Why will the Voice of America not tell the stories of those Americans Displaced in America by the H-1B and other visas?

Inspired by the movie Terminator, Yingzhe Fu has wanted to make robots ever since he was a child.

That dream is now being realized in the form of a smart device for new homes, created by a startup called Togg that he co-founded. The computer would be built into the infrastructure for new homes, so it can turn lights on and off, respond to commands, such as giving a weather report, and even tell jokes.

“So we are basically making a mini computer. Home builders directly build our devices into the wall, and that device will help you to connect with your mobile phone, [and] with your other smart devices,” said Fu.

Being from China, Fu said there was little chance he could have stayed in the United States to start a company without the aid of an early-stage venture capital firm called Unshackled.

“Without their help, without them sponsoring me, I don’t think I would do that,” said Fu.


Why do these Venture Capital Firms not fund companies that would Make America Great Again for Americans in America who cannot buy interviews even though they have the skills?


IT workers have stopped being shy, and they are now protesting on the streets and getting persistent media coverage thanks to Sara and Patrick

2016 is Over: What is the Recent Past and Future of IT? Will Information Technology Jobs Survive as a Profession? Will the Trump Administration Come to the Rescue?

Pondering minds wonder what the future holds; here is my take.

When we first started the SAVE page, we only posted sad and revealing stories of IT Pros losing their jobs and maybe an article from Computer World. I posted once a month, it was that dead. Slowly the amount of articles posted has increased exponentially over time. In the last two years some significant progress has occurred on the visa reform playing field. Having read a ton of articles and posted many, I have observed and identified some milestones that have occurred that have improved our plight in the past two years.

Media outlets have increased their coverage dramatically since my life in posting began in the summer of 2014 on August 1. The book Sold Out was published, the New York Times and Sara Blackwell emerged and that has increased public awareness to a point we have not witnessed before. Computerworld has done a great service for IT workers. IT workers are speaking out and demonstrating on the streets and lawsuits are in motion.

The H-1B issue is now becoming more of a national conversation. Compared to two years ago, we are on a roll. When Trump and Blackwell entered the scene, the H-1B and other visa issues exploded on the media scene and the next year or so will tell us whether any change will occur in labor discrimination via various executive actions by the Trump administration.

Our job killing visa issues over time have passed thru various milestones and stages of progression into the world of power and influence.

Milestone 1: Identification of the H-1B, F-1 OPT, L-1 visa problem by means of various social media presence that emerged for education and to excerpt political pressure. IT professionals post their job lost experiences on various article posts. Heartbreaking. Late Summer of 2014. Nobody is listening and nobody cares.

Milestone 2: A major media story on the Disney layoff in the New York Times broke the H-1B issue wide open and educated the general public. Early summer, on June 4, 2015. Thousands of comments were posted on NYT site in outrage. Knowledge transfer and training a foreign guest worker as your replacement to receive severance pay blew minds.

Milestone 3: Publication of the book “Sold Out” in November of 2015. The level of detail and references in which the authors Michelle Malkin and John Miano delve into and describe about the US Government’s fraud ridden guest visa system and its adverse effects on US IT Citizens is amazing and shocking in its scope. The number of citations illustrated is breathtaking.

Milestone 4: Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions publicize H-1B policy in the Presidential campaign and in the February 25, 2015 Senate Committee on the Judiciary Committee “The Impact of High-Skilled Immigration on U.S. Workers” hearings. The H-1B issue hits pay dirt when it was brought up contentiously in the Presidential debate. The Senate hearing was powerful with Leo breakdown over his Disney hell generating thousands of You Tube Video hits. Breaking all social media records for the IT H-1B issue.

Milestone 5: The emergence of Sara Blackwell and her media events and TV interviews and association with the Trump campaign. IT workers have stopped being shy, and they are now protesting on the streets and getting persistent media coverage thanks to Sara and Patrick. This milestone is huge, for media pressure is what these companies do not like, especially local TV and national media coverage, but somehow they do not care and continue the H-1B madness. Witness Carnival Clowns Cruise Lines in Miami.

