Clifford, your career is over.

Welcome to the club Clifford.

Oilfield in 75 and 76.

Navy Radioman from 76 to 82.

Electronics Tech, QA Engineer, Document Control doing mil-spec level work and electronic weighing and batching systems from 82 till 88

Wore all hats in software from 88 till 03 where I was one of those “valuable” road warriors who would go anywhere and solve any problem.

Even though I didn’t know it, I was forced out at 45 or so from 03 till 10 as I could only find a gig here and there.

From 10 till 16 NOBODY would hire me at any level.

Finally got hired in Feb 16 for a software company as half the market rate but I was glad to get it.

In Apr 16 after five long years of applying the Department of Veterans Affairs finally brought me on and I tried working both jobs full time, but in June was forced to choose one so I chose the software one as it paid double what the VA did, and it was what I knew best and to tell the truth, I wasn’t happy mopping floors after spending my whole life acquiring the skills to be the best of the best.

But that ended in Sep 16 and here I am again, trying to do my part to Keep America At Work because our silence enables this madness.

Glad to see that you realize that Clifford.

If you haven’t seen my other site titled H-1B Hunting Licenses, you really ought to look at the reports page and the maps page as it exposes the fiscal year 2016 H-1B Applications and you really need to look at the “shopping list” and the videos on the about page:

Hi my name is Clifford and I’ve been an American IT Consultant for the past quarter of a century. About a year and a half ago I lost my job, as I later discovered – American jobs have and are being replaced by immigrant workers. My goal is to raise awareness to the negative implications occurring due to H1B Visa, off-shoring and outsourcing of the American Citizen’s job.

I was told “Tell your story,” but I really didn’t want to. Exposing the shame and embarrassment of what has happened to me – surely I didn’t want anyone to know. To be viewed as a failure after 25 years of arduous effort; I thought to myself “this certainly can’t be happening to me.” I thought what appeared to be a million times over, if I expose what’s happening then I’d have to reveal myself to the world – no doubt I’d have to bare my soul. And in an instant it came to me “Clifford,” your career is over. I recall an article which read people at age 50 are being replace with Indian workers 25 to 35 years and younger. I was appalled to learn this and wondered to myself is this the reason for years I’ve been lead on so many wild goose chases. Little did I know I never had a career rather a life full of delayed gratification and instability.

We started this business to help eradicate the American worker’s decimation as well as expose those who are responsible for their heinous acts . My heart goes out for my many fellow Americans whose careers have been cannibalize as mine has.  My concern is for the future of Science Technology Engineer Mathematics (STEM) workers.


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