I hope Congress will keep in mind that these workers, whether deserving of help or not, are NOT constituents.

I’ve been neutral on this issue (leaning toward supporting the per-country caps), but one thing I am NOT neutral on is lobbying by noncitizens. IV has retained a fancy lobbying firm, and regularly has its members call and visit members of Congress. This is fundamentally wrong in the first place, but even worse considering the negative impact these workers have on U.S. citizens and permanent residents in the STEM areas.

I hope Congress will keep in mind that these workers, whether deserving of help or not, are NOT constituents.


Notice how nobody demands that Todd Schulte prove that he is one of the 86%?

Todd, you do NOT speak for me, and I don’t believe your polls at all.



Last night, a bipartisan group of Senators rejected a short-term spending bill that both failed to protect Dreamers, and provide a long-term budget for other critical needs, including domestic spending, and the military.

86% of Americans, including 79% of Republicans, favor permanent protections for Dreamers. But after months of kicking the can down the road, the January 19th deadline passed, and we are about to enter a period of massive chaos and uncertainty for nearly 800,000 DACA recipients and their families.

Share a message with everyone you know: I stand with Dreamers, and the shutdown cannot end without permanent protections for Dreamers.

Every day the shutdown continues without a solution for DACA devastates Dreamers, their families, their communities, and our economy.

Dreamers teach our children and care for our family members. They are leaders in our companies and brave members of our military. Starting very soon, 1,200 Dreamers will fall out of status each and every day, and face deportation to countries they have never known–unless Congress acts immediately.

Enough is enough. Republicans control the presidency, the House, and the Senate. There are bipartisan bills in the House and the Senate that could pass today. It’s time for them to come to the table, and make the deal the vast majority of Americans support.

The choice is crystal clear. Share your support for Dreamers right now.

Thank you,

Todd Schulte
President, FWD.Us

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The ignorance of Yahoo Finance astounds me

Immigration was perhaps the most contentious issue of the 2016 presidential election.


What astounds me is that the “Immigration” that Yahoo finance and other sites talk about is not Immigration.

Click to zoom in
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Notice how immigration was 531,463 in 2015?

Yet non-immigration was 10,891,745?

These are the folks that are being brought in to Displace Americans in America using what I call a H-1B Hunting License.

You can see why I call it a hunting license by clicking here.

This is the type of Immigration that will help America grow and build a country with opportunity for all Americans to be all that they can be.


Now let me show you why the unlimited illegal and non-immigration is bad for the future of American citizens in America.

It all starts with jobs, and places like Yahoo Finance are too lazy to do even the most basic research which is to look at the total nonfarm payroll totals from start to present day.

Click to zoom in
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That red line shows the high point we hit before this recession.

Notice how we have created few if any jobs above that point?

A thinking man or woman at this point would realize that is not good for the future of their children and they would wonder how many are full time jobs and part time jobs.

Click to zoom in
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This guy has done a great job of breaking it down for us.

Now, once a person immigrates to America they become an American citizen, so lets look at the jobs that have gone to the American citizen.

Click to zoom in
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Here again, we use that red line to show where we were at in 2007 at that high point.

As you can see, people who have immigrated to America and those that were born in America have gotten a few jobs.

Now lets take a look at what the Non-Immigrant Guest Workers have gotten when it comes to jobs.

Click to zoom in
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If you have any type of brain at all, you can tell that the lions share of the jobs that have been created have gone to these NON-IMMIGRANT Guest workers.

I think this is wrong.

So I fight it.

Not with propaganda.

But with hard data that our own government maintains.