How is this legal? IN HEALTHCARE? Where there are such strict HIPAA and COMPLIANCE regulations…

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Please read this message to me from an American who was “rebadged”–that means one day you work for American company and next you work for Indian dominated company. You spend a year or two doing your same job for the American company while training as many foreigners to take your job and your coworkers’ jobs.

Now let’s talk about, CORPORATE GREED AT ITS FINEST!
I’m here at a Health Insurance Company in NYC that handles huge City accounts with subject matter experts with 10 to 30 years of experience. Those of you in Healthcare can agree that this is not the type of knowledge that can be acquired overnight, no matter how much the industry evolves.
So where does that leave us? Either laid off or rebadged. For those of us rebadged, mums the word ! Most think we’re fortunate for still having our job even if for 1-2 more years. We’re at their mercy, spoon feeding them every little thing we do. Pressured into getting them up to speed quickly with outrageous ramp-up deadlines leaving everyone stressed, fearful and quiet because we’re worried to lose our job sooner then later.
How is a company allowed to build a business here in the US and eventually kick the Americans that help build it to the curb to ultimately have all Operations handled Offshore???? How is this legal? IN HEALTHCARE? Where there are such strict HIPAA and COMPLIANCE regulations. Do you know what the risk in quality service is going to be? How comfortable are you with allowing your identification and medical history to be handled in another COUNTRY? THIS IS HUGE! This won’t only effect the quality in how your Health Care is serviced with this one company because ultimately the entire industry will be doing the same when it sees that there are no legal ramifications. Everyone needs to speak up and band together to for our future and the next generations future career in the USA. This isn’t just happening in healthcare! Look it up? Please don’t turn a blind eye because it’s not currently affecting you but there are many other companies doing the very same thing in other industries. This may one day affect you or your loved ones.
I’m in no means speaking poorly about the offshore people per-say because they are very humble & respectful. They are just looking for the American Dream Whatever that is.


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