companies have to face the US executive order. There are many US companies in India which have been doing business for some years now. If this debate has to be expanded, it has to be expanded to include all these aspects. We shall ensure that all these factors are kept in mind.”

Life is a poker game India, and America is holding all of the cards.

You naively believe that we can’t do the work without the indentured servants that you supply.

Problem is, we were doing the work long before 1990 when India and America conceived the H-1B scam.

So you say you will react to our protectionism by taxing the companies who have built businesses in India from America.


Keep their buildings.

But we are going to find a way to force them to work from America or if they want to work from India, we will find a way to make it so that they can not sell their products and, or services in America or Europe or Australia.

Which will leave your people without work because for some reason, your country does not feel the need to provide jobs for your citizens which they desperately need.

And just think.

All your companies like infosys, tata, accenture, ibm india, etc. had to do was to provide jobs for Americans so that they could provide for their families.

Instead, you forced us into extreme poverty by using caste in the selection process which is illegal as hell in America.

Indian IT companies destroy opportunity in every country they operate in using caste

Responding to the H1B visa row, Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad on Saturday said, if multinational companies have made big businesses then Indian minds have contributed to it immensely. Saying that there is a need for reciprocity, Prasad said after conquering the world Indian IT companies should explore the vast market of Digital India. “Indian IT companies create jobs they do not steal jobs either in USA or in any other country. If multinational companies have made big business then Indian minds have also immensely contributed. There is a need for reciprocity. Indian IT companies have conquered the world. Now it is their time to look back inside India and explore the vast market of #DigitalIndia,” he said.


India, why do you not create jobs in India for your people?

You have some sharp people.

Sadly, many are denied opportunity because of your willingness to use caste.

That would be the first thing I would eliminate.

And then I would go after the corrupt.

So that the people of India can build a country like America with opportunity for everybody, regardless of their circumstances of birth.

There is an interesting article today at Quartz.

You should read it by clicking on the following link:


This comment pretty well sums up what I have noticed over the last 14 years of caste and age discrimination induced extreme poverty

Yes! In fact I watched it happen. I lived 3 blocks from Apple when the invasion started in ’98. After they collapsed Silicon Valley in 2001 by not performing as promised (they killed Sun, PeopleSoft, just to name a few), they all then fled to Wall St for high paying jobs. Want to know who REALLY caused the 2008 collapse? GUESS WHO! AND I can prove it:

– Wipro sold a flawed trading package SPECTRAMIND to none other than Lehman, which then went belly up and died because it could no longer make correct program trades and lost billions.

– CountryWide Mortgage sent all its loan processing work to India in 2007 – which then allowed “subprime” loans to be approved. CountryWide had to be bailed out.

– Bear Sterns also hired huge numbers of them. Gone.

– Citibank’s Indian CEO Vikram “The Bandit” Pandit mismanaged the company so badly it also had to be bailed out.

– An Indian national STEM worker at Fannie Mae planted a logic bomb on FM servers designed to wipe the entire company out. FM hired many Indian STEM workers. Had to be bailed out. The logic bomber is now in prison:

And then there is the fact that most of the housing crisis was caused by mortgage-paying Americans losing their jobs to non-mortgage paying foreign guest workers. Loans that were fine in the 90s suddenly became “subprime”.

Boeing lost several million and was sued by ANA Japan for late delivery of the 787. The cause? HCL’s FAILED ES OS which the FAA told Boeing to throw out because it was unsafe for flight. HCL was banned from ever working on the project again:

Not exactly cost savings is it? The ANA lawsuit cost Boeing millions more.

An India Inc also caused the nationwide 2005 Christmas day airport shutdown when Indian programmers used a short int instead of a long int on ComAir’s crew reservation system which then crashed when flight crew assignments exceeded the 65,353 value that a short int can hold. Best and brightest. How much did THAT fiasco cost the American public and companies?

The list is a mile long. Disaster and failure seems to follow these people everywhere they go. How much longer will USA tolerate this non-performance?

Must we also start ganging up on your fellow citizens who have gone to stay in our countries?

A little food for thought that a reader from India sent in.

It was a dream country to visit one day, only to find my dream come through by having a chance to migrate and stay here for 3 years an offer that was more than wished for. India was an amazing place I always daydreamed about from hearing about the Taj Mahal to the popular movie who wants to be a millionaire to the pretty faced actress in Bollywood movies. I felt it was worth the price to at least come one day to see this beautiful country.

The fact that they had different cultures, traditions etc. Made me fall in love with country more on my arrival but little did I know that it was a terror within. Where the educated will gel and want to know more about you the noneducated saw you as a threat and a human eater-cannibal. Really in this century who feeds on the flesh of another human.
But little did I know that the country I so much fell in love with living outside was a nightmare to live in. Where the people who you lived your daily life with will end up turning against you just in case there was a problem.

They will call an attack on blacks non-racial but will attack anybody with a dark skin irrespective of the difference in the 54 countries there in the continent of Africa. But say we all the same? Is that not racial? Just because we look same don’t make us same people because behind the dark skin we all have different identities. But yet attack all of us when one person does something wrong and you call it non-racial?

The government of India will only speak for matters to cool down but will not pass laws to condemn racial abuse. It’s not even a case of only blacks, the case of North-easterners as well same people who come from India are even hated. What else are you guys looking for? But yet you apply for H-1B to live in another man’s world and no one harms you. We were here when Indians in Dubai sent a video of how they were being molested in Dubai and the whole India were talking about it like it was so cruel but yet the forget that they were putting people through the same situation even when they were not taking their jobs but educating themselves.

I’m saddened and frustrated, can’t seem to understand what is bringing this hatred within. Someone please explain to me. Must we also start ganging up on your fellow citizens who have gone to stay in our countries? You say who cares just because you don’t have a relative there to be attacked but if you were to be attacked yourself will you dare to live to be attacked in another man’s country where you are vulnerable? That’s the choice you leave us. But we are too civilized to do unto you what you do unto us.

We are the same people investing in your wonder how? We renting your flats at high prices, paying a huge amount of dollars for fees, and spending the monies we bring in here and not saving them outside India but in the same Indian banks. Please give us some respect. The recent attack in Noida is something I can’t really understand where innocent people will have to be hospitalised for a crime they didn’t commit. Who pays for the bill? Why make someone suffer something he knows nothing about.and yet the press only tell a one sided story and no one will want to listen to the African what even breaks my heart Is when they tried a press conference the police came in and stopped it.

It’s only a fool who fears what he doesn’t know. Let our voices be heard. With so many human right lawyers and activists none of them are out there talking the truth just because they fear.


It has become impossible for ordinary citizens and even new green card holders in the US, to compete with H1B and L1 Indians in the job market, arriving daily by the plane load.

Pretty well sums up what is happening, doesn’t it?

The oligarchs of Silicon Valley and Wall Street (aka tech industry) created, and for years flew high on (pun intended), a bogeyman called “skilled worker shortage”; there is none. Instead there’s a vast industrial-scale complex of outsourced jobs, bogus credentialing, visa frauds, IRS tax scams and various other forms of cheating perpetrated by India Inc., that has been gaining ground in the US, and has steadily expanded ever since, much to the detriment of US workers. It did not become a $180 billion industry overnight!!! Against the backdrop of this maddening mayhem, “American greed” sounds like child’s play. TCS, Infosys, HCL, L&T, Mindtree, Wipro, Cognizant, Mahindra, Genpact and the other hundreds of C-grade companies from India have devoured US jobs, even to the extent of having completely taken over certain industries. Financial services, call centers, help desks, legal and paralegal support are now entirely owned by India Inc. It has become impossible for ordinary citizens and even new green card holders in the US, to compete with H1B and L1 Indians in the job market, arriving daily by the plane load. So complete and lethal is their stranglehold they won’t even let certain jobs be advertised, let alone invite token candidates and conduct fake interviews to convince regulatory authorities.
This takeover of American companies, offices, neighborhoods, towns, schools, colleges, universities and virtually every government institution whether state, county or federal, has come at an impossibly high price. India Inc. has easily displaced over 10 million US citizens since the outsourcing industry sprouted thanks to the wonderful efforts of Welch – Jack Welch that is, former CEO of GE. Since then it has been an unstoppable tsunami of corporate cannibalism blatantly waged over unsuspecting Americans by the grossly calculating and fiendishly manipulative citizens of India. So you think, that’s OK, who cares? Wait till YOUR kids find it impossible to secure jobs, then watch the reaction. Contrary to what the media purports, there’s really no existential threat to the US from Mexicans or Muslims – the real threat is economic, from India Inc. Left unchecked, they’ll destroy the very foundations of capitalism before 2025.
If anyone really doubts the direct/indirect costs of IT outsourcing, here are the numbers and they DON’T lie. Even if only a million jobs were displaced, that is way TOO MANY. India’s IT outsourcing industry is over $180 BILLION in revenue. 70% of 85000 visas per year are hogged by H1Bs, H4, F1, EAD, OPT and L1 from India. Over a period of 20 years, that adds up to approx. 1.2 million Indian immigrants transplanted into the US since Y2K (the actual number is closer to 2 million, per many reliable estimates). This also means, over a million US citizens lost $180,000 each to Indians that displaced them. Those are just direct financial losses, indirect, community, health and retirement/pension losses are another ballgame entirely. Sounds too simplistic? But numbers don’t lie, do they? Entire communities have been uprooted and trans-morphed by the Indian invasion. When is this going to end???? Why are Americans being held captive in their own homeland by these foreign aliens?? If this isn’t high treason, then what is???

It’s well known that Indians and their IT firms actively discriminate against Americans in very subtle and beneath the surface ways. Neither the EEOC nor DOL can do a thing to stop it. Its high time Americans woke up to how their country has been systematically carved up and sold to the highest foreign bidders. India is the biggest threat to US in the 21st century, an ECONOMIC threat, and they’re well aware, that once you break the knees, there’s no chance of standing up again. They’re playing a deadly game in trying to permanently paralyze global economic dominance of the US.
This is not about the present generations’ jobs – those that are in the mid-career space, 40s, 50s, about to retire will probably come out OK – but it is American children in schools and colleges today that will bear the brunt of this onslaught AND for a good part of their working lives, be fighting a long and losing battle against the CHILDREN of these Indians that are growing up here. In years to come, this will be very PAINFUL to watch. Since 2008-09, we’ve been hearing stories on how recent grads could not get even an entry level job after months and sometimes years of trying, were forced to work in fast food or move-in with parents, de-skill, re-skill, join the military, or just plain collect welfare. It will become MUCH WORSE once the 2nd generation “rich spoiled brat Indian kid” comes into the job market. It will be pure havoc, and this is already happening in parts of the US like Silicon Valley and the NY-NJ-CT tri state area. Non-Indians simply CANNOT compete with these hungry hordes of desperate “desis”. They are driven like absolute egomaniacs to simply have the best (in their narrow world-views) – they HAVE to go to Harvard or Stanford, they HAVE to join Finance or Investment Banking, or become doctors, and they HAVE to be a millionaire by 30 (otherwise who will marry them????).