How have Free Trade Agreements and Guest Worker visas destroyed the future of American Citizens?

Here is a prime example.

I own free and clear a 2014 Nissan Sentra, and a 1998 Dodge Ram Pickup.

Problem is, the pickup will cost more than $1,500 to get it street legal with tires, brake job, etc. and I’m not sure it is worth it to me nor do I make enough at my janitor job with the VA to pay for it.

So yesterday, somebody offered to sell me their pickup for $1,500 and it is legal and runs good, so I thought that would make better financial sense.

And I did my research and found out that Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union has a re-establish your credit program, so I applied for $2,500 only to find out that they are not interested in my business because of the IRS Tax Levy that I still owe about $6,000 on and because of the $20,000 worth of student loans that I incurred so that I could get back to work.

As you will see by clicking on the following credit report, they are the only thing that is on my credit report (no mention of the two homes I owned before my future was destroyed)


Dear Virgil Bierschwale,

We received your application.  At this time we are unable to grant your request.  You will receive a letter by mail outlining the reason(s) for this decision.  In the meantime, if you wish to speak with someone, you may call our Express Lending Department at 1-800-580-3300 or 210-945-3300 and press 3 to speak with a Consumer Lending Representative.


Erica P

RBFCU Consumer Lending


Email is not secure. Any sensitive information, such as account numbers, should not

be sent through email. To send us sensitive information, log on to NetBranch Online

and click on the Send a Message button in the left navigation bar. If you need help

logging on to NetBranch Online, call our Member Service Center at 210-945-3300

or toll free 1-800-580-3300. You may also mail us at Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union

Attn: Consumer Lending, PO Box 2097, Universal City, TX 78148.

Folks, I did NOT send my future to another country via a Free Trade Agreement.

And I did NOT sell the H-1B Hunting License that guest workers used to hunt my job.

Yet, I am being forced to pay the price for that and I believe that our Federal Government and the Businesses using non-immigrant guest workers need to pay for their destruction of the American Citizens future.

Why are they not in jail for destroying so many millions of peoples future?

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