I will never be against immigration because of people like this

We need people like this that come here, and make our country a better place.

What I am against is the companies sending our jobs to other countries which DECREASES the total number of jobs available here in America for our fellow citizens.

And the companies importing non-immigrant guest workers to displace Americans in America after forcing their employees to train these replacements.

And the non-immigrant guest workers that work their way into a company and then make it so that American citizens can not be hired simply because they prefer to hire non-immigrant guest workers instead of our citizens that desperately need jobs to provide for their families.

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A federal grand jury indicted two South Bay residents and one Texan, charging the defendants in a visa fraud scheme, the U.S Department of Justice reported.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office, working alongside Homeland Security, secured the indictment of Kishore Dattapuram, 49, of Santa Clara, Santosh Giri, 42, of San Jose, and Kumar Aswapathi, 49, of Austin, Texas operated Nanosemantics, Inc., a Santa Clara-based consulting firm whose services included placing skilled foreign workers at software and technology companies in the San Francisco Bay Area.
According to the indictment, the defendants worked together to submit fraudulent H-1B visa applications on behalf of foreign workers in order to gain a competitive advantage over competing firms.

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A panel then determined Sept. 27 that Doe went to a fellow MBA student’s apartment, drank with her and had sex with her three times while she was unable to consent.

Doe’s “claim that he will suffer irreparable harm if his current employer terminates him and does not sponsor him for an H-1B visa is undermined by plaintiff’s own delay in seeking injunctive relief until a few weeks before the H-1B filing deadline when his options for seeking another employer sponsor are harder to find,” Land wrote.

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