I always admired JOSEPH E. STIGLITZ, but he is wrong here.

US President Donald Trump’s recently announced import tariffs on steel, aluminum, and $60 billion in other goods that the US imports from China each year are in keeping with his record of responding to nonexistent problems. Unfortunately, while Trump captures the world’s attention, serious real problems go unaddressed.


Trust me Mr. Stiglitz, this is NOT a nonexistent problem.

Our population continues to go up which means we need more jobs.

Yet our businesses send our jobs to other countries like china which means we produce fewer jobs that we desperately need.

And we import non-immigrant guest workers to take our remaining jobs which means we produce fewer jobs that we desperately need.

As somebody with the so called hottest software skills who went five years with no job whatsoever, this is a very real problem.

If it was just me, you probably wouldn’t hear from me.

But, it is not just me and our increased suicide rates and ever growing tent cities demonstrate what is happening and it needs to be fixed even if it means not trading with any other country simply because our country has an obligation to our citizens.

As you can see by the chart where we divide our population by our people working, we have fewer people working now than we did in 2000.

If you want me to follow and recommend your work Mr. Stiglitz, you need to develop a solution to that problem which results in this problem for each of us.


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