Celeste Marshall, do you really expect me to believe you can’t find Displaced American Software Developers?

Like many young tech companies, IDX in downtown Eugene has a playful atmosphere. It’s got pop culture décor and a lounge with pinball machines and musical instruments. The real estate software firm employs about 70 people. Three of them are foreign citizens, here on H-1B visas. Dhanya Harindran, a data engineer from India, enjoys her job:

Harindran: “I like where I am right now, IDX is an awesome company. The people are great, friendly, and I feel like it’s the right mixture of work and pressure, there’s not too much pressure.”

In order for Harindran to get the position, IDX had to sponsor her. Celeste Marshall is the Human Resources Director:

Marshall: “We work with an immigration attorney to facilitate the paperwork process but there’s a lengthy, it’s about a three-months requirement to post a position, to confirm that the requirements that we have for this position are valid.”

Marshall says they’ve been able to fill jobs unmet by the local labor pool, and:


Lets see, I have been working with data since Bill Gates made that white box with the red switch famous.

And I got my real estate license when I could no longer get hired by firms like yours because I went over 45 years of age.

My story is not unique.

There are several million, if not more, of us out there.

And we would all love to quit our janitor jobs and get back to doing what we spent our lives training for.


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