Milestone 6: The emergence of Breitbart News as the principal moral force with factorial reporting of H-1B layoffs; while the mainstream media ignores the plight of IT hell layoffs. The coverage of H-1B visa abuse has cracked open in several media sites that refused to cover the issue; case in point the Washington Post and Politico. Just to give you an idea, the SAVE or SAITJ page posted 100 headline posts in 2015. In 2016 over 500 headline posts and who knows how many comment posts were published. Suddenly there are H-1B and highly skilled visa workers articles all over the place.

Milestone 7: After years sitting on a rock unnoticed by USA media, the SAVE page has posted tons of Indian based articles. In many cases the Indian media articles are more forthcoming and informative than anything in US media. This page exposed the Indian lobbying group Immigration Voice (IV) and ITServe Alliance. The National Association of Software and Services Companies (Nasscom), the Indian IT Mafia and their RICO practices was identified and fed into the cultural lexicon. They did not like the sunshine and flashlights. Many congressmen were exposed and posted shaking hands with the likes of Immigration Voice (IV) Indians on Capital Hill scheming to get more green cards. Over 125 congressional traitors have signed up for the Indian cause, neglecting their own citizens. We faced bombed them on their FB pages.

Milestone 8: IT professionals have more advocate groups increasing their focus on the issue with groups such as the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), IEEE-USA, Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) and Numbers USA plus Protect US Workers are performing lobbying and social media functions for IT workers. These groups are already gaining clout in Trump Land.

Numbers USA and FAIR have been recently noted as growing in influence in the Washington DC halls of power in their effort to reduce legal immigrants holding illicit H-1B, and spousal H-4 visa and multiplying green cards that eliminate US jobs. Recent news reports indicate that Trump official are collaborating on policy action to remedy the imbalance of legal immigration and the effect on employment prospects of IT and STEM workers. The bleeding must stop so the wounds may heal.

Now What?

We need a different strategic approach to getting the laws changed in Congress.

We need to target the congressional committees that have jurisdiction over the visa abuse problems that have destroyed lives.

IT workers should target the congressmen in House of Representatives that have jurisdiction in committees and convince them of the nature of the problem – educate them. A letter writing campaign to include social media is required. I saw in articles published that IEEE-USA was effectively lobbying congress along with labor to move the Rep. Darrell Issa “Protect and Grow American Jobs Act” H-1B bill forward, it failed, but now we have congressional attention.

IT workers need lobbyists in DC to walk the halls of congress on our behalf in order to achieve a specific outcome. One baby step at a time outcome is the result.

I have come to the conclusion that no one magic wand will change the laws only a persistent and calculating lobbyist effort aimed at congressional members; both those that support our cause and those who do not support our cause.

But as this year 2016 ends, we have one big resource in our side; knock on wood, the President of the United States.

In a Washington Post article dated December 12, 2016 and titled: “After years on the outside, foes of legal immigration find a louder voice with Trump’s election”, the following is quoted.

“In his speech, Trump expressed a desire to cut legal immigration levels to “within historical norms,” as measured by a share of the overall population, and he proposed a new federal commission to develop proposals to achieve it.”

“The goal, he said, would be to “select immigrants based on their likelihood of success in U.S. society and their ability to be financially self-sufficient.” The new immigration system should establish “controls to boost wages and to ensure open jobs are offered to American workers first.”

“Trump has echoed the views of Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), who is perhaps the Senate’s most vocal immigration hard-liner and whom Trump has nominated as U.S. attorney general.”

“Stephen Miller, a longtime Sessions aide who wrote most of Trump’s immigration speeches, has been named senior adviser to the president for policy in the Trump White House. And Stephen K. Bannon, Trump’s chief strategist, advocated for reducing legal immigration levels as editor of Breitbart News, a conservative website that reports extensively on the issue.”

“What we need now is immigration moderation: slowing the pace of new arrivals so that wages can rise, welfare rolls can shrink and the forces of assimilation can knit us all more closely together,” Sessions wrote in a Washington Post op-ed last year.

