I have a dream

What follows is a post I made on a facebook group today.

I have a dream

A dream that all 1,500 members of this group decided to become members of concerned stem workers

That is $360,000.00

Put up by American citizens, green card holders and even non-immigrant guest workers on student visas and visas like the H-1B

Put up because they are concerned for their future

Put up because they have realized that they are but pawns in a game of musical countries which pits the cheapest countries against the workers of the most expensive countries

Put up because they realize that our government and media are using unemployment numbers that do not count those whose unemployment has expired to hide the destruction that is happening in all of our lives

That is my dream

My question is that there are tens of millions of us current, past, and future stem workers who desperately want a technical future for ourselves

Why are they not standing with the rest of us?


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