What about my dreams Frida Yu?

Rather, I’m frustrated, because I know I’m part of a pattern: America is losing many very skilled workers because of its anti-immigrant sentiment, and while this is a disappointing blow to me and my classmates, it will also be a blow to the United States’ competitiveness in the global economy. Tech giants such as Google and Tesla were founded by immigrants.

I can’t make sense of why an administration that claims to want this country to be strong would be so eager to get rid of us. We are losing our dreams, and America is losing the value we bring.

As I make plans to go back to China, I find myself wondering: If I am not qualified to stay in the United States, then who is?


If Americans like myself were able to pursue our dreams, there would not be any anti-immigrant sentiment.

BUT, we are not being given the opportunity to pursue our dreams because of an overwhelming tidal wave of non-immigrant guest workers.

Contrary to what the government says unemployment is, a simple look at the labor force participation rate, or first grade math where you divide the total nonfarm payroll numbers by the population for each year will rapidly show you that we have fewer people working now than we did in 2000.

Job status in America as I understand it.

Younger Green Card Applicants worry that they will never receive green card in current environment and will remain shackled to company they currently work for who will displace them as they grow older.

Older Green Card HOLDERS worry that they will be forced out as they grow older.

Older Americans have been forced out, or are in the process of being forced out.

Younger Americans are realizing that the deck is stacked against them and that they will never be able to pay off the student loans when the only jobs they can find are entry level jobs with no opportunity to rise above that of where they started at.

Meanwhile our politicians shine the shoes of academia, and our business community with their tongues by turning a blind eye to all of the jobs that are being sent offshore and the tidal wave of non-immigrant guest workers that far exceeds the quantity of jobs that are created in America and displaces Americans and Immigrants alike

Catherine Rampell, Why do you not tell the stories of the American citizens whose lives have been destroyed by non-immigrant guest workers?

The evidence is overwhelming.

It is everywhere.

American lives have been destroyed by (a) sending our jobs to other countries and (b) importing non-immigrant guest workers to take the remaining jobs.

Leaving Americans without the ability to provide for their families.

Yet the Washington Post will not tell their stories.

And authors like Catherine Rampell will not do that either.

Why is that?

What do they have against Americans in America?

And so, after 11 years more or less on the sidelines, Ranjith was granted authorization to get a job — or, in her case, to start a business.

She moved fast. Within a month, she opened the South Riding Learning Center. Today nearly 250 students are enrolled, and she employs more than 15 people.

“All my employees,” Ranjith is quick to note, “are citizens, of course. They were all born here.”


Funny thing about those 15 jobs she has created.

Location: South Riding, VA
Employment Type: Part-Time
Pay Rate: Commensurate with experience & qualification.
Working Hours: Sessions run between 3pm – 8pm on weekdays and 9am – 5pm on Saturdays.



Keep The World At Work is now online

Saw this post, and felt that it was time.

what is surprising to me is, both classes of workers are infact two sides of the same coin, but each fighting for their rights individually. Should tech workers, from both sides unite for a collective voice ? if they should, and could, what could be a better effective vehicle to communicate ‘workers’ solidarity ?
I am specifically introspective of ‘abuses of workers rights,’ and wage discrimination

Your thoughts


How do we make it so that the workers of our world who have technology skills can provide for their families without the government and businesses of each country playing them against each other in a chess game that enriches few and destroys many?




What would I do different if I were lobbying for Displaced American STEM workers in Washington, DC?

There are many who say they speak for the Americans who have been displaced by those sending jobs to other countries and those importing non-immigrant guest workers to take the remaining jobs.

Yet you do not see their name in the papers.

And you do not see them on Television.

So for all I can see, they are doing nothing.

While FWD.us and their deep pockets are everywhere doing their best to convince you that illegal and non-immigrant guest worker visas are the same as immigration.

I do my best to get people to realize that our silence enables these things.

And I do my best to get them to realize that we have the means to compete head to head with FWD.us in Washington, DC and the World.

Why do I say that?

There have been 2,756,469 non-immigrant guest worker H-1B visas issued since this visa was implemented in 1990

Since this is a FINITE job market, this means that at the very minimum 2,756,469 Americans like myself have been forced out of the job market.

All of the numbers I have seen since I started researching this in 2007 tell me that 65% of the visas issued are for occupational group 15 which is computer and mathematics.

This means that if these 2,756,469 Americans each put up $20.00 each, we would have a war chest of $55,129,380.00 which is one hell of a good start.

Since 65% of these non-immigrant guest worker visas were for computer and mathematical jobs, if only the computer and mathematical people displaced were to put up $20.00 each, we would still have a war chest of $35,834,097.00

That is enough to get started, and trust me, there are millions more of uncounted, unemployable, former middle class wage earners that are desperate to get their jobs back.

We can make this happen if we will but do it.

If you don’t want to send me, that is fine, but send somebody.

This is my strategy if you were to send me.

  1. Build a network of media contacts who are sympathetic and want to do their part to Keep America At Work by ensuring that we hire American Citizens and Legal American Immigrants.
  2. Get them to help us to publish our email address and phone number asking those who have been forced out of the job market to contact us so that we can tell their story even if we must tell it anonymously.
  3. When we hear from those displaced americans, ask them what we can do to help them and do our best to help them, or make sure somebody that can help them is put in touch with them and follow up to make sure we did our part and they were taken care of.
  4. If it is a job that they need, find them some damned work so that they can provide for their families and if we can’t find them work, hire them ourselves to help us document any government agency using taxpayer revenue to hire or contract work to companies that do not have only American workers in their workforce.

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t pay my taxes so that our government could use that money to buy products that are not American made and hire companies that do not employ only American workers.

I paid my taxes to take care of America and my fellow country men and women.

This is a start.

It will work.

But we must do it.

One of us is bound to be an attorney who could help us form the proper 501 (c) 3 or whatever is needed.

Another is bound to be an CPA who can help us set up the proper financial safeguards to make sure that the money is used for these purposes and that any donors who want to help can receive legal IRS deductions for their donation.

We can do this

Will you help?