Therefore, we strongly advise all individuals affected by green card backlogs to be smart and denounce these partisan groups, and, putting your own best interest first, not to support such organizations with your time, resources or effort.

What say you, the Displaced American?

Again, to be very clear, we would like to make the following points:
  1. It literally took multiple years (2010-2011) to carefully negotiate the language of the per-country bill with multiple stakeholders including business community, Tech Companies, Chamber of Commerce, Family based Immigration Groups, and both, Democrats and Republicans.
  2. Any changes to the bill that has 317+ co-sponsors outside of a must-pass bill like DACA will re-trigger these lengthy negotiations and could easily take us into the next Congress or most likely much further.
  3. We believe all these shenanigans are being done to sabotage the Per-country bill by shady Indian consulting companies which we have been told have given money to this partisan group.
  4. If any immigration advocacy for high-skilled immigrants is done under the “Democratic” or “Republican” banner – then instantly the HR.392 becomes political and we will be stuck in the same legislative black-hole that all other immigration issues are stuck in. We have worked very hard to keep HR.392 non-political and build the support we need to get to the point where adding HR.392 to a must-pass bill is a realistic possibility.
  5. The term “DALCA” (Deferred Action for Legal Childhood Arrivals) is nonsensical and offensive to significant number of Democrats and Republicans in Washington. The people in the United States with legal status do not need any kind of “Deferred Action”. We think the term “DALCA” is deliberately designed to offend DACA supporters (which include Democrats and many Republicans). Nothing can pass outside of Comprehensive Immigration Reform without bi-partisan support. Offending DACA supporters and turning them against H.R.392 is exactly the strategy that our opponents are pursuing to make sure our members remain indentured servants for the rest of their lives. Which is why we need you to get smart – reject and denounce these dirty tricks which will cause us to have less support for our bill to remove per-country limits.
  6. If you get injured in an accident and your leg is broken, wiping the blood off your skin will not fix the broken leg. Likewise, visa stamping, visa renewals and now this DALCA is superficial to the underlying problem caused by per-country limits. Just as you cannot fix your broken leg by wiping the blood off, exactly the same way, talking about DALCA type of made up terms will not fix the underline problem. You have to be smart and mature to focus on the root cause of the problem.
  7. The fact is no other changes are possible to the system now if a simple bill like H.R.392 with 317+ bipartisan cosponsors cannot pass. And that is the only way to get relief for skilled immigrants stuck in backlogs outside of a Comprehensive Immigration Reform, which is not likely to happen for the foreseeable future (maybe next 6-8 years).
  8. If this partisan group wants to help, they can help the community by using their alleged connections with President Trump to save the H4-EAD program. The partisan group can do so, by asking President Trump to order DHS to abandon their attempts to eliminate the H4-EAD program – this is something one would hope they would do, but they haven’t done. And that should underscore the fact that having pictures with someone means nothing if that does not translate into real outcome.


The lawsuit claims that South Asians make up 95 percent of the company’s 14,000-person workforce in the United States.

Add maine to the list.

The Maine Department of Labor has yet to respond to charges contained in an internal memo that high-ranking officials rushed a faulty unemployment filing system out for public use, ordered the destruction of records of complaints and pleas for help from Mainers trying to use the system to file for benefits, and left many of those people without benefits through winter.


People are waking up to what is really important in life.

I think people were really scared the world was ending until, you know, very recently. It just felt like things had gotten out of control. We’d lost any hope of being able to save ourselves from the dark forces in the world.

But just open your eyes for a minute and look around at what’s happening. It’s astonishing. People like Trump are lifting the veil on an astonishing web of interconnected manipulation.

Love him or loathe him, he is allowing humanity to wake from its slumber and see that the same few people, the same secret societies, the f*cking New World Order, are actively controlling our lives and suppressing our true ability.”

But people are slowly waking up. It’s time to take back our infinite power and fling open the doors of the mental prison we have been encouraged to build for ourselves. It’s not an easy thing to do, but it’s time to walk into the light of freedom.”


Duncan Burns gets it, why don’t you?

This time it is truly different.

There is an insidious movement in our country, one that is causing extreme harm to our fellow American, unionized or not. It is the precipitous rise of the H-1B Visa worker, and they are destroying the American workforce, and it is happening right here in The Merrimack Valley.


Employers are expecting that perfect workforce experience, where people can come in and start working on day one.

With so many displaced americans out there that have solid understanding of the logic necessary to build the program, why are we not putting them back to work?

A more tested example is a well-regarded nonprofit called Per Scholas, which helps prepare underprivileged women and people of color for careers in IT and cybersecurity through free in-person classes and support services. It designs its curricula by working closely with large employers, so that its students emerge prepared for the jobs that exist now. The group says 80 percent of its 7,000 graduates are employed. A randomized controlled trialpublished last year found that the program raised participants’ wages by an average 27 percent. Even when salaries don’t increase immediately upon graduation, the participants’ new jobs can offer more potential for growth. Blair Hilliard, who finished the 14-week program last summer, says she makes only a little more as an IT support specialist at footwear retailer DSW than she did at the lower-skilled IT job she held prior to Per Scholas. But now she says she has opportunities for promotion and the knowledge she needs to move up, which she didn’t have before.


We believe for this generation entering the workforce, and for future generations to prosper, U.S. tech companies must seek and hire U.S. tech workers first.

Because of the First Amendment, BART can’t remove the ads.

“It is important for our riders to know the ads contradict our values,” a transit spokesperson wrote via email. “As a transit system we can’t deny the ads. They comply with guidelines allowing advertisers to express a point of view without regard to the viewpoint expressed, consistent with First Amendment freedom of speech court rulings.”

The issue of how to regulate H-1B visas, which allow skilled workers from other countries to come to the US to work in tech jobs that can’t be filled by Americans, is the subject of much debate.

On the one side, there are large tech companies which require a steady stream of coders and programmers to fill seats, and believe more immigration drives more innovation. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s, a lobbying group focused on immigration reform, has been pushing its pro-immigration stance on the H-1B issue for five years.

On the other side are those who believe the influx of foreign-born workers is taking high-paying, skilled jobs away from Americans, and that the H-1B visa system enriches foreign companies that behave like labor farms.

“I don’t see where innovation necessarily comes from diversity,” Lynn said. “What it comes from is having an environment where you can hire your college graduates, put them into a good paying job, and allow them to innovate.”

While visa fraud does exist, concern about opportunities for US workers has tipped over into xenophobia in the past.

During his campaign, Donald Trump said he would do away with the skilled worker visa program entirely. He later scaled back those claims, but tweaks to the program under Trump’s Buy American, Hire American policy have made it harder to attain the visas.

Tech companies have widely opposed the president’s other attempts at immigration reform, with Facebook, Apple, Google, and others supporting DACA, and Apple, Google, Uber, and Tesla opposing the temporary ban on the US refugee program.

Multiple proposals for reforming the H-1B visa program are currently before Congress. Lynn said regulation should get rid of the lower two tiers of H-1B visas, or “almost 95% of the program.”

In response to new “anti-immigration policies,” San Francisco’s BART took a strong stance on immigration issues. Its board of directors passed a safe transit policy in June 2017, which banned federal agents from questioning riders, and stated its “commitment to stand together with the people of the Bay Area in opposing hate, violence, and acts of intolerance committed against our riding community and employees.”

“We’re in the Bay Area to stay,” said Lynn. “We’ll work in other tech centers across the United States. Our goal is to inform workers of what they need to do to bring pressure to their electeds to change this system that I think has run amok.”