How can he own a business when it is illegal for a H-1B to own a business?

Pastry chef David Piquard’s immigration troubles have been resolved temporarily — and possibly permanently.

Mr. Piquard, co-owner of Squirrel Hill pastry shop Gaby et Jules, which specializes in delicate and colorful French macarons, found out last month that his application for an immigrant visa had been denied. That decision could have meant that Mr. Piquard and his family would have had to leave the country in April.

Last week, however, he was granted an extension to his H1-B visa, meaning that he can stay in the U.S. until May 2019. During that time, Fred Rongier, owner of the East Liberty restaurant Paris 66, plans to sponsor him for a green card under a new legal strategy. Mr. Piquard, 43, is also chef de cuisine at Paris 66, where he worked full time before opening Gaby et Jules with Mr. Rongier.

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