What would I do different if I were lobbying for Displaced American STEM workers in Washington, DC?

There are many who say they speak for the Americans who have been displaced by those sending jobs to other countries and those importing non-immigrant guest workers to take the remaining jobs.

Yet you do not see their name in the papers.

And you do not see them on Television.

So for all I can see, they are doing nothing.

While FWD.us and their deep pockets are everywhere doing their best to convince you that illegal and non-immigrant guest worker visas are the same as immigration.

I do my best to get people to realize that our silence enables these things.

And I do my best to get them to realize that we have the means to compete head to head with FWD.us in Washington, DC and the World.

Why do I say that?

There have been 2,756,469 non-immigrant guest worker H-1B visas issued since this visa was implemented in 1990

Since this is a FINITE job market, this means that at the very minimum 2,756,469 Americans like myself have been forced out of the job market.

All of the numbers I have seen since I started researching this in 2007 tell me that 65% of the visas issued are for occupational group 15 which is computer and mathematics.

This means that if these 2,756,469 Americans each put up $20.00 each, we would have a war chest of $55,129,380.00 which is one hell of a good start.

Since 65% of these non-immigrant guest worker visas were for computer and mathematical jobs, if only the computer and mathematical people displaced were to put up $20.00 each, we would still have a war chest of $35,834,097.00

That is enough to get started, and trust me, there are millions more of uncounted, unemployable, former middle class wage earners that are desperate to get their jobs back.

We can make this happen if we will but do it.

If you don’t want to send me, that is fine, but send somebody.

This is my strategy if you were to send me.

  1. Build a network of media contacts who are sympathetic and want to do their part to Keep America At Work by ensuring that we hire American Citizens and Legal American Immigrants.
  2. Get them to help us to publish our email address and phone number asking those who have been forced out of the job market to contact us so that we can tell their story even if we must tell it anonymously.
  3. When we hear from those displaced americans, ask them what we can do to help them and do our best to help them, or make sure somebody that can help them is put in touch with them and follow up to make sure we did our part and they were taken care of.
  4. If it is a job that they need, find them some damned work so that they can provide for their families and if we can’t find them work, hire them ourselves to help us document any government agency using taxpayer revenue to hire or contract work to companies that do not have only American workers in their workforce.

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t pay my taxes so that our government could use that money to buy products that are not American made and hire companies that do not employ only American workers.

I paid my taxes to take care of America and my fellow country men and women.

This is a start.

It will work.

But we must do it.

One of us is bound to be an attorney who could help us form the proper 501 (c) 3 or whatever is needed.

Another is bound to be an CPA who can help us set up the proper financial safeguards to make sure that the money is used for these purposes and that any donors who want to help can receive legal IRS deductions for their donation.

We can do this

Will you help?

Is Keep America At Work still for sale?

I’ve noticed a lot of people looking for that page, so I have decided to recreate it.

Here is the story.

I founded Keep America At Work in 2007

I’ve been working a lot of hours for free since then and I agreed to pay myself a reasonable salary starting at $15 per hour in 2007 with a dollar per year increase every year.

As of now, this is what I am owed in back wages.

I really don’t want to sell it as these stories need to be told, but I do need money to take it to the next level and even put a roof over my head, so while I would love to find somebody that is willing to invest that much in Keep America At Work, I would sell it if offered cash as I need money to take my work to the next level.

If you have that money, I can be reached at vbiersch@gmail.com

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I am doing my part to Make America Great Again

I applied, Did you?

Serve America

Thank you for your interest in learning about the process for joining the President Elect’s transition effort.  Please find below the information regarding the application process and instructions.

President Elect Trump has promised to change Washington, DC and that will start with identifying and recruiting the finest men and women from across the country to serve in his Administration.   Any individual who wishes to serve the Administration should utilize this online application in order to participate.

The President Elect will make appointments for a variety of positions throughout the federal government; some will require Senate confirmation, while others will not.  Appointments that require Senate confirmation include the Cabinet, subcabinet, members of regulatory commissions, ambassadorships, judgeships, as well as members of numerous advisory boards.