Presented is the SAVE page predictions on the visa alphabet soup front:

The Notorious H-1B: Expect Breitbart News to be on top of the issue on the media front. Computerworld as usual will be watching closely. Do not expect Congress to pass H-1B reform laws that either reduces the program or eliminates it as John Miano proposes. Expect Silicon Valley and the Crapweisals to be all over the Hill to keep the Greed Machine and their precious H-1B slave plantations in operation. Expect that Trump’s DHS will make life as miserable as possible in the H-1B process and regulation arena. For example, if a company pulls a Disney and tries to replace and train fresh H-1B’s, DHS can revoke the visas based on discrimination. The Labor Dept. will most likely investigate and enforce pending complaints in which 100% Indian males replaced a diverse IT shop. Blatant discrimination is not allowed anywhere in our economy; but somehow the Indians get a free pass. Jeff Sessions will be in the march and USCIS will continue what it does best, move slowly and inefficiently. That is a good thing.

The Mysterious L-1 Fly In Visa: The L-1 visa does not get the PR of the H-1B but it is infinitely more dangerous and prominent. Mike Emmons knows the L-1 visa very well. He states, “It’s the L-1 visas, however, that are dangerous to American jobs. The L-1 says nothing about whether or not American workers can be displaced, and there is no requirement that companies pay foreign workers the prevailing local wage. Companies like Tata can file blanket petitions to bring as many workers into the United States as they want, as often as they want.“ He further states, “The L-1 allows multinational corporations to import workers into the U.S. on an “intracompany transfer” basis with little monitoring, regulation or restrictions from the Department of Labor.” Senator Grassley is a major critic of the L-1 visa, but discussion of the L-1 and its complications evade debate and American media attention. It remains to be seen how the Trump Administration will proceed.

The F-1 Student Visa and the OPT Monster: Approximately 10% of US colleges enroll international students, most of them Indian, the figure used to be in the teens. US Universities love international students, the pay full tuition and provide revenue. The Optional Practical Training (OPT) is a program started by W, Bush and greatly expanded by Obama. It provides international students huge advantages in the job market and leaves our US native-born students STEM students at a competitive disadvantage. The OPT program is full of scam, multiple forms of corruption. The Trump DHS should ELIMINATE the OPT program. Whether that happens is up for a coin toss. At the least, the many rules implemented by Obama should be rescinded and that will be a time consuming process that could take up to two years. The F-1 OPT visas are in many minds highly destructive for it dis-encourages STEM based students majors from entering the field for fear of no job upon graduation and for fear of losing a job to an H-1B later in life if STEM graduate was so lucky to escape the parents basement.

The H-4 Bring All Your Relatives to this Country Visa: Expect the Trump Administration to sharply curtail the massive number of spousal family members from obtaining green cards. The Numbers USA goal from the Washington Post, I quote. “Today, the U.S. government awards green cards to more than 1 million foreigners annually, granting them legal permanent residence. Many of these are granted to family members of people already living legally in the United States. Groups such as NumbersUSA want to slash that by a half or more.”

Furthermore the article stated: “Of the 1 million foreigners granted permanent legal residence in 2014, 647,000 — about two-thirds — received green cards based on family ties, according to the Department of Homeland Security. Just 152,000 permanent arrivals were employment-based.” That is a 6 to 1 ratio of family members taking granted legal residence based on just one green card holder. A stunning number.

The Coveted Green Card: The Indian crowd can say goodbye to their coveted green card grab bag H.R.213 – Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act of 2015. Maybe the bill’s sponsor Representative Jason Chaffetz (R) of Utah will get his head out of his ass, unlikely. Expect green cards to be cut back and more difficult to obtain especially for Grandma and the whole crew. This would be a great opportunity for the H-1B’s to go back to India and work on fixing their county instead of taking jobs away from our citizens. Remember, once the green card is issued and the guest worker is a US Citizen, game over. They start their own companies, corner the market for Indians only and do not hire Americans. The cycle of employment discrimination runs its wheels.

For the past 25 years, the IT profession in this country has been screwed over royally by the corrupt and blatantly unfair guest visa system devised by the Silicon Valley lobbyists and the Bill Clinton wrecking crew. The H-1B caterpillar contraption was subsequently updated and expanded by both Bush Presidents and by Obama. Now finally in the year 2016 we have reached a point where REAL reforms may actually occur.

The way things are going, all of IT will be Indian; we are at a tipping point. Will the Year 2017 be the Tipping Point? Which way will it go? We are all Eyes!


Perhaps Walter and I should chair the house ethics committee since the GOP doesn’t want to be held accountable for ethics violations?

