How can the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs end homelessness for Veterans when they will not hire Veterans? WG-7408-4 – Food Service Worker

If it were not for my mother letting me stay at her house, I would be a homeless veteran.

I have the best skills that there are in Software Development, yet I can no longer get hired in Software Development because of age discrimination and things like CASTE that Americans have never heard of.

Don’t believe me, Google Disney and HCL or the University of California at San Francisco.

Or you can watch this video

Today I received this message about the entry level job that I applied for:

N O T I C E  O F  R E S U L T S







Date Issued:    December 14, 2016

Phone:  (830)998-3486

This is a record of your application for Federal Employment in the occupation shown above.  This is not a job offer.  This notice

provides information contained in your record as it appears in the files of the Servicing Office shown above.  Your qualification and any

veteran preference claims are subject to verification.

Series – PositionTitle: 7408 – Food Service Worker (WG-4 – KD)

Vacancy ID:     1843739

Announcement Number:    VHA-671-17-JG-1843739BU

Date of Availability:   11/14/2016

Full-time Employment:   Yes

Geographic Availability:

Kerrville, TX

Veteran Preference:     5 Points – TP (not adjudicated)

You must meet all medical, suitability, and qualification requirements to be considered for a position.

Spec Code:      Spec Title:     Grade:  Rating:

001     Food Service Worker     04      IBER

Rating Code:    Rating Message:

IBER    You were rated ineligible because you do not meet the basic eligibility requirements for this position as

explained in the vacancy announcement OR you did not provide an answer to this question on the

occupational questionnaire.  Please be sure to read each announcement for complete qualification

requirements and instructions on “How to Apply”.


For additional information, please refer to the vacancy announcement for this position.

For those wondering, this is about as low as you can go on the totem pole at the VA which is why I say it is Entry Level.

As you can see, they rated me ineligible for this position, so let me tell you the rest of the story as Paul Harvey used to say.

Back on 5 May 2015 they offered me a position of WG-7408-03 which is one pay grade below this position, yet they never brought me on board.

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So I wrote Senators Cruz and Cornyn and they ignored me and then I wrote Congressman Lamar Smith who negotiated on my behalf and they ignored him as well.

Around February of 2016 I actually received a job programming computers for half of the market rate and I gladly accepted it after being unemployed for five long years.

About 2 months later I got a call from the VA in San Antonio wanting me to start in a few days doing housekeeping which I accepted.

I think this was because I had filed an age discrimination complaint with the office that does that within the Department of Veterans Affairs – I believe it is called OIG or office of Internal General or something like that.

I gave it my best shot to work two full time jobs at 80 hours per week, but I couldn’t hack it so I had to choose between the computer job where my net pay was $1,207 every two weeks or the VA job where my net pay was $637 every two weeks.

Which I did.

Sadly, in September of 2016 this job ended and I find myself unemployed once again even though I have the skills that are in high demand in the software industry.

Which is why I applied for these entry level jobs.

After all, surely the Department of Veterans Affairs hires veterans for entry level jobs so that they can end Veterans Homelessness?

As I have stated, I have the most demanded Software Skills as I am a Computer Systems Analyst

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Yet I can’t buy a job with the Department of Veterans Affairs in Software Development even though I have tried many, many times

But they will hire a H-1B Contractor and let them work from Communist China using Privately Owned Equipment to maintain the systems that they use to track American Veterans Data?

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Click on the link above to read the full document.

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