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Michelle Malkin had some simple questions for Democrat open-borders shills about the 3 Pakistani Muslim brothers caught in a criminal theft & hacking probe. Dems answered NONE of them.

Posted by CRTV on Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Stacy Collett, when you remove physical security from the equation, you end up jeopardizing the integrity of everything you are attempting to secure

New U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions may disagree about whether there is a shortage of skilled IT workers in America, as he has asserted at hearings over the past two years, but talk to most CISOs and they will confirm that when it comes to cybersecurity talent in particular, the skills shortage is very real.

“There’s no doubt about it,” says John Masserini, CISO at equity derivatives marketMIAX Options in Princeton, N.J. “We’ve had two positions open for three months now,” a security operations center analyst and a security engineer position. The company’s location between two major metro areas – New York City and Philadelphia – makes the competition for cybersecurity talent especially tough, he says. Meanwhile, the firm’s security workload keeps growing. “I already know that by the end of this year I’m going to have a couple more openings,” he says.

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I can do this job and even though the Department of Veterans Affairs will tell me I’m not qualified, I’m applying anyway – GS-2210-11/12

For those not knowing this, being a radioman in the navy required you to know all about the security of systems whether it was electronic, rf, tempest, physical, emi, etc.

Major Duties: The employee serves as the Information Security Officer (ISO) in support of either a VA facility or specified program area of responsibility and reports to either the Supervisory Regional Information Security Director, Deputy Director or supervisory Network ISO as deems appropriate. The employee actively participates in network and systems design to ensure implementation of viable systems security policies and procedures. Develops policies and procedures to ensure secure information systems reliability and accessibility; and to prevent and safeguard against unauthorized access to automated information systems, networks and data. Conducts systems security evaluations, audits and reviews; and develops Automated Information Systems (AIS) security contingency plans and disaster recovery procedures.
Designs Information Technology (IT) systems programs to ensure controlled accessibility to AIS, as well as to prevent and defend against unauthorized access to systems, networks, and data.
Monitors and tracks controlled access programs to ensure implementation and viability of appropriate systems security policies, as well as the acquisition of IT security tools.
Plans, establishes and implements local AIS systems security program(s), such as IT security, certification and accreditation processes, regular and recurring Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) analysis and the performance of test and assessments of security authentication technologies.
Leads ad hoc teams in the conduct of comprehensive program studies and evaluations to assure efficacy and viability of AIS operations, as well as compliance with and adherence to established Federal and VA/OI&T laws, regulations, policies and procedures established to protect AIS from unauthorized access; and sensitive data from fraudulent compromise.
Develops and implements program procedures to ensure that systems, network and data users are aware of, as well as understand and adhere to AIS policies and procedures.
Ensures the rigorous application of AIS policies, principles and practices relative to all local IT systems and services.
You will perform all duties as assigned.

Yes I know they won’t hire me but I want my life back.

Thirteen years with no steady employment has taken its toll.