A little note from Walter that I received today.

https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6c29991aad4854c20a78fe5889880a5c5ce9ce409bfa0d35c99cc3a86114f815.jpg          The History List


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UtJvYdX4GKM                                                                                                                         Conclusion from that Media and their well paid spokespeople.

Facts  .  .  .

50 Republican Primaries were held.    Donald won 41 primaries.

Fifteen Republican candidates conceded,   and two Democrat candidates.    (Actually 17 Republican candidates.     Two withdrew before the first primaries — Governor Scott Walker and Governor Rick Perry.)
Fireworks planned for on the Hudson River within sight of the penthouse at the top of Trump Towers — those celebrations were cancelled by the Democrats on Thursday    four days before Tuesday’s election day.

Needed to win the Presidency are 270 Electoral College Votes.    Donald acquired 309 Electoral votes.    Hillary acquired 232 Electoral votes.   Not even close,  by the brilliant rules laid down by the country’s founders.   The rules of the Electoral College which are found in Article Two the the United States Constitution.     We should not tinker with that document.

Should we re-write the Constitution    and install Hillary into the Office of the President based on her popular vote,   OR   should we “Lock Her Up” based on her crimes and treason with mishandling Classified Information?

Six states FLIPPED, from being prior Presidential Democrat    to Presidential Donald J Trump  (Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin and Iowa all flipped.)      Political parties  were not trusted by the voters.

In my opinion,  Donald Trump should hold Press Conferences  which specifically exclude the Main Stream Media.     Personna non grata.    Lack of trust.    Bias in extreme.

Who are the MSM Main Stream Media big 6     which need to be pushed off their monopoly pedestals ?     Make MSM go stand out in the hallways during Press Conferences.     Seat the unemployed college graduates and the unemployed skilled machinists.     Seat people who understand truth honesty and ethics.    Anticipate genuine questions.     Seat Americans first.

The 6 . . .

CBS Corporation   (CBS)

Comcast   (NBC,  GE,  Universal)

The Walt Disney Company  (ABC,  ESPN,  Hearst Newspapers)

News Corporation  (Fox, Wall Street Journal)

Time Warner  (CNN)

Viacom  (MTV)

To see much longer complete list of MSM organizations creating bias and pre-selecting all of the news which is fit to be in print .  .  .


Make MSM go stand out in the hallways during Presidential Press Conferences.

Seat the unemployed college graduates    and the unemployed skilled machinists.    People who have a stake in the American economy.
Seat people who understand truth honesty and ethics.     Seat patriotic Americans first.

Another example.    When representatives on the payroll of the NFL disrespect our American flag,   commercial sponsors of those events should refuse to book their advertisements on those MSM networks.
Patriotic audience former customers should tell those sponsors why they are former.     It takes Americans with backbone to teach the MSM that the dollar does not outrank the American flag.    Hit them where it hurts.    In their cash registers.    That, they will understand quickly.

In my opinion,  The
State of the Union Speech  by the President this month should be held    with our President at a podium on the 50 yard line of Met Life Stadium in New Jersey.    I would anticipate a full stadium containing both houses of the Congress and the members of the Supreme Court    all  seated in the lower nearer visiblity seating.     The public can be invited to the higher seats, full circle.    Free and open seating to every American citizen.     Lines of citizens outside the stadium can be extending north to the George Washington Bridge,    and more lines south to the Delaware Memorial Bridge.     With a Rain Date planned.     Lots of overcoats.   January may not cooperate.

January however can be solved.    We do that on Times Square every New Years at 11:59pm.
America’s stolen manufacturing industries can also be solved.     It is already happening.     Prove that statement.     I will.

Democracy as it is supposed to work.    Government of the people.   By the people.    For the people.

http://www.nytimes.com/2017/01/03/business/ford-general-motors-trump.html?_r=0                      Hip – Hip – Hooorayyy.

https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2017/01/03/trump-reiterates-threat-of-a-border-tax-this-time-general-motors-is-in-the-crosshairs/?utm_term=.0e6fbc89ab35    For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow . . .

China-U.S. relations have become strained  — after President-elect  Donald Trump proposed tariffs on Chinese goods



House Republicans voted in a private meeting on Monday to strip the powers of the Office of Congressional Ethics.
But    by Tuesday, facing a firestorm of criticism from Democrats    and the public,    as well as a pointed question from President-Elect Donald J. Trump,   they moved to reverse that plan.


President Elect Donald J Trump is  MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN     before he has even taken the Oath of Office.      Imagine what President Trump will accomplish during his first 100 days in office.

Sixty Two million Americans may try to attend that third greatest presidential speech — the coming State of the Union address in late January or early February 2017.     I hope it happens in New Jersey.

It is my opinion,  The first greatest Presidential Speech was what Abe Lincoln composed on the train to Gettysburg Pennsylvania.    The second greatest presidential speech was FDR and “infamy”.

Sixty Two million Americans may try to hear this presidential speech, in person.    MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN .      They want it directly,  without obstructions from the Main Stream Media.


What would I do different if I were lobbying for Displaced American STEM workers in Washington, DC?

There are many who say they speak for the Americans who have been displaced by those sending jobs to other countries and those importing non-immigrant guest workers to take the remaining jobs.

Yet you do not see their name in the papers.

And you do not see them on Television.

So for all I can see, they are doing nothing.

While FWD.us and their deep pockets are everywhere doing their best to convince you that illegal and non-immigrant guest worker visas are the same as immigration.

I do my best to get people to realize that our silence enables these things.

And I do my best to get them to realize that we have the means to compete head to head with FWD.us in Washington, DC and the World.

Why do I say that?

There have been 2,756,469 non-immigrant guest worker H-1B visas issued since this visa was implemented in 1990

Since this is a FINITE job market, this means that at the very minimum 2,756,469 Americans like myself have been forced out of the job market.

All of the numbers I have seen since I started researching this in 2007 tell me that 65% of the visas issued are for occupational group 15 which is computer and mathematics.

This means that if these 2,756,469 Americans each put up $20.00 each, we would have a war chest of $55,129,380.00 which is one hell of a good start.

Since 65% of these non-immigrant guest worker visas were for computer and mathematical jobs, if only the computer and mathematical people displaced were to put up $20.00 each, we would still have a war chest of $35,834,097.00

That is enough to get started, and trust me, there are millions more of uncounted, unemployable, former middle class wage earners that are desperate to get their jobs back.

We can make this happen if we will but do it.

If you don’t want to send me, that is fine, but send somebody.

This is my strategy if you were to send me.

  1. Build a network of media contacts who are sympathetic and want to do their part to Keep America At Work by ensuring that we hire American Citizens and Legal American Immigrants.
  2. Get them to help us to publish our email address and phone number asking those who have been forced out of the job market to contact us so that we can tell their story even if we must tell it anonymously.
  3. When we hear from those displaced americans, ask them what we can do to help them and do our best to help them, or make sure somebody that can help them is put in touch with them and follow up to make sure we did our part and they were taken care of.
  4. If it is a job that they need, find them some damned work so that they can provide for their families and if we can’t find them work, hire them ourselves to help us document any government agency using taxpayer revenue to hire or contract work to companies that do not have only American workers in their workforce.

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t pay my taxes so that our government could use that money to buy products that are not American made and hire companies that do not employ only American workers.

I paid my taxes to take care of America and my fellow country men and women.

This is a start.

It will work.

But we must do it.

One of us is bound to be an attorney who could help us form the proper 501 (c) 3 or whatever is needed.

Another is bound to be an CPA who can help us set up the proper financial safeguards to make sure that the money is used for these purposes and that any donors who want to help can receive legal IRS deductions for their donation.

We can do this

Will you help?

Infosys, Cognizant – You don’t seem to comprehend that Americans do not have to have a college degree to be great programmers and STEM Workers

Amid growing rhetoric against outsourcing of jobs from the United States by President-elect Donald Trump, two IT firms — Infosys and Cognizant — have said that there is a shortage of talent to man operations in the country as only a few graduates are coming out of colleges with the intended skill sets.

During his election rallies, Trump had targeted IBM, which has a significant presence in India, for outsourcing jobs. Domestic IT firms TCS and HCL Technologies had also come under his attack.

This has raised fears among Indian IT firms of possible reduction in H1B visa numbers going forward, which will impact their ability to send Indian IT engineers to foreign locations for serving a client.

“There is a talent shortage; that is something that has to be balanced. It is not that the H1B visa employees are coming in to displace jobs. If you look at many other high-tech companies, they all hire H1B visa workers because there is an inherent shortage,” Infosys chief executive officer Vishal Sikka was quoted as saying by the Business Standard.

US-headquartered Cognizant also echoed similar sentiment. “The reality is that there are not enough graduates coming out of the universities. We are working with many universities all over the US, both graduates and undergraduates. We struggle,” Cognizant President Rajeev Mehta said.


When you filter candidates by college vs non-college, and age, you get young candidates that are considered to be “freshers” in India.

A fresher is somebody that has no experience and basic theoretical experience.

You put that kid alongside somebody like me with over 30 years experience and we will laugh as they try everything under the sun to fix the problem while we older people will use something like a six step troubleshooting process that we were taught in the navy electronics training we took and Pareto analysis like we were taught by Juran to isolate the real problem.

Tell you what I will do Infosys and Cognizant.

You subcontract the work out to American Made Software and I will hire and train experienced people and we will deliver.

Can you say the same for your own processes?

And we will do it in every location you work at in America, including government contracts.

We will NOT treat people like cheap, compliant labor with no rights.

We will treat them as Americans and we will hire Veterans and Displaced Americans first and we will deliver your projects successfully.

Oh yes, Infosys, here is your Christmas song that I send to you on an annual basis for at least six years now.



Ever hear of a Trojan Horse?

Somebody in China with deep pockets bought out mooney aircraft not too far from me.

So far it has been good for the employees from what I have heard.

But, why is China doing this?

And what are we going to do if they buy all of our companies using the money we paid them to take our jobs in the first place and then they evict us from America?

And tomorrow President Elect Donald Trump and VP Elect Mike Pence will be in Indiana, and more specifically, at the Carrier air conditioning plant to announce that 1,000 jobs will stay in the U.S. after Carrier had said in February that their plant was closing and moving to Mexico. I’m sure it’s the tax incentives that Trump is proposing that helped this deal and the threat of hitting Carrier with a 35% tariff for making the air conditioners in Mexico and thinking that they could just ship them back to the US tax free.


There’s also been a lot of noise lately about visas for tech workers being affected. The Guardianreported last week that “Under the H-1B visa scheme, 65,000 workers and another 20,000 graduate student workers are admitted to the US each year. The tech industry, which has lobbied to expand the program, may now have to fight a rear-guard action to protect it, immigration attorneys and lobbyists said.”


More than likely Trump won’t be an advocate of the H-1B visa scheme, though it’s not yet known exactly where Trump is on this issue, for sure. But until it’s ironed out, Apple’s Tim Cook keeps opening “R&D centers” around the world at an accelerated rate. I’m sure that Cook will simply be hiring foreign engineers and students from abroad and keeping them in these new facilities. Apple has announced more R&D centers this year than any previous year and that’s not coincidental. Cook is forward thinking.


Cook called Trump to congratulate him on his victory and President Elect Trump made it clear that there’s going to be unprecedented tax relief and incentives to persuade Apple to make products in the U.S. It’s not like Apple will stop making iOS and Mac devices in China or India or anywhere else. But if Apple wants to sell products in the U.S., they should be made in the U.S. With the right tax breaks, Apple won’t be losing money making products in the U.S.


Tomorrow is December 1 and before we know it Donald Trump will be sworn in as the 45th President and he’s going to hit the ground running on several fronts. One of the top three things he’s aiming for is tax relief and incentives for businesses to make things in the US again and bring back pride to tradesmen who have been hurt under the one-sided NAFTA trade deal signed in by Bill Clinton.


There are so many positives for Silicon Valley if they stopped whining and got down to business like the Chinese are. Why not dream again. Why not create the world’s first smart super highway for smart cars from San Francisco to Boston? Why not invest in smart car factories and next-gen aircraft? Why not promote and accelerate the iPad program for education?


The stupid side of Silicon Valley reared its ugly head when Trump won the election and we reported on that. Now it’s time for the brainiacs in Silicon Valley to step up to the plate and meet with President Elect Trump to ignite a new wave of investment in bold projects and to accelerate diversity in the workplace instead of fearing the boogeyman. The Chinese are getting down to business in the U.S. and it’s about time for U.S. companies to do the same.