Chuck Grassley, I don’t give a ???? about foreign guest workers on H-1B Visas #H1B and the Department of Labor is lying to you.

To ensure that the limited number of annual H-1B visas go to the best and brightest workers, our bill prioritizes petitions, starting with foreign nationals who received advanced science and engineering degrees right here in the United States. Currently, visas are usually allocated by lottery, which favors firms that request large numbers of visas for lower-skilled workers. The new system would give a leg up to advanced degree holders, those being paid a high wage, and those with valuable skills needed by American innovators.

To reduce abuses by outsourcing companies that use up so many of the limited number of H-1B visas each year, our bill allows the placement of H-1B workers at client worksites, but only after the Department of Labor has determined that American workers won’t be harmed by the placement. To reduce use of the program to offshore jobs, the bill allows extensions of H-1B status, but only if the worker has been sponsored for a Green Card. We also prevent companies with more than 50 employees from hiring additional H-1B workers if half of their workforce is already made up of H-1B workers.

Finally, to prevent future abuses, we enhance the Department of Labor’s authority to investigate and audit employer compliance and penalize bad actors. The Department would also collect and report statistical information such as wage data, worker education levels, place of employment and worker gender to ensure fairness and compliance.

Let me show you what the Department of Labor has been doing behind your back.

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