Employee Owned

Millions of former middle class workers have seen their lives destroyed when their (a) jobs were sent to other countries and (b) non-immigrant guest workers were imported to take the remaining jobs.

This has left them with valuable skills, and a desire to work and no work to be had at any level.

I believe there is a way to turn this around for all of us and I believe that solution is to form a employee owned corporation and use our combined resources to advertise our services on a nationwide, and even global basis.

The initial funds received will be used to set up the proper legal documents, banking, etc.

Once this has been done, the members need to vote on who will be the officers of this firm.

Voting will be employees only (those investing in our firm via monthly payments).

Each employee will have one vote.

Some of the goals I would like to see are:

  • Focus on government contracts now that President Trump has ordered a review of government agencies using tax revenue to hire non American workers.
  • Advertising on a national basis via print, tv, and radio when possible.
  • Hiring the unemployed (employees only) to work on internal projects when their state unemployment has run out.

If this is something you want to be a part of, I have set up a monthly payment plan that you can view by clicking on “Account” in the top menu.

There are various levels as people will be able to afford different amounts based on their current employment status.

I am open to voting being based on your annual contribution if that is a sticking point for anybody.

What other items do you feel that we need to add here?

Please email them to me at vbiersch@gmail.com