For $7,800.00 we can run an ad in the Washington Post for one year

My thought is something like this:

Keep America At Work by ending the H-1B

Hire Americans instead of non-immigrant guest workers

Now, how do we pay for this?

I can chip in a hundred or two.

But this needs to be a clear message sent to Washington DC by Displaced Americans.

Will you help?

The smallest ad we can run is a 1.92” x 0.750” for a one column ad. The cost would be $295.32 per insertion, but if you commit to 52 weeks, we can offer it at $150 per insertion or $7,800 total. We can place your ad right next to business related editorial easily. The deadline to reserve space is Thursday (before the Sunday) and the creative deadline is Friday by COB. We can build the ad for you at no additional charge if you want.

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