H-1B nonimmigrant guest worker visas issued by year from beginning of H-1B Scam to Displace Americans

There are 2,756,469 H-1B non-immigrant guest workers in America which means at least 2,756,469 damn fine American Citizens have been displaced since the H-1B non-immigrant guest worker scam was conceived.

Why do I say this?

The visa is initially issued for 3 years.

It can be extended for an additional 3 years.

BUT, if they apply for a green card, which all do, it can be extended year by year until they get their green card.

1990 – 794

1991 – 51,882

1992 – 44,290

1993 – 35,818

1994 – 42,843

1995 – 51,832

1996 – 58,327

1997 – 80,547

1998 – 91,360

1999 – 116,513

2000 – 133,290

2001 – 161,643

2002 – 118,352

2003 – 107,196

2004 – 138,965

2005 – 124,099

2006 – 135,421

2007 – 154,053

2008 – 129,464

2009 – 110,367

2010 – 117,409

2011 – 129,134

2012 – 135,530

2013 – 153,223

2014 – 161,369

2015 – 172,748


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FY11AnnualReport-Table XVI(B)

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5 comments for “H-1B nonimmigrant guest worker visas issued by year from beginning of H-1B Scam to Displace Americans

  1. Former Indian H1B
    March 13, 2017 at 8:42 pm

    A lot of H1B visas go to master’s/phd grads (like myself) from American Engg schools. When I started working on my H1B (ages ago -early 90s) , my American boss/colleagues were teasing me – for spending so much of my time helping American (i.e white) contractors do their jobs.
    Not claiming to be a genius of course, but I don’t think I took away anybody’s job. We can’t all be Einsteins (no kidding Jack). I consider it axiomatic that all modern science and engg/tech were created out of thin air by various branches/nations of the nordic/teutonic tribes. So this isn’t arrogance either. But there are some areas where training and native intelligence combine to add to productivity.

    Just curious: are you against those types of H1B employees as well? When the numbers are kept “tractable”, it should only help America. Its the body shop approach is something I am astounded by. Huge numbers being brought here for the sole purpose of REPLACING workers. Thats brazen and self-defeating for America.
    Best wishes

    • vbierschwale
      March 14, 2017 at 8:01 am

      Actually I have had the great fortune to work with people like Ramesh, Srinivas and kumar among others.

      If we were creating more jobs than we had people for, you wouldn’t hear a thing from me.
      Problem is, we are not as you can tell by looking at the charts on the page titled “Where are the jobs?”.

      But when we import huge numbers of H-1B’s, many of which have to hire a proxy or dubbing expert to help them get a job which they are not qualified for.

      That forces people who are qualified like myself and the millions of others out of the job market.
      And once that happens, we can’t get hired at any level as we are labelled as “overqualified” and we “won’t stay when times get better”.

      Factor in the caste that is being implemented in those jobs and we are left with no option except to fight to end the H-1B program altogether.

      And from time to time I hear from the older H-1B’s who are also finding it harder to stay employed because of the age discrimination that this is creating.

      Bottom line for me.

      As our population increases, we need more jobs to keep the population employed if they want to work.
      But, when we send our jobs to other countries via free trade agreements, this decreases the amount of jobs available to our people who want to work.
      And when we import more people on non-immigrant guest worker visas than we have jobs for, this also decreases the amount of jobs available to our people who want to work.

      So I fight with the few resources I have left to me which are my skills obtained from a 30 plus year technology career.

    • Alex
      July 3, 2017 at 3:29 am

      There are many brilliant IT people among Indians. The problem is not with that. The problem is that India is still a middle ages type of country with multiple casts. That is why usually after an (may be really brilliant) Indian takes a VP position in an US IT company non-Indians simply are no more hired. It can be proved mathematically. I worked for a big IT company. My department of about 60 people was 90% staffed with Indians. And the important thing was that they where ALL from one and the same state of India. Tribal obligations did not permit them even hiring Indians from a different India’s state leave along hiring Americans. In another big IT company ALL where from a different India’s state. And several more. Make this data public and we will see a clear picture.

      • vbierschwale
        July 3, 2017 at 6:38 am

        I do my best to do exactly that.
        this violates every belief we Americans have in equal opportunity and it destroys the future of Americans in America like myself.

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