A tip of the hat to Kumar for being able to accomplish something that I haven’t been able to accomplish…

For what it is worth, I would permanently hire Kumar if I had the funds to do so, and I would take his battle and mine globally because it is having a major impact on the lives of people all over our world.

On his channel, Kumar Exclusive, Kumar serves as an everyman narrator of the experience of recipients of the coveted H-1B skilled worker visa, which allows foreign workers to fill technical jobs in America. His dispatches offer both user-friendly how-tos (how to find a job, how to avoid scams, how to win at an American-style interview) and warnings (tales of abusive bosses, short-term contracts, employees faking resumes to win visas, and companies that use lies to tempt foreign workers to the West). On YouTube, he’s amassed a small group following, whose members regularly watch his dispatches to gain practical advice for securing their spots as technical workers abroad.


You people learn skills, teach them to others, and then kiss your jobs goodbye.

From time to time I receive thoughts on how to fix the H-1B Scam.

Here is another perspective that I received today.

I get your frustration with big corporations getting Indians to work as cheap labor, but if the H1B ends, don’t you think it will prevent all Indians from going regardless of whether they are esteemed professors/researchers/scientists?

Universities follow very rigid processes in hiring faculty, and when they hire a non-American, that person will surely be above all others who applied for that job including Americans.

Doesn’t this count as greater skill?

Won’t ending the H1B, end this process too, depriving American students from access to the best professors from around the world?

I agree that the IT sector thing is messed up.

You people learn skills, teach them to others, and then kiss your jobs goodbye.

That’s bad.

However, every non-American does not want to work in the IT sector (including me), and some of us want access to the world’s finest research techniques available in your universities.

A person in IT sector may do the same job for in India, for an Indian Company in India, but a researcher in need of that research technology or students motivated enough to help, cannot do that level of research in India at least not in the near future.

Therefore, don’t you feel a need to have a H1B visa plan, just not the way it is right now?

What I propose below are alternatives for H1B plan, specific to India, or other countries that hog H1Bs. (I agree this borders on discrimination against country of origin, but hey, we caused this problem for you people, so we deserve it)

1) Grant H1B only for those Indians who have completed a Bachelor’s degree in US.

Reason – As the number of Indians aspiring for Bachelor’s degree is way less than those for master’s degree (due to high costs and lack of funds/scholarships) a majority of H1B will be not used.

2) Grant H1B for those Indians who fulfill EB1 green card requirements under outstanding researcher/professor/alien of special ability (not the third category, just the first two).

Reason – This will decrease H1B granted by a large extent, as not many Indians are really more skilled than Americans, but those will fulfill the conditions required by EB1 Category, will definitely be more skilled for that job, and not just portrayed as is the present case.

And Americans, do not despair.

While I may not agree with all of your president’s decisions, the decision to curb green cards and H1Bs given is a good one for the world.

Just do not cancel the H1B plan entirely, making it impossible for anyone to come.

Kumar on – I daily receive horrible pathetic victims emails, nobody can complain against Indian employers in USA because they molest their own employees or h1b contractors.

What Americans do not know about H1B?
1. H1B a boy or girl brought into USA either by a desi(Indian Incs we also call body shopper who does  business with bodies) or Indian outsourcing companies. It is better I should write less about Indian outsourcing companies shit here as you guys know well about TCS etc.
2. These Indian Incs give FAKE offer letters of 80K to 100K but no salaries. They also do not mention hours worked on paychecks.
They put 25 members in one bed room apartment and it’s called guest houses.
3. This boy or girl has to search his/her project(with USA client) and then this h1b Indian Incs broker) pay salary to them whatever he/she wished to. No questions asked.
4. Here are the middle brokers comes into picture.
Because these desi guys sleep and work nothing.
5. A vendor sent an email, client wants local to PA state.
H1bs reply, he/she was local to USA.
Vendor sent an email, what is local to USA?
H1B replies, h1b is a cheap labor slave from India so work any where in USA for $25 per an hour 24*7 no ot, no comp off etc and can use them like anything.
Vendor says, no client wants only local to PA state.
6. The truth is, Vendor wants a body+ fake resume
He/she forward to another Indian vendor – chain continues…
7. Finally an America vendor takes the resume and call for interview.
8. If the candidate is in CA, but have to relocate at own expenses.
If candidate dies in road accident or at work, his/her dependents have to goto gofundmedotcom and beg dollars to return to India. No vendors or illegal vendor or managers or employers do not pay single dollar.
9. Nobody knows the length of the project.
This repeats and this is called H1B business and back home these CEOs project as job creators and collect $10000 h1b visa fees and here collect $25,000 for green cards.
I call this as pimping business.
This is what happens if America allows Indians to do business here, they converted H1B employement into pimping to prostitution.
Could you please send this to Trump and Team?
Tell them to do raids on these business houses?
I am serious.
I daily receive horrible pathetic victims emails, nobody can complain against Indian employers in USA because they molest their own employees or h1b contractors.
Thanks for sharing and forward this message.
Thanks, Kumar.

Kumar on – What you read is just tip of the iceberg.

Many wrote to me ever since I started making videos, Kumar, India is like this because of lower caste people have reservations and occupied government jobs etc. During my journey of life, I gave up all this caste diseases and here is what I would like to write: look at USA if you think there are no caste reservation in USA so do you think our Indians belongs to upper caste are doing wonders?
No way!.
Caste is one million times dangerous than to racism, racism is only skin color and caste is inhuman, barbaric act so it does not matter upper or lower both castes kill society. Given the Indian context, the deprived or untouchable(currently 300 millions Indians considered as untouchables a bigger problem than to the black money).
In USA, laws and immigration laws are very strong and I talked to many people in America- media and systems, displaced Americans, unemployed gradutes of locals etc.
I do not need to write hypocrisy or lies.
Media came along with me and we walk through several Indians business places especially the so called “H1B”.
I have no respect for any one doing this pimping business here and again am not against individually to any one.
I am just confronting it. If you are part of the problem or crime, you are free to go but do not write filthy here or target me in person.
here is the truth;
Given the context, it is not easy to stop black money(unaccountable money=not paid tax). It’s the people attitude and …how raised and brought up to follow systems. Schools have to impart that honesty, integrity etc apart from parents/homes/society. No law can force anything. It fails. But one thing is true, nobody can bribe here and must go to jail if proved guilty and it is not the case in India and impossible to go to jail in India even if any one evade tax and more over politicians are now working as ministers after evade taxes in billions.
I do not think any IRS officer from India can deny this.
What you read is just tip of the iceberg.

Kumar on – America is sleeping

Indians want easy money and here are their scam list in USA:
1. Amway: trap newly comers for one time registration of $250 or $500 and vanishes.
2. Sell water bottles and other items for less and vanishes.
It is JUNK.
3. Next is: Trap international students at UNIV by offer them dewali gifts and $100 gift cards. They are very happy and join strait to their Guest houses after complete colleges.
Here is the list of scams:
A. fake resumes
B. fake H1B copies
C. Fake Driving licenses
D. Fake Paychecks
E. Fake PO and MSAs
F. Fake any document that belongs to H1B
G. proxy by call forward USA clients technical interviews to employers for $1000. Both male and female voice available.
H. Proxy skype and Proxy project support
4. Horrible, some girls sleep with these Indian incs for H1b filing free as they cannot pay $10000 h1b fee to them.
Paying H1B fee is illegal, unlawful and unethical both paying and taking.
For your information, there is no Indian Incs filing h1b for free.
5. IRS scams.
Mostly from Gujarat, Gujarat state people in USA are operating this big scam.
6. Marriage SCAM: DROP H4 in USA for a price with fake marriage in India.

Kumar on – They don’t hire American or local and they hire only Indians illegally to pay less and work more.

The darkside of Indians business in a foreign country;
Not all but a majority.
1. They earn huge money without much investments.
2. They don’t know what to do with that money.
3. They throw money to caste, regional and religious events.
4. They do multiple businesses with shell companies.
5. They violate all local laws, immigration laws.
6. There were instances their external auditors get shocked for their illegal illicit and unlawful activities.
They earn huge profits because they collect h1b visa fees from employees  $10,000.
They earn huge profits because they collect  $25,000 for green cards but never returned.
They earn huge profits because they do illegal vendors business and take $45 a cut from their own employees.
They earn huge profits because they pay only $3000 salary instead of  $5000.
Nobody has guts to complain.
If complain they fire or molest or murder.
Even if complain, the local DOL won’t take any action.
Government wants money so ……..
They don’t hire American or local and they hire only Indians illegally to pay less and work more.
They evade taxes too.
Indians running IRS scam call centers in India and each center earns 2CR INR a month. They poach money of Indians and American living in USA.
Few people of Gujarat origin also doing here in USA.
Indian h1b employers, not all but a majority are running similar centers in USA and these are for proxy call centers to take technical interviews of others for a price $500 to $1000+.
They are advertising for dubbing artists on Skype calls.
These interviews are not restricted only to F1 students but anyone who seeks job in short cut way.
This is how Indians getting jobs just like that by replacing locals.
The very sad part is, people who are unfit to beg in India are preaching crime to International students and completely ruined their career hence both victims and accused are now unfit to beg in India.
Another tragedy is, Indians though educated act as assholes and scold Kumar for writing truth. That is the level of knowledge we have today.
Now, who will curb this?
Because of these crimes, 1990 on words Indians doing h1b business becoming super rich at the cost of ignorant Indians, locals displaced about 20 millions plus, locals are not hired by Indians. This is another violation of EEOC.
This is the just tip of the iceberg.
Thanks, Kumar.