Service in the Trump-Pence Administration will be service to our Nation and thus a high honor, which demands both sacrifice and dedication.  There are many factors to consider:

  • The time commitment is significant and the pace is fast
  • Appointments and jobs of the Trump-Pence Administration are demanding, and the application process is rigorous

President Elect Trump appreciates your interest and willingness to serve.

For most applicants under serious consideration:

  • A full FBI background check in which an applicants history of employment, personal, travel, medical, financial, legal, military and education background will likely take.
  • Consideration is taken for possible conflicts of interest. Financial holdings and sources of income must be disclosed.Any conflicts must be remedied by divestiture, the creation of special trusts, and other actions.
  • Many appointees’ dealings with the Federal government both during and for a period of time after their service will be significantly restricted to prevent possible conflicts of interest.


All those wishing to apply for positions in the Trump-Pence Transition, Executive Office of the President, or a Federal Department, Agency or Commission should follow the instructions below:

  • Complete the online application and submit it electronically.You will be notified electronically once your information has been received.A record of your application will be maintained while the President is in office, and you will be considered for the position(s) or subject area(s) which you have expressed interest in whenever openings occur.
  • You will be asked fill out a Personal Data Statement if you are considered for a specific position.  You will be asked about possible conflicts of interest deriving from your sources of income; all aspects of your personal and professional life, including organization which you belong or once belonged; speeches you may have given and books, articles and editorials you may have written; legal, administrative and regulatory proceedings to which you may have been a party; in short, anything that might embarrass the President or you if he should choose you for a position in his administration.
  • If you are considered for a nomination by the President Elect, you will be asked to complete FBI and financial disclosure forms for review and consideration. The types of forms you may be required to fill out are as follows: for National Security Positions (SF86) and for higher-level positions, the financial disclosure form, (SF278).Most appointees are required to file financial disclosure statements annually during their term of service.
  • If Senate confirmation is required for the position you are nominated for, the Senate committee that reviews those nominations may ask you to provide additional information.

One should assume that all of the information provided during this process is ultimately subject to public disclosure, if requested under the Freedom of Information Act.



How do I put back to work Displaced Software Developers who are American that were displaced by #h1b ?

I ask myself that question every day.

I know how I would do it if I had the money.

I would target every government agency that is accepting bids.

And I would also expose every government agency that is awarding those contracts to companies that do not hire Americans.

There are those that have the money to make this a reality and I think they are missing out on the opportunity that exists for them to make substantially more money.

But I don’t know how to discuss this with them.

If you know how to put us in touch with each other, feel free to do so.

My personal email is vbiersch@gmail.com and my business email is virgil@KeepAmericaAtWork.com


My Dream Job #h1b

My dream job would be to use my skills to help homeless/nearly homeless vets like myself in any occupational group to be able to provide a roof over their head – I currently do for free the following, and if I could find a benefactor to make it happen, I would focus on the following 24 x 7 for the rest of my life –

and some others I want to bring on line

To do so means I need the ability to know that my land payment of $625 per month is paid, and that I can afford a payment of about $150 per month for five years for a cargo container and about 150 per month for fast internet/voip phone and about 100 per week for vittles (yep, beer and bbq/chili)

Basically a hunting cabin type lifestyle

Then I could hunt those using the internet who are purchasing H-1B Hunting Licenses to force Americans from the middle class to the dalit class and trust me, those that know me know I will leave no stone unturned

And if a big benefactor were to turn up, I would hunt them in the nations media where they deserve to be exposed for the varmints that they are

Facebook Group Administrator and Wiki Administrator wanted – Displaced Americans Displaced by #H1B Welcome

Are you aching for payback?

After all, you have been forced out of the middle class.

If you are lucky, you are struggling to make it on minimum wage.

If you are not lucky, you are living my life which has turned into hell.

All of us that have been forced out of the middle class can use your help and the best way that I believe you can do that is to help spread the word about what is happening here in America where the American citizen is thrown under the bus carrying the H-1B Non-Immigrant Guest Workers that have been imported in a premeditated manner to destroy